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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 28, 2016

— Marlee Matlin’s most famous acting role

Marlee Matlin, in her long acting career, has nearly
60 acting credits. Her most famous role, that people
talk about from time to time, was not her Oscar-winning
movie. It was Seinfield’s deaf Laura character, who was
thought to be able to lipread someone from across the
room at a crowded party (The Lip Reader – 1993). Carol
Leifer, not deaf, wrote the script and the casting
people needed a young deaf woman for that role, and
so, Marlin was it! A picture is at:


— Hillary’s trickery

Hillary Clinton debated Donald Trump on TV on
Monday night. Was she playing a trick? There
were people that noticed she was wearing something
inside her ear. Was it an “invisible” hearing
aid? Of course Hillary refused to explain what
it was when she was questioned about it by
the media!


— too lazy to look for the subtitled film

The movie – Bridget Jones’s Baby – was shown at
the Grant’s Entertainment Centre in Croydon,
a neigbhorhood in London. The movie ad in the
newspapers said it was subtitled. As a result,
nearly 20 deaf people showed up. The movie
was not subtitled at all, making these deaf
people angry. The theater manager said he
could not find a subtitled copy of that
movie, even though it was advertised. He
was not telling the truth, because he didn’t
really look around for it, just being too


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