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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 29, 2016

— first thing for EMT people

An emergency responder (EMT) said that when they come
to the accident scene, one of the first things they
must know – was the injured driver wearing a CI!
He said that there have been deaf drivers that
have lost their CI during an accident. Without
a CI these deaf drivers may not be able to communicate
with the EMT people. A picture is at:


— the 5th deaf guest

Magnolia Hotel Denver, supposedly a fancy hotel, said that they
have four deaf devices for use by deaf guests. What is going to
happen when the fifth deaf guest checks in, asks for deaf
devices and there is none! Will the panicked hotel front desk
clerk run to the next hotel and beg to borrow their deaf
device? Or would the clerk say, sorry we have none?


— importance of deaf tourists

How important are deaf tourists? Very important
says Derek Andre Hanekom, the South African
Minister of Tourism! He wants all South African
places of attraction to be 100 percent deaf-friendly.
Do other tourist officials everywhere else in the
world say that deaf tourists are important? No.
DeafDigest thanks Minister Hanekom for saying
that deaf tourists are important.


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