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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 30, 2016

— interpreter refused for national anthem

Australia’s Grand Final in Australian Rules Football is
the same as our own football Super Bowl. It is a big
event in both nations. The Super Bowl has signed national
anthem, but not that so in Australia. Deaf Australians
have filed a complaint with the Australian Human Rights
Commission because of refusal of Australian Rules
Football (AFL) officers to allow an interpreter.
And the AFL people managed to delay the hearing
until December after the Grand Final is over!
Why did AFL refuse an intepreter? They refused
to explain why! A picture is at:


— Wales shuts down Deaf Political Party

Wales, a small nation that belongs to the
United Kingdom, would not allow a group of
deaf activists to establish their own
political party. The National Assembly for
Wales said this type of political party
cannot be registered with the government.
The deaf people of Wales have been
complaining for years on same issues –
no jobs, no education, no captions, no


— Critics hate deaf actor in ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’

Actor John McGinty is deaf and uses ASL. He used
ASL as the Quasimodo in the play ‘Hunchback of Notre
Dame’. Instead of praising the creativity of the
play, the critics were nasty about it! They
said sign language ruins the play. Really, it
does not matter because critics love to
criticize, no matter how great any play or
any movie is.


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