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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 28, 2016


— deaf DJ in European nightclubs

John McDevitt, who has been deaf all his life, is
a DJ that has performed at regular nightclubs
in Spain, London, Glasgow, among others. He fell
in love with music as a kid and has learned how
to make use of his hearing aids, vibrations and
computers to make good sounds. He goes
by the name “Def Beatz” and is well known
among followers of music from as far as
California and Argentina. His picture is at:


— ASL not permitted by Dallas Cowboys

this is a facebook posting from few days ago

Last night at a Dallas Cowboys game, my mother, grandmother, and I were
asked to stop using sign language by an usher because a fan found our
language “distracting”. As a hard of hearing person and the daughter and
granddaughter of Deaf people, I am really upset by this. To be clear, this
is an act of discrimination. The language of another culture would never
be deemed “distracting” in any other case, and furthermore, the stadium
should have a better protocol than having an usher ask patrons to stop
using their own language.

The Cowboys have been contacted, but have failed to respond. Please help
us get their attention by sharing. Nobody should ever be silenced because
their language is bothersome to other fans.


— a cop forcibly pulling out a deaf driver

A police officer in Fresno, California, stopped
a deaf driver and forcibly pulled him out of
his pick up truck. Police brutality? No.
Police misbehavior? No. Police misconduct?
No! The pick up truck smelled of fire and the
deaf driver wasn’t aware of it. The police
officer saw it and stopped the truck.
After realizing the driver was deaf, he
opened the door and pulled him out. Moments
later, the pick up truck was in flames!
Thank you, Mr. Fresno Police Officer.



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