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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 29, 2016

— high percentage of deaf in a supermarket chain

In Ukraine, people shop for food and goods at
Auchan, an European supermarket chain, which
serves 15 European nations. In Ukraine only,
the Auchan chain employs 3,800 people. 200
of these employees are deaf – in other words
five percent of Auchan Ukraine employees are
deaf. Could we go into Safeway, just an example,
and find that many deaf employees in one location?
No, but in Ukraine, yes! They do everything
that hearing employees do – cashiers, auditors,
inspectors, stockers, etc. A picture is at:


— ideal job for the deaf

Sai Prasad, not deaf, is employed by Deloitte,
which is the world’s leading management
consulting firm. Fortune 500 companies
listen to advice from Deloitte consultants.
Anyway, Sai worked on a special project
on ways the deaf and the disabled can be
employed. He said that traffic officer
is an ideal job for the deaf. They are
not bothered by noise by street traffic!
Deaf traffic officers in New York, London,
Tokyo, Seoul and other crowded cities?
Why not!


— a surprise with a Gallaudet graduate

Howard Watson, who passed away and was given
a Dedication honor in DeafDigest was
revealed as a Gallaudet surprise. An oralist
he quickly picked up ASL at Gallaudet and
became quite fluent with it for the rest
of his life. Today’s story in a newspaper
said he was a skilled lipreader. It said
he was a champion lipreader, given
an assignment by Miami Herald, a newspaper,
to read the lips of President John F. Kennedy
at an Orange Bowl football game. Watson
used binoculars to read Kennedy’s lips.
At Gallaudet, Watson never talked about it,
nor did he brag about his lipreading skills!




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