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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 30, 2016

— a choice for deaf prisoners

Should deaf prisoners wear armbands, saying that they
are deaf, so that prison guards would know who they are?
This possibility has become an option for deaf prisoners
in Arlington, Virginia. Probably the deaf prisoners
would reject this option because it is a stigma.
A picture is at:


— painful use of sign language

Could a deaf person suffer pain in hands because
of signing a lot in one day? This is what a
deaf person, a new sign language user, said in an
interview with a newspaper reporter. This is
interesting. It is separate and apart from
interpreters suffering from Carpal Tunnel syndrome.


— a Coda helping new police officers

there was a newspaper story of Ted Baran, a Coda
who is the chief of Gallaudet police department,
teaching police recruits in Fairfax County,
Virginia on how to communicate with the deaf.
Baran told the recruits:

When they come across a police officer, their first
thing is fear because they can’t communicate with you



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