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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 28, 2016


— deaf rally required many different interpreters

In September 600 deaf people from everywhere
in Europe attended the Deaf Rally at the
European Parliament in Belgium. The goal
was to pass a sign language resolution.
How many interpreters were needed, skilled
with different European sign languages,
for that rally? Thirty different sign
language interpreters! This is amazing.

A picture is at:


— Gallaudet and NTID possibly less noisy than hearing colleges

Are students at Gallaudet and NTID always that
noisy, especially at night – screaming,
foot-kicking the dorm doors, etc. This is what
some hearing undergraduate students have
complained about – these noisy environments.
Think again! There was a story about
noise levels pretty much bad at hearing
colleges – more noisy than Gallaudet and
NTID. Hard to believe!


— deaf church in Spain

There are many churches in Spain. A few of these
churches give Mass for the deaf. A newspaper
story said over 20 priests in Spain give the
Mass in sign language.


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