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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 29, 2016

— death of a legendary South Carolina hairdresser

Deaf hairdresser Mildred Brown passed away this
week in Rock Hill, South Carolina. She
owned her own hair salon; it was always busy.
In 2001, South Carolina legislature passed a bill
requiring hairdressers to take all tests
to remain licensed. Mildred was unable to pass
the written test. As a result, her business closed.
Hundreds of angry customers stormed the
state office supporting her. The legislators
then revised the laws to allow her to continue.
Back in business, she continued till age 80.

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— messing up a Deaf Film Festival

An upcoming Deaf Film Festival may possibly
be messed up. It has nothing to do with
these deaf films that were scheduled to
be viewed. Film producers may not attend.
Deaf movie fans may not attend – and it
has nothing to do with international
politics – but to with money inflation.
They may not want to risk saving money
for travel only to find out it is not
enough! This is the problem facing
the organizers of the India International
Deaf Film festival in Bengaluru.


— a surprising comment about Frederick, MD

Frederick, MD has a large deaf community,
possibly the largest in USA – per capita
population. Reasons are proximity to
Maryland School for the Deaf, Gallaudet
University and deaf people commuting to
jobs in the Washington, DC area. A
comment in a newspaper was surprising –
that many hearing people know very little
about the deaf, of deafness and of
Deaf Culture and ASL. They may pass by a group
of deaf people at malls and at department
stores but still knowing nothing!


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