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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 30, 2016


— reason for no ADA for deaf in prisons

Many prison wardens know all about ADA, but
do not enforce it (interpreters, captions,
communication devices, etc). Reason is
that they feel deaf prisoners do not
deserve ADA rights because of the crimes
they committed against the society!
This was the issue written up in a
media editorial. Despite many lawsuit
wins, the attitude may not change.
A picture is at:


— app to handle deaf-hearing meeting discussions

There are always stories of apps that can capture
deaf-hearing discussions in staff meetings
or even at family reunions. Is it always going
to work? Developers say yes. Well, look at
real time captions, there are always mistakes
(that make us laugh or cry). Now, with
fast-paced group discussions, captions fall
behind and by the time it is caught up,
another hearing person speaks up and so on.
And even worse, we need to match the comment
with the person saying it, and this means
head turning, thus missing more of the


— the 911 and the internet

In the near future, deaf people, in need of
emergency assistance, will be able to send
videos to the 911 centers, via the internet.
Technology is ready, but the delay is
because of cost and equipment installation
and operator training. Just cannot be done


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