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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 30, 2017

— a casino interpreting issue

In a Baton Rouge casino this past Friday night,
a deaf man lost $600 playing the slots. Irate,
he wrecked the slot machine and was quickly
arrested by the casino security people.
Interpreter? The deaf man’s mother was with
him and she interpreted for him. Did the
casino allow the mother to interpret for him,
knowing she was emotionally involved? Did
the deaf man request a certified interpreter?
Were the security people aware that lack of
a certified interpreter could be a critical
issue in the court room? At any rate, this
deaf man was locked up over the weekend,
pending a court appearance today. A picture
is at:


— “ignoring” the national anthem

Do deaf people ignore the national anthem?
Not really, but when deaf people chat with
each other at a sporting event, they may not
be aware that the national anthem is being
sung. This was the issue raised in India
where the government said all people must
pay attention to the national anthem, no
matter if the person is hearing or deaf.


— a wrong way during actors’ auditions

Auditions are a way of life with struggling
actors that compete for limited roles.
For deaf actors, auditions are even harder
because casting directors will pick
hearing actors for deaf roles if no suitable
deaf actor shows up. For one deaf actor
that uses ASL, the audition was humiliating.
He was signing during the audition and he
was asked to use voice!



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