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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 31, 2017


— Real-deaf or fake-deaf at Switched at Birth

Is Katie Leclerc real-deaf or fake-deaf? She plays
the role of Daphne Vasquez with the Switched at Birth
TV sitcom. Much have been said of Katie’s hearing
loss but watching her, she seems to function
100 percent perfect as a hearing person. It was
learned in a story today that her deafness is
fluctuating, a day to day thing. One morning
she hears perfectly. Next morning she struggles
to hear. It is just like a light switch.
A picture is at:


— Gallaudet and the White House travel ban

The White House has banned foreign citizens
from seven nations from traveling to USA.
This ban has impacted many universities,
Gallaudet included. What does Gallaudet
have to say about it? Gallaudet said:

we are currently reviewing all the information
available and the impact it may have on the University
community. We are concerned about the potential
implications for our students, employees, and families


— deaf weird news

There are always weird hearing news. What about
Weird Deaf News? Here is one – a deaf man telephoned
police to complain about his dog eating up his
hearing aid. What did the police tell the deaf man?

Just wait until the dog performs his duty!



Latest deaf jobs

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— turnovers, deaf vs hearing

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