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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 28, 2017

— anti-sign language hearing woman attacks deaf woman

A young deaf woman, using British Sign Language
with her friend during a train ride, was attacked
by a hearing woman. The hearing woman ran away
but her video was taken. Why was the hearing
woman angry? Was she anti-sign language?
Or did she think the deaf woman was talking
about her? Or maybe the deaf woman was using
voice while signing, annoying the hearing
woman? Anyway, the police is looking for
the hearing woman. A picture is at:


— a joke of a prize

Chiedza Hukuimwe won the Miss Deaf Zimbabwe
pageant. Her cash reward? Just $8.50
first place prize. Already the newspapers
in Zimbabwe are angry about this joke


— possibility of hotel breaking ADA regulations

There was a story of a new hotel opening up in
Augusta, Georgia. It said that few rooms are
reserved for the deaf. What is going to
happen if the hotel is overbooked, and hearing
guests are given deaf rooms – and a few
minutes later a deaf guest comes in and
wants a deaf room? Is the hotel breaking
ADA regulations? This is why we have
attorneys that specialize in Disability Law.



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