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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 26, 2017


— a new hair clip for the deaf

A new hair clip for the deaf? It is called
the Ontenna (not to be confused with
antenna). It is supposed to help the deaf
hear all kinds of sounds that go through
their hair! Not sure how it works with
deaf men with clean shaved head?
A picture is at:


— Pittsburgh proposed change of bus stops may be a problem

A hot issue in Pittsburgh is a proposed changes of
bus stops. There is a bus stop near the Pittsburgh
Association of the Deaf (PAD), but the proposed
new stop would be one block away. It may affect
the deaf-blind residents of Pittsburgh. Each
month PAD hosts a social event for the deaf-blind.
Concern is that if the deaf-blind need to walk
an extra block to reach PAD, it may cause problems
for them!


— typical interpreter training program

Is there such a thing as a typical interpreter
training program? Let us take William Woods
University (Fulton, Missouri) as the typical
one. It is one of 41 such interpreting
programs at colleges across the nation.
This university has 60 interpreting
students plus 85 on-line interpreting
students. Typical or not? Doesn’t matter –
the more qualified interpreters we have,
the better it is for us!



Latest deaf jobs

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— reasons employers won’t hire the deaf

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