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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 29, 2017


— Reno Fashion Show features a deaf model for 4th time

An annual event in Reno is the Reno Fashion Show.
Krista Hyatt, who is deaf, has been selected as one
of the 200 models, for the fourth year in a row.
She had to compete against 400 other models
in an audition. She said that while she cannot
follow the music, she follows the vibrations
while walking on the runway. This annual
event is big with the clothing designers,
make-up artists and producers. Her picture
is at:


— better than refrigerator magnets

People use refrigerator magnets to post up pictures, notes,
reminders, etc on the refrigerator door. There is a
start-up company that says their refrigerator buttons
are much better than refrigerator magnets – and
even more so, it is green-friendly. The start-up
company has been established by Hal Bevers.
He is deaf.


— no interpreter for deaf conference with attorney

A deaf man, in a criminal case, requested an
interpreter for a conference with his attorney.
The court said no, saying that he already has
an interpreter for his case in the courtroom.
ADA? This case took place in Belfast, Northern
Ireland. What about USA? On its web site, the
National Association of the Deaf said that
ADA does not require an interpreter for
conferences with private attorneys, if
they prove it is an undue burden.
Interpreters, however, must be provided
for conferences with public defenders!



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