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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 30, 2017


— the CFO of world’s most powerful magazine

The Chief Financial Officer is the top man
in the financial/accounting department
of big businesses. He watches money
that come in and go out. The Economist
is the world’s most powerful magazine,
widely read by economists, business people,
Wall Street, big banks, etc. The Economist
CFO is Toby Burton. He is deaf and is from
Great Britain! Yes, he worries about the
Brexit, but it is an issue everyone in
Europe worries about. His picture is at:


— a cop told DeafDigest something

DeafDigest editor is friends with one cop.
Handcuffing the arrested deaf person was
one issue in a recent discussion. The cop
said that normal procedure is to handcuff
all arrested people behind their backs.
This is for their protection. If the
person is handcuffed in front of him, he
could hit the cop on the face with
these handcuffs! The cop knows the
handcuffed deaf person needs to use
sign language or to use gestures.
At this point, how could a handcuffed
deaf person communicate remains a
sticky issue!


— live captions and difficult accents

A recent BBC World News America program
featured the ugly fighting at Mosul.
The translators from Iraq spoke with a
thickly accented English that became
a nightmare for live captioners. As
a result the TV dialogue was horrible.
Just one example – the word “bottle”
came up frequently; it meant battle.
We are always reading about these
“successful” voice to text captioning
software. Yet, there are always issues
of bad live captions with these accents
as well as with American dialects.



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