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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 28, 2017


— a lonely deaf lawmaker

Mojo Mathers, who is deaf, is an elected member of
the New Zealand parliament. She relies on interpreters
and captions to function as a lawmaker. In an
interview, she said that not only the job is stressful
but also lonely. As an example, women of different
political parties can get together to try to resolve
a legislative issue. She cannot – and for some reason
New Zealand is not that 100 percent accessible to the
deaf. A picture is at:


— five strikes, not three strikes, and you’re out

In baseball and softball, three strikes at bat and
you’re out. Well, at Walmart, the policy is five
strikes before the employee, especially the
deaf and the disabled (as well as hearing) can
be fired. A Walmart workplace violation is counted
as a strike. Said a disabled employee, the
pressure to do well at Walmart can be overwhelming!
It would be unfair for deaf employees that have
communication problems with their supervisors.


— 7.5 million deaf, fact or fiction

A survey by a religious organization said there are
7.5 million culturally deaf Americans. Fact or




— Eva is the first affordable hearing aid designed only for women

Eva is the first affordable hearing aid designed only for women to
address women’sanatomical and physiological characteristics,
lifestyle preferences, and aesthetic sensibility. Women generally
have smaller ears, making hearing aids designed for men feel bulky
and uncomfortable to wear. Eva is highly miniaturized for
inconspicuous wear behind a woman’s ear and offered with smaller ear
accessories to fit more comfortably inside the ear in closer
proximity to the eardrum for an exceptional hearing experience. The
low-profile design fits securely around and in the ear to maintain a
secure fit for an active lifestyle including working, exercise and
even swimming. Eva is offered in a slim, compact design with an
assortment of feminine color options, including grey and red.

Eva’s sound processing is tailored for women’s hearing loss
patterns multiple sound profiles for treatment of common hearing
loss patterns of women are included for superb out of the box
experience. Sounds above 85 dB are suppressed for a comfortable
listening experience in loud settings, along with independent
suppression of low level noises for a more comfortable long term
listening experience. Eva also automatically adjusts to enhance the
characteristics of male and female speech in challenging listening
situations such as noisy restaurants and social gatherings.

Furthermore, In addition to the EVA launch, there is a lot of
activity around the OTC Hearing Aid Act of 2017 which just passed the
house and will likely pass in congress end of July and iHEAR has been
in the forefront of this bill as they were the first company to make
affordable hearing aids under $300.

Eva’s picture is at:

If you’re interested, please click on:

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