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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 29, 2017


— unusual coffee shop owned by a coffee-hating deaf man

Mats Gilbert, who is deaf, is a professional rugby
player in Great Britain. Like many professional
athletes, he worries about his future once his
playing career ends. Mats, who hates coffee,
thought of a coffee shop business and in fact
has established it in an unusual location.
Take a look at it:


— must be 30 or higher or else

In Vancouver, Washington, an agency has worked with
Regal Cinema Movie to provide open captions once
a month. But because deaf attendance at the open
captioned movie has been low, the movie house
has changed the arrangement to once every two
months, instead of once a month. It has come
with a warning – that attendance must exceed
30 or more deaf movie goers, otherwise open
captions will not be shown!


— lipreading machine may be dangerous

From time to time we read stories of machines
(actually software) that can read lips,
supposedly to help the deaf. Well, a magazine
article said it could be dangerous! If the
lipreading software is “perfect” then
governments, as well as criminals, could use
it to read lips of hearing enemies. A
question here – many hearing people speak with
lisps; could these lisps be lipreadable?



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