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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 30, 2017


— these hated questions

With good humor, a deaf woman posted a video
saying she is used to questions hearing
people ask of her –

Can you marry and have children?

Can you read and write?

Can you date hearing men?

Can you drive a car?

Do you use wheelchair?

Can I yell behind you to see if you can hear me?

Can you read my lips?

Do deaf people use same sign language everywhere?


A picture is at:



— says a hearing boss of his several deaf employees

A hearing boss said:

I often miss details, or forget some things
at work, but my deaf employees don’t. They
catch things that hearing employees miss!


— a horrible thing in Russia

In St. Petersburg, Russia, several government
agents entered a local deaf club, arrested
nearly 40 deaf people. Some of them were
sentenced to death while others were sent
to prison labor camps. It took place in
August 1937 while dictator Josef Stalin
controlled Russia. And during the court
trials, interpreters were forced to lie.
Some of the deaf were scientists, artists,
athletes and teachers. It didn’t matter
to Stalin.



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