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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 31, 2017


— a laser pointer and a deaf person

David Uzzell is a deaf chef in a busy Washington, DC
restaurant. He is responsible for sauces that diners
eat with stews, hot hors d’oevres and sautes. Every
day the owner/chef writes down list of things to do.
And the deaf chef is used to the staff poking him
on the shoulder to get his attention. Laser pointer?
Yes, as another way to get his attention from far
across the kitchen. A picture is at:


— comment by owner of a salon

A woman who owns a beauty salon made this
comment about Deaf Eyes:

the deaf have an eye to capture the beauty in people


— possiblity of no more free internet due to ADA laws

Surfing the internet is free; anti-ADA advocate said
that too many ADA discrimination lawsuits may cause
future internet use to cost money, instead of being free.
As an example, University of California shut down
all of its free videos rather than to put in
captions. What this may mean is the future possibility
of paying to watch these formerly free videos
(to offset costs of putting in captions).


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— deaf-owned internet service provider

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