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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 29, 2017


— deaf community angry over wrong signs used on TV

Tan Teck Sum, not deaf, is a sign language instructor.
She was on Singaporean TV trying to teach the host on
how to sign some words. The deaf community of
Singapore is angry for several reasons – she is
not a qualified sign language instructor; that
she was using wrong signs; she said she uses
SEE signs but her name is not on the list of
qualified SEE sign language instructors. See
the picture at:


— deaf community vs State of Georgia

The State of Georgia was ordered two years ago
to establish mental health services for
the deaf. Two years later, despite the court
order, the state has done nothing! As a
result, there is a big court case, as
deaf community attorneys want to know why
the state has not done anything.


— new deaf teacher wins university award

Beth Wilson, who is deaf, is a retired electrical
engineer, over 30 years with Raytheon. She
joined the online faculty in 2016 at Worcester
Polytechnic Institute as an online instructor in
systems engineering. Recently she won the
university exemplary teaching award. As a deaf
person she finds teaching online classes more
rewarding than teaching students face to face.



Latest deaf jobs – today’s update

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— a deputy sheriff, friend of deaf, lost his job

11/26/17 Blue and Gold editions at:

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