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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 30, 2017


— deaf characters is part of plan to kick out TV

Super Deluxe is a program on youtube; it is not a
TV show, but looks like it. They hope people will
watch youtube instead of watching TV. Anyway
one Super Deluxe program may involve deaf chracters –
Marlee Matlin, Josh Feldman and Shoshannah Stern
in a drama/comedy show. Right now, details are still
vague. A picture is at:


— heavy pressure on family about CI

A deaf child was born to an all-hearing family.
Knowing nothing about deafness, the parents
got advise from pro-CI and anti-CI groups.
They put a lot of pressure on the family, but
a decision was made not to implant the child.
Second decision was to move to a city 100 miles
away where the deaf child will get education
at a deaf school instead of staying home and
getting him mainstreamed. It was in a newspaper


— easy or hard to communicate with deaf

A consultant gave this advice for hearing
people that want to communicate with the
deaf – without using sign language.
Just face the deaf person directly.
Speak slowly and don’t shout. Use
gestures. Use note and pen, etc. Will
it work? It may work if the hearing
person is not scared to communicate
with the deaf, and also with lots of
patience. It will not work with
scared and impatient hearing people!



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