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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 29, 2018

— impossible scene by a deaf actress

Shoshannah Stern, who is deaf, has a number of acting
roles in movies and TV. During one scene she had to
float on her back in the pool with her eyes closed.
Everyone knew she was deaf – but when the director
shouted “action” she was the last to know about it!
If her eyes were open she could tell when the
director asked for action, but it was impossible
with her eyes closed. It took a lot of time to make
compromises with the scene which involved the director,
the interpreter, the camera man, fellow actors
and Shoshonnah. It finally worked. A picture is at:


— university worries about web accessibility

George Washington University said four university
departments are involved in a task force to make
sure their web sites are accessible. The reason
why 100 percent accessibility is difficult, if
not impossible is because technology is always
being updated and web content changing all the
time. It affects tab navigation, video captioning
and photo captions. Some changes are easy to
update; other changes take a lot of time to fix.


— toughest job in serving the deaf

What is the toughest job serving the deaf?
Many may think teaching the deaf in a classroom
is a tough job – but some said captioners have
the toughest job! Captioners don’t like to
make mistakes and it puts a lot of pressure
on them to try to be perfect all the time.



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