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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 28, 2018

— the deaf and the different parole board hearings

Psrole procedures are not the same with every state.
Some states allow inmates to show up in person
during parole hearings; some states conduct
parole hearings by video. There was a case of
a deaf man that could not understand difficult
questions, even in ASL, through the video.
And he was too scared to tell the parole officer
that he didn’t understand the questions. A
picture is at:


— a video podcast for deaf only

Deaf fans of Green Bay Packers can consider themselves
lucky. A Packers fan who is a Coda interpreter has
partnered with a hearing friend to set up a podcast
called “The Unknown Packers Podcast” for the benefit
of deaf fans. Actually it starts with a voice podcast,
sponsored by a local brewery for the benefit of
hearing fans. Then after the voice podcast is broadcast
the Coda interpreter and his partner converts it to
ASL video. It is a matter of waiting several hours
for patient deaf fans!


— big break for entry-level deaf employees in one state

Alaska has banned “below” minimum wages for the deaf
(and the disabled) in entry level jobs. The minimum
hourly wage for all employees is $9.84 per hour.
This new law means deaf employees cannot earn below
$9.84. To make a long story short, the federal Fair
Labor Standards Act allows pay below minimum wages
in certain cases. No more in Alaska. Two other states
do not allow “below” minimum wages – Maryland and
New Hampshire.



Deaf jobs – latest update

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— students didn’t know teacher was deaf

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