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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 28, 2018


— small town hires deaf woman as police officer

Erica Trevino, who is deaf, was hired as police
officer in Dalhart, a small Texas town of some
8,000 people. She told an interviewer that she
is ASL-fluent. How qualified is she? She graduated
third in her class at the Police Academy.
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— deaf walkers and joggers at disadvantage

Do deaf people have to hear to walk on the
sidewalk or to do street jogging? No,
but a deaf walker complained that there is
no way to tell others of their deafness.
Very often there are cyclists that whiz
by them, missing them by inches. The
cyclists probably yelled at them to look
out. Should deaf people wear colored vssts
with the words “I am deaf” on the back?
No, because it may be an invitation to
robbery or mugging.


— deaf person as sound engineer

A sound engineer works in studieos to
make good music, speech and sounds.
A job for a deaf person? Yes, according
to a movie titled “Rangasthalam”
produced in India. Unfortunately for
the deaf in the movie audience, this
role is being played by a fake-deaf


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— oral talking machine

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