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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 29, 2018


— using mime to teach the public on road safety

A group of 10 deaf men used mime to teach the public
on road safety (wearing helmets, stopping at
red light signals, no texting while driving,
no drunk driving, obeying road rules, etc).
It took place in five locations in Coimbatore,
a major metropolitian city in India of over
2 million people. A picture is at:


— crisis among Big 8 deaf agencies in California

California is unique in that Big 8 agencies serve
the deaf in the metro and rural areas in
the state. The state, for the most part,
fund the agencies’ operations. The state
is proposing a budget cut, and if this
happens, it may cause a number of services
to be either reduced or abolished. A
meeting with members of the state assembly
is taking place on April 11th.


— representing the deaf at a White House event

The White House Egg Roll is taking place on
Monday. One of the eggs ia a Deaf Egg,
designed by Benny Shirley, a student at
the Kentucky School for the Deaf.



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— only deaf passenger at Titanic

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