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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 28, 2018

— Deaflympics and the criminal element

Do criminals get involved with the Deaflympics in
hopes of pocketing the funds for themselves?
In 2011, the Winter Deaflympics was cancelled at
the last minute in Slovakia because Jaromí Ruda,
the games chair, pocketed the funds for himself.
And now this – Deaflympics president Valery Rukhledev,
a Russian, has been accused of the same thing –
stealing money for himself. The theft has nothing
to do with the Deaflympics, but of a deaf organization
in Russia. Still, associating the Deaflympics with
these two criminals can be scary! A picture is at:

(this just in – Rukhledev has been relieved of his
presidency for two months; an acting president
has been appointed – in his stead – at least until
the Russian courts sort out this mess)


— Starbucks and the deaf

Starbucks will close in the afternoon of
May 29th for training and re-training on
the sensitivity of dealing with all types
of customers and non-customers. Was
Starbucks bad to the deaf? There was a
lawsuit in New York some years back,
accusing Starbucks of discriminating
against the deaf. DeafDigest editor,
who loves Starbucks coffee, has never
dealt with discrimination in the
coffee place. He, however, has faced
a lot of discriminatory issues in many
other places – but never at Starbucks!
So, was Starbucks really that bad to
the deaf?


— sign language song confused as dancing

In Iran, dancing is considered doing something
evil. A group of deaf girls signed their
song during a performance. The officials
stopped it. They said it is dancing, not
signing! In other words, there is no Sign
Language freedom in Iran.



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