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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 29, 2018


— a deaf winemaker

There are not too many deaf people in the
cut-throat world of competitive winemaking;
there are deaf people that make wine as
a hobby, at home, but not professionally.
Teisha Sauve, who is deaf and loves wines
at home, is a professional winemaker
with the Stonehouse Wines in
Quebec. A picture is at:


— $80,000 a year jobs available for deaf

From time to time DeafDigest mentions issues
re the deaf and these truck driving jobs.
There was a headline in a newspaper story
today which said:

few want an $80,000 job driving trucks

Truck driving is hard work; it is a challenge
for anyone – male, female, hearing, deaf!


— an apology or a joke

A deaf couple entered a shopping mall. The security
guard asked to look at the handbag the deaf woman
was carrying. The handbag zipper was stuck and she
couldn’t open it. She gestured the guard to please
wait until she could finally open the handbag.
Instead the couple was roughed up physically by
the guard and thrown out of the building. The
angry couple confronted the mall management.
The management instructed the security guard
to apologize to the deaf couple. Instead the
guard laughed very hard as if it was a joke.
Not satisfied, the deaf couple is contemplating
further action.



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