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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 31, 2018


— Daughter of a Basketball Wife is deaf

Basketball Wives is a popular TV reality
show, consisting of wives, girl friends
and ex’es of these well known basketball
stars. They complain to each other, stab
each other in the back and do plenty of
badmouthing. Anyway Wife Jackie Christie’s
daughter is Ta’Kari Lee. Both women have
not spoken to each other in years.
Ta’Kari Lee just revealed her deafness.
She said that she is 70 percent deaf
in her left ear and 30 percent deaf in
the right ear. She, however, functions
as a hearing paerson. A picture is at:


— Starbucks’ math

Starbucks closed all of its stores to host a
nationwide workshop to train employees to be
sensitive to the needs of customers, the
deaf included. Look at Starbucks’ math:

175,000 employees
8,000 stores

How many of these employees have served
coffee for deaf customers? And how many
stores have been patronized by the deaf?

Even one employee admitted when she is
rushed, a long line facing her, she
tends to be impatient and gruff with
a difficult hearing customer.

Just hope the workshop pays off well
when a deaf person asks for a Starbucks


— watching a deaf prisoner because of his deafness

A crime report in a newspaper said:

deaf person was placed in a holding cell all night
where an officer could “keep an eye on” him
because he was deaf

Do officers keep an eye on a deaf prisoner and
not on hearing prisoners? Don’t know!



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