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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 7, 2019

— a fired deaf woman loses ADA discrimination case

A deaf woman, who was fired from her job, hired a
private attorney to file a job discrimination law
suit. She lost the case, and appealed and lost again.
The deaf attorney who followed the case, but not
involved with it, said the court was correct,
saying the ADA requires only reasonable accommodations,
and not the person’s preferred accommodation. Also,
she had to clearly explain why she couldn’t do the
job without an interpreter around and not to
rely on the hearing employees to do the job
for her!


— the deaf and the chess

Do we have deaf chess players that became
grandmasters? Yes, a few. Do we have high level
deaf chess competitions? Yes. Is there a national
chess organiation for the deaf? Yes – there is a
American Chess Association of the Deaf, and it
has a facebook page. Anyway, this organization
is looking for few good deaf chess players
that want to participate in chess at the
2019 Winter Deaflympics in Chiavenna, Italy.
If interested or just want more information,
go to their facebook page and ask to contact
David Broadwater, the president. Lastly,
deaf chess is a serious event elsewhere in
the world, not necessarily that so in USA!





— Norway is scared of Deaf Blood

Norway is one of the world’s most advanced
nations with high standard of living,
and personal wealth. Yet, Norway does not
want to accept blood from deaf donors!
Deaf Blood different from Hearing Blood?
Of course not, but hospitals in Norway
feel interpreters, as the third party,
makes the hospital administrators
uncomfortable. The Norwegian Deaf Association,
not too happy about it, is fighting
the hospitals.



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