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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 12, 2019

— Coda’s nightmare

Coda stands for Child of Deaf Adults. This abbreviation
has become a word over the years. In a newspaper story,
a Coda explained his nightmare – comments from friends
such as dummy, how can you speak if your parents sign,
do you interpret all tne time, do you always make noise
at home, and so on. Many codas deal with it; many


— big publicity for nothing

British Airways announced that they were doing a
commercial involving deaf 12-year old female
twins. The British deaf community was excited
about it. The commercial taping only took
20 minutes. But when the commercial aired on
TV, the twins were missing, thus disappointing
the TV viewers. This is how it works in the
industry – that not everything that gets taped
gets shown!


— deaf food stand owner and impatient customers

There are deaf owners of food stands. They create
special menus where hearing customers could just
point to the dishes they want. Very helpful?
Not always! One deaf chef said there are always
some impatient customers that just want to
voice out their orders instead of pointing to
dishes on the menu. It is a big shame.



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