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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 13, 2019

— too many sign language machines

we have too many “inventors” claiming to be the
first to “invent” these sign language machines.
An article in the Smithsonian Magazine questioned
the usefulness of these (many) sign language
machines. The magazine is correct.


— a weakness in FCC’s captioning law

The FCC requires captioned videos on-line
only if that original program was already
captioned on TV. The loophole is videos
that were never shown in TV. Because
of lawsuits targeting that loophole,
the FCC may (or may not) require these
non-TV videos to be captioned. Confusing?
Yes, and this is why we have attorneys
fighting each other in the courts.


— to laugh or to cry at a doctor’s office

DeafDigest editor went to a doctor’s office
to pick up a patient. The receptionist knew
the editor was deaf and told him to go to
the waiting room to wait for the patient.
A different employee shouted out a name.
No response. She again shouted out this
name and again, no response. The editor
saw it all but assumed it was for a
different patient. The receptionist
then realized what was happening and
came over to him to go and pick up
that patient. A minor issue, yes, but
to laugh or to cry?



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