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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 14, 2019

— a non-sign language that always fascinates sign linguists

For some reason the Nicaraguan non-Sign Language has
fascinated sign language linguists over the years.
It first attracted notice in the late eighties and
then from time to time since then. Non-Sign Language?
The deaf people of Nicaragua communicate via body
language and gestures since there was no official
Nicaraguan Sign Language at that time.


— hearing then deaf then hearing then deaf

Hawkeye, in the comic books, started as a hearing
character, but over the years the cartoonist made
him deaf, then again hearing and then again deaf.
Fantasy? Yes. Realistic? No.


— shop talk sometimes hard for deaf to follow

When hearing people discuss work issues at a place
of employment, their language shifts towards
shop abbreviations and shop lingo with shop talk
thrown in. Even with interpreters it can be difficult
for the deaf to follow – nothing to do with lack of
knowledge but much to do with not seeing these words
come up every day, all the time!



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