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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 15, 2019

— deaf person involved with property management

DeafDigest editor met a deaf person who owns
a property management company, and operates
it on a full time 24/7 basis. Been in that
business for years, providing the family
with comfortable income. If someone says
a deaf person cannot own a property
management company, then that person is wrong!


— the CI and the deaf community leader

A leader of a deaf community decided to go for a
CI as he felt it would help him to hear better.
As a result, he was ostracized by the deaf community
despite his popularity and his effectiveness as
a leader. What happened? It created a copycat
“me, too” CI’s among others in the Deaf
Community. And slowly, the leader won back his
popularity and respect!


— Elvis Presley required a 3-way interpreting

World famous rocker Elvis Presley died in 1977.
There was a story of an Elvis Presley requiring
a three-way interpreting in a court session,
something to do with him getting into a fight
at a shop. He seemed to be deaf but functioned
as a hearing person, yet still requiring
3-way interpreting. It was not the legendary
Elvis but a young Irishman with the same name.
The judge ordered the case to go to trial.



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