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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 10, 2019


— deaf actor in a mysterious Netflix film plot

Sean Berdy, the deaf actor of the “Switched at Birth”
fame, has been cast as Sam in the Netflix movie
“The Society.” The plot of this film is
mysterious – almost same as “The Twilight
Zone” of the fifties and sixties.


— deaf paramedic’s fascinating career

Richard Webb-Stevens is deaf and is a full-time
paramedic with these fascinating backgrounds.
He first served with the Ambulance Service
before moving on to the Air Ambulance.
He is currently with the Motorcycle Response
Unit. We have frustrated deaf people in
USA wanting to become paramedics but have
been discriminated because of their deafness.
Well, Richard Webb-Stevens is from
London (Great Britain) and gets these jobs!


— Seattle bar owner is anti-captions

DeafDigest mentioned that Seattle became the
3rd American city to require captions to be
turned on at all times. Matt Miera owns
Marco Polo Bar and Grill in Seattle; he is
afraid the “forced” captions would drive
his patrons out of his bar. Well, his bar
advertises “best fried chicken in Seattle.”
People who drink beer would love these best
fried chickens, and for that reason, stay
at the bar!



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