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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 14, 2019

— important deaf person at a world-wide financial newspaper

Ben Fletcher, who is deaf, is an engineer with the Financial
Times, a financial newspaper published in London, which is
read all over the world by financial people, business people
and economists. It competes with the Wall Street Journal.
Anyway, Ben, who is also deaf-blind, helps design printing
machinery which makes smoother the publication of these
newspapers. He must make sure the machinery does not mess up
and delay the newspaper distributions on a daily basis.
This is the reason why he is important.


— world’s largest sign language class

Utah State University is trying to get into the
Guinness World Record for the biggest sign language
class ever. A joke? Well, the goal of the sign
language teachers is to enroll 1,500 people to
attend a class at a public arena so that the
university can brag about it. Very difficult
to learn sign language if there are 1,500
students around, screaming and making noises.
The smaller the sign language class, the better
it is for hearing students to learn these


— Deaf Economy

Is there such a thing as Deaf Economy? A recent
newspaper story said that the establishment of a
new deaf-owned business is going to help Deaf
Economy. Not exactly sure what the newspaper
is saying! Deaf Economy means one thing – that
all deaf people would buy products, services and goods
from these deaf owned business. Is it Deaf
Economy if a deaf person drives across the
city just to buy one thing from a deaf-owned
business? Don’t know – but economists love
to disagree over everything related to



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