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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 20, 2019

— a dead profession that employed many deaf people

There was a story of a dead profession that employed
many deaf people – the newspaper press. Years ago
everyone read the newspapers (no texts, no emails,
no social media, no nothing). Anyway it said some
of these hearing pressmen knew some sign language
in order to communicate with the deaf pressmen.
No more!


— a Dummy Hoy tale

Dummy Hoy had a long major league career including
several seasons with the old Washington (DC) team.
In the 1888 and 1889 seasons with the Washington
team, one of his teammates was Hank O’Day. Hank
was a Coda, and knew sign language. Baseball
historians have assumed that Dummy and Hank were
“best friends” with the team in these two seasons!


— great attitude vs anti-discrimination laws

Many hearing people are afraid of the deaf.
As a result, deaf people face discrimination
every day. Mark Medoff wrote the play
“Children of a Lesser God,” even though he
knew nothing about the deaf and of deafness
at that time! The first deaf person he met
was deaf actress Phyllis Frelich. Within
20 minutes of the introduction, he
decided to write a play about the deaf.
If we had many million Mark Medoffs,
there would be no discrimination and
the ADA laws would have been unnecessary!
Unfortunately this is not realistic and
as a result we have these ADA laws.



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