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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 21, 2019

— Russia’s top deaf thief continues with detention

Valery Rukhledev, the past president of the Deaflympics
governing body as well as the past president of the
All-Russian Society of the Deaf, was sentenced to
house arrest last year for stealing nearly one
million dollars. Because he has not followed
the conditions of his house arrest, the Moscow
City Court has ordered that his detention be


— the robot cop and the deaf driver

A new robot is being built to function as a
robo-cop. When there is a traffic stop, the
robo-cop will approach the driver and go
from there. Operating the robo-cop is the
real cop, sitting in the police car.
Hopefully this would stop the senseless
shootings that take place during traffic
stops. A big concern is the deaf driver.
What would the robo-cop do with the
stopped deaf driver? We shall wait and



— a deaf man was in combat during World War I

From time to time there are efforts in USA to
have the Department of Defense to allow the
deaf to serve in the military forces. Howard
Lloyd, a young deaf man, fought in World
War I and was involved in combat – sneaking
behind the enemy lines. He signed up for the
military in Canada and was turned down.
He somehow was able to enroll – details
are murky but it seems that the Canadian
military left did not know what the
military right was doing – and so, fell
through the cracks! His combat work
took place in France. He was wounded
once but suffered no ill effects and lived
a long life in Canada.


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