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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 22, 2019

— things with deaf students at hearing colleges

A deaf student at a hearing college said these
things are – having two interpreters, having two
captioners, using video relay services all the time,
teaching ASL with hearing classmates yet these
hearing classmates being too busy with their own
studies to help out communicate in ASL, no-shows
or absences among interpreters and captioners,
professors’ negative attitudes, arguments and
disagreements with administrators on exactly
what ADA is supposed to do, and so on.


— typewriter invented to help the deaf

True or false that Alexander Graham Bell invented
the telephone in hopes of helping the deaf to hear?
Well, there is another tale – that a typewriter
was invented in 1867 by Rasmus Malling-Hansen
in hopes of helping the deaf to speak better by
using their fingers on the keyboard! True or false?
Now – put together the telephone and the typewriter
and there was a 1964 TTY invention by Robert
Weitbrecht! This one is VERY true.


— vague ADA rules and guidelines

An attorney, specializing in Disability Law, has accused
the Federal government and the Department of Justice of
not giving out clear guidelines on ADA regulations. He
also said that this is the reason for the glut of ADA
lawsuits choking the American court system!



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