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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 30, 2019

— a big poster on the wall for an important reason

A Coda, who is an interpreter, was taking care of
his mother who was in the hospital. He noticed
that the doctors and the nurses were not paying
attention to the word “deaf” even though their
clipboards mentioned the mother’s deafness.
Instead of arguing with the hospital staff,
he posted a huge poster on the wall behind
his mother’s bed, which said one word –
deaf. It worked and the mother got the
quick medical attention she was entitled to.


— ACT being sued

ACT is the tests that high school students take
to see if they qualify for college. This organization
has been sued by several angry students – because
it disclosed their deafness on the computer forms.
They said it makes things harder for them to enroll
at colleges if the administrators knew of their


— parts of “Summer of Rockets” has deaf themes

“Summer of Rockets” is a new TV mini-series that will
be shown on TV in Great Britain. It is about the Cold
War of the 1950’s where everyone were afraid there
would be World War III between Russia and the
rest of the world. There were three deafness
themes – early text pagers being invented, a
factory employed deaf workers and the Secret
Service thinking a bug was hidden in a
famous politician’s hearing aid.



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