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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 31, 2019

— deaf culture day; no hearing culture day

Not sure if is a joke or a fact. When the Rochester
Red Wings minor league baseball team hosted a
Deaf Culture Day, a hearing person made this comment:

We had a deaf culture day. No one asked when’s hearing culture night

A joke or was the hearing person being sarcastic?


— big mystery with unlipreadable hearing people

Always a big mystery. A hearing person, whose lips
are unlipreadable, knows the deaf person cannot
read lips and depends on ASL and also depends
on an interpreter. Yet the hearing person would
“trap” the deaf person into a corner and go into
non-stop, one-way talking for as long as 10-15
minutes. Did the hearing person want to be
talking to a fake-smiling deaf person?


— series of bad captioning experiences

A deaf girl, age 16, is frustrated with
San Antonio (Texas) movie theaters.
Her bad experiences include:

broken captioning equipment
captioning equipment not fully charged
captioning equipment not fitted into cupholder

The final straw was when her hearing father
ran out of the theater to pick up a replacement
equipment. It worked for few minutes before
captions stopped.

The theater managers, apologetic, have given
her “useless” free tickets. The theater chain
said they constantly check all equipment.

Yet problems continue. What is so wrong with
open captions?



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