An irony took place at the 2000 NAD Conference at Norfolk, VA.
The Conference was a success with over 2,000 registrants; the
exhibit area was loaded with exhibitors; the program book was
thick with listed events and workshops, etc; the hotel staff went
out of their way to make their facilities accessible to the deaf –
sign language staff, TTY installations, captions in TV sets, etc.
And the Norfolk newspaper estimated a $19.2 million impact on the
local economy generated by the Conference (or $1,000 per visitor).
Just one thing went wrong – and it is embarrassing – the giant-screen
TV set in the hotel hospitality room was not captioned! The hotel
engineers struggled to get captioning – but TV set was manufactured
before the law on built-in decoder chip kicked in. No one bothered
to tell the hotel staff that all they needed was a good, old fashioned
decoder box!
Not even the struggling hotel engineers would listen when the
DEAFDIGEST editor told them they needed a decoder box.