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DeafDigest – 19 April 2009

DeafDigest Blue – April 19, 2009

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ASL Videos of the Week:

Vision Test
Big Deaf Lies


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News of the Week:
In Canada, are we seeing history repeating itself?
In 1980, California School for the Deaf moved from
Berkeley to its present site at Fremont. The move
was forced because the state government powers
were saying the school campus sat on an earthquake
It probably was a smokescreen because University
of California at Berkeley needed land to grow,
and the deaf campus was in the way.
And now this – University of Alberta, at Edmonton,
is coveting the land that belongs to Alberta
School for the Deaf. The university people is now
raising a big stink about it, which has hit the
newspapers this week.

In the state of Maryland if a hearing person
taunts a person’s deafness, it is a crime!
Maryland has become the 32nd state with these
such laws.
To read what it is all about, do click on:

Read at

To be deaf and to live in Saudi Arabia is to be
unlucky, at least in the case of Ali Abdulla.
Ali wants to go to college; he cannot because
the colleges in Saudi Arabia discriminate against
the deaf.
Ali also has not been able to find employment,
for the same reasons.
His plight was featured in a recent story in
a newspaper in Saudi Arabia.

National Deaf Academy and Gallaudet Southeast Regional
Center resent a conference on deafness and mental health:


Working with Deaf Individuals with Mental Illness

June 11-12 — International Plaza Resort and Spa
— Orlando, FL

Keynote Presenters:
*         Liz Hill, National Association of the Deaf
–          Chair of the Committee on Mental Health

*         Neil Glickman, Ph.D., Westborough State Hospital
*         Robert Pollard, Ph.D.,  University of Rochester

Continuing Education Units will be requested from:
*         American Psychological Association
*         National Association of Social Workers
*         National Board of Certified Counselors
*         Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

For registration and additional information visit:

Questions??  Contact Anne Wiechec at


For postings, announcements and employment ad rates, please email

weekly DeafDigest Blue & Gold editions also posted at: (updated every Monday)



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Drivers have to take vision tests at department of
motor vehicle offices in order to get their drivers’
Wondering if it is possible for a deaf person, with
bad vision, and also with bad speech, to fake perfect
Many inspectors do not understand deaf speech and
if there are no interpreters, a deaf person could just
speak each letter fast. Inspectors could just then
give the deaf a passing grade without trying to
understand each letter that is spoken by the deaf

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Hearing people believe in these
big deaf lies. These lies are:

– every oral person speaks perfectly
– every deaf person is skilled lipreader
– every deaf person is unemployed
– deaf people don’t need interpreters because of lipreading
– deaf people don’t need TV captions because of lipreading

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Poker Tournament

No-Limit Texas Hold’Em

Deaf Seniors of America

Poker Tournament; No Limit-Texas Hold’Em/ all in,
for all comers; deaf and hearing players; must be 21 years or
older to play.

June 23, 2009 – 7 pm

Binion’s Horseshoe Gambling Hall & Hotel
128 East Fremont
Las Vegas, Nevada

entry fees?
$200 per player,(no buy in), $140 prize pool,
$40 to Binion’s for administration and $20 to DSA.

This tournament will be hosted at Binion’s Gambling Hall where
it made poker famous. It is located in historical heart of
downtown. Binion’s is where the famous “World Series of Poker”
originated. Since Las Vegas is the poker capital of the world,
you will feel the magnitude of this one as it has the
“major league” status. no wonder it is so popular here.

We are anxious to have you enjoy the unique and exciting
experience in the world of poker. It is your chance to
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Way back in the late eighties, DeafDigest editor, at
that time, was employed by the NAD.
He attended a formal event at the Kennedy Center
in Washington, DC on behalf of NAD. Marlee was honored
with an award presented by a national organization.
The attire was formal, but Marlee wore jeans. She
made a very bad impression; snapping at questions asked
by members of the media and slouching against the wall
instead of standing up in a graceful and dignified
To her credit, she invited the DeafDigest editor
to sit next to her so both could share the same
Fast forward. Hitting the newspapers this week is
a new book on Marlee where she revealed the sordid
details of her past.
It figures; when a person has problems, then it
is reflected in negative public behavior.
Now that we know why, Marlee is quickly
forgiven and may she move on to many more years
of outstanding movie roles!


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We have a number of deaf individuals that
have earned graduate degrees in the sciences.
Instead of becoming scientists, they end up
teaching sciences in schools and programs
for the deaf.
Why? Possibly workplace discrimination
blocked their upward mobility. Or possibly
communications is much better at the
classroom instead of at the labs.
This is a brain drain that American
labs do not realize they are suffering

Dracula is the world’s most famous, and most
popular horror movie character.
He is everywhere – hawks products on TV commercials,
appeared in 170 different movies.
And these movies touch on everything – blacks,
gays, porn, senior citizen, cowboys, clowns, etc.
And one more thing – the deaf. The sole deaf-themed
Dracula movie was the Deafula, shown in 1975 and directed
by Peter Wolf.

If a person wants to become an interpreter,
in many cases, they need to become full time
At one junior college, the interpreting
students either had to attend classes full time
or to forget it.
Many of these students need to hold down full
time jobs, preventing them from attending
classes full time.
As a result, we, the deaf, lose out on many
potential interpreters.
Said an instructor at one of these junior
college interpreting programs:

I do not understand why the junior college
administrators would not allow these students
to attend classes part time


– Jim Plunkett, famous NFL quarterback, long retired

during one Super Bowl week, a reporter asked him:

Is it your mother who’s blind, and your father who’s deaf,
or the other way around?”

this question has qualified as one of the dumbest Super Bowl
questions in history!


muttered one interpreter:

agencies, already awarded with grants, would scrimp on interpreting
costs, hiring inexperienced and non-certified interpreters instead
of experienced and certified interpreters

if you have these “hate” or “horror” stories, please


Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is a relatively new
profession, and people may not know some of the differences from and
similarities to using sign language interpreters.

What people need to remember is that most of the time CART providers
are attempting to write everything that is going on as close to
verbatim as they possibly can.

Many times people speak quickly and on top of one another.  If a
speaker says, “I had a wonderful, fantastic, magnificent, awesome
trip,” the CART provider is usually trying to write all four of those
words, “wonderful, fantastic, magnificent, awesome.”

Because ASL interpreters primarily are interpreting concepts, they may
only use one sign for all four of those words.

Sometimes a speaker is speaking in sentence fragments and not completing
his sentences.  The CART provider is still trying to write it verbatim,
so the text may appear a little difficult to read or confusing on the

Once again, an ASL interpreter would be conveying the concept, so people
may not realize that the speaker is speaking in fragments.

if you have a question on any of the CART issues, do email:

it will be forwarded to the CART operator for a possible response
in this weekly DeafDigest section.


weekly DeafDigest Blue & Gold editions also posted at:

updated every Monday


(continuing series)


the family farm

we do have a few deaf-owned farms, but not that too many

(end of series)


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much more using QuickBooks accounting software.

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My tax service provides the preparation of individual federal and state
tax returns and to answer your questions will help you get a better
understanding of how different adjustments, deductions or credits can
affect your tax situations.

My firm is based on professionalism and confidentiality with a guarantee
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Terence Berrigan
Berrigan’s Tax & Bookkeeping Service
Web Page:

VP: (866) 669-9616 Pager: Email:


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Crash course on the Digital Television Transition

This is a continuation of our weekly educational column on
addressing concerns about the analog TV shutoff and the final
transition to digital TV which is scheduled to occur on or
before June 12, 2009.

Question this week:

I don’t have a battery-operated TV to use during power outages
to watch weather reports. What’s an alternative?


If you have a laptop computer, you can buy a USB TV tuner
(between $30 to $200 depending on its features), connect it
to a regular TV antenna and you can watch TV using the
laptop’s battery power. You can also buy a car adapter
to plug your laptop into your car’s cigarette lighter if
the laptop battery gets low. Before you buy the USB tuner,
check the tech specs to make sure it supports closed
captioning. Many, but not all, do support it.

More Questions? Email them to DeafDigest at

For more information on digital television, visit

Sponsored by Davideo Productions ( ) and
DeafDigest ( )

Copyright Notice: All Rights Reserved. Since this is an important
community service message, you may share this column with family
and friends as long as you credit Deaf Digest and Davideo

Hot DeafNews boring, but important!
The US Access Board has established standards that would
make auditory conditions much better in the classrooms.
Information is at:


A deaf woman came home and found her boyfriend limp
on the sofa. According to her, the police did not
provide her with an interpreter nor communicate
with her. As a result, she filed lawsuit, alleging
loss of self esteem, emotional distress, mistrust
of the police, continued feelings of isolation and

since monetary damages was not part of the lawsuit,
the town agreed to establish a policy to deal
with such situations

a difficult situation because of the woman’s
low level of expertise in reading and writing
inasmuch as an interpreter was not present

DeafADA Issue of the Week:
In one corner is a set of ADA regulations;
in another corner is a group of deaf people
that do not know who their local ADA officials
In many towns, efforts to pull the deaf and
the ADA officials together are lacking.

Shirley Glassman’s Captioning Blooper of the Week:

I was the grand (martial) marshal in the parade


What became of?

Ryan Horan

– past
member of USA Deaflympics basketball team; subsequent
illnesses prevented him from playing basketball at
Gettysburg College

– present
finishing up work for his doctoral degree in audiology
from the George S. Osborne College of Audiology at Salus
University in Elkins Park, PA. with “past” and
“present” details

News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:

Deaf voice operators of TTY relay centers? Well,
a British survey has disclosed varying degrees
of hearing losses by telephone operators in
business places. Do our TTY relay center operators
face the same problem here in USA?

News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:

Phil Bravin came in third in a bid for a spot for one of the two
vacant seats on the Sioux Falls Board of Education. This was a
typical “public indifference” city election because only 19
percent of registered voters voted that day.


Deaf Apocalypse of the Week:

What is a win-win situation?

It is when two parties agree to something that makes both
of them happy. Each of them can say they won something
out of it.

Well, was the AgBell/AFA fracas a win-win situation?
No, but both parties are satisfied with the outcome
of the fracas two weeks ago! AFA continues to say
they won whereas AgBell has reaffirmed the rights
of deaf individuals that want to use sign language.

A Vocational Rehabilitation counselor’s pet peeve:

You are told to redo an Individualized Plan of Employment
(IPE) even though your supervisor had just approved
it five minutes ago…and you put six hours into
efforts of that IPE!!!



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position opening
Front Range Community College
Westminster, Colorado

Front Range Community College is now accepting applications for
a full time ASL Faculty member to start Fall 2009.

This position teaches a full range of ASL and Deaf Culture
courses as a part of the Interpreter Preparation Program.

Masters degree in ASL, Deaf Studies Education or related

For a complete position description and to apply, please visit:



position opening
Front Range Community College
Westminster, Colorado

This position works directly with students to reinforce classroom
instruction. Coordinates and assists ASL/IPP faculty, staff and
students with lab assignments and develops activities to support

Native fluency in American Sign Language with competency in
written English required.

For complete job announcement and to apply please visit:



full-time and part-time openings
– Residential Counselors
– Counselor Aides
– Night Watch people
The Pressley Ridge School for the Deaf
Pittsburgh, PA

The Pressley Ridge School for the Deaf in Pittsburgh, PA has
full-time and part-time openings for ASL fluent individuals
in the residential component of the program.

Experience working with troubled youth and autism preferred.

Openings include Residential Counselor, Counselor Aide,
and Night Watch.

Requirements vary depending on position and may range from
High School Diploma/GED to Bachelor’s degree.

All positions require appropriate FBI & PA state checks.

Detailed information can be found on our web site:

or by contacting Bryan Gibbons; Staffing Coordinator, (voice) 412-872-9449, or
(fax) 412-872-9469.



Jobs Available,
Texas School for the Deaf
Austin, Texas

Texas School for the Deaf is the oldest continuously operating
publicly funded school in Texas. Since 1857, over 10,000 students
have graced the halls of TSD and have contributed to our standing
as a leader in deaf education.

It is our educational excellence, our belief in a culture and
community that embraces deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing individuals
alike, and our commitment to helping each child reach his or her
potential that drives our mission to provide an environment where deaf
and hard of hearing children can learn, grow, and belong.

Texas School for the Deaf currently has various jobs available. Some of
our current openings include:

– Teacher
– Day or Night Residential Educator
– Interpreter
– Teacher Assistant
– Student Life Specialist
– Job Coach.

The full list of our job openings can be viewed on our website at – Positions include full State benefits including
paid vacation, sick leave, health insurance, holidays, longevity pay,
and retirement plan.

About Austin: Austin is consistently voted one of the country’s best
cities to live, work, and play. Austin is also included in top-10
lists of healthiest cities, best vacation destinations, best big
cities, best “chill” cities, most educated cities, top rated cities,
and the list continues.

Between its low cost of living and zero state income tax,
Austinites have the benefit of big-city living with small-city costs

TSD is an EEO employer.


positions available
Metro Deaf School/Minnesota North Star Academy
St Paul, MN

Metro Deaf School/Minnesota North Star Academy, a PreK-12
Charter School for Deaf/Hard of Hearing students, has the
following positions available for the 2009-2010 school year:

– Athletic Director/Extra Curricular Activities Director (K-12)
– ASL Specialist (K-12)
– Primary Classroom Teacher (K-3)
– Special Needs Teacher (Grades 6-8)
– Secondary Math Teacher (Grades 7-12)
– Speech and Language Pathologist

Candidates must have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher and have
fluency in American Sign Language and written English.

Teacher positions also require completed or in progress licensure
with State of Minnesota.

Candidates should also have knowledge of bilingual education for
the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and a commitment to working as a team
member and implementing the educational program in a charter
PreK-12 school.

Visit our website at to apply
or send letter of interest, current resume (including reference
contacts), official college transcripts, and completed application
form to:

Metro Deaf School
ATTN: Director
1471 Brewster St.
St. Paul, MN 55108-2612


announcing an opening for
Residential Counselors – PACES
American School for the Deaf
West Hartford, CT

The American School for the Deaf is a residential and day program
located in West Hartford, Connecticut.  The program is a
comprehensive center-based and community-based educational program
serving deaf and hard-of-hearing students from preschool through
high school.

ASD operates the PACES Program, a special educational/residential
unit for emotionally/behaviorally disordered students, who need
educational, social, and psychological services beyond those
offered in traditional school settings.  The program’s goals are
to maximize students’ potential and return them to the least
restrictive educational environment.

Supervision of adolescents during out-of-school hours and the
assumption of other responsibilities as designated by the Director
of the PACES Program.

High School Diploma.  Prior experience working with
emotionally/behaviorally-disordered children and youth in a
residential setting.  CPI/CPR Training/Certification required or
ability to secure. Ability to write reports, work as a team member,
communicate with parents and other staff.  Intermediate sign
language SLPI rating required

Visit our website: for more information
and to download an application.

Resumes/applications may be sent to:

Human Resources
American School for the Deaf
139 North Main Street
West Hartford, CT  06107-1269

FAX (860) 570-1832


Job Announcements
Indiana School for the Deaf
Indianapolis, Indiana

The Indiana School for the Deaf currently has job openings/postings
for the following positions:

Job Title                       Posting #     Posting Dates

Supv Teacher                    562545        3/20/09-5/24/09
Audiologist                     562766        4/6/09-4/20/09
Interpreter Deaf (F/T)          562956        4/17/09-5/3/09
Interpreter Deaf (intermittent) 562955        4/17/09-5/3/09

Applicants must submit an Indiana State Application via the Indiana
State Personnel website at

If you have any questions please contact Carole Morgan in our Human
Resources Department via telephone (317/920-6340 v/tty) or E-Mail:

Mission Statement – The Indiana School for the Deaf Community
promotes academic and social excellence for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
students through a Bilingual/Bicultural environment.



immediate opening
Certified Therapeutic Recreation Therapist (CTRS)
National Deaf Academy
Mt. Dora, FL

National Deaf Academy a 132 bed residential treatment center serving
Deaf, hard of hearing and autistic children, adolescents and adults
has an immediate opening for a Certified Therapeutic Recreation
Therapist (CTRS).

Responsibilities include planning, directing and organizing
recreational programs, assessments and documentation.

Fluent in American Sign Language preferred, however willing to train
the right candidate. BA in Therapeutic Recreation or related field
& current CTRS required.

Competitive salary and excellent benefit package.

Send resume to:
Director of Human Resources,
National Deaf Academy
19650 US Hwy 441
Mt. Dora, FL 32757

Phone: 352-735-9500
Fax:   352-735-4939



position opening
Smoky Mountain Center
Clinical Counselor
Central Region/ Morganton, NC

Clinical counselor is part of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program
that provides behavioral health assessment, clinical treatment,
case management and advocacy services to deaf and hard of hearing
persons in a 27-county service area.

Clients served will be children, adolescents and adults with a
broad range of diagnoses of hearing. Clients will be referred from
throughout the 27-county catchment area by any of a wide array of
organizations and agencies that have identified the need for the
specialized services delivered by this program.

Master’s degree from an accredited school of social work or an
appropriate human services field and must have a professional
license or be license eligible.

Due to the population served by this position, applicants must be
proficient in American Sign Language.

Prefer experience working with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Grade/Step to be determined by qualifications and classification
of applicant

Position is 100% FTE with comprehensive benefits. This is a non –
exempt position

Open until filled

Send a NC State Application to:
Smoky Mountain Center,
Department of Human Resources,
44 Bonnie Lane,
Sylva, NC 28779.

to get the NC State application form, click on:

and click again on:
Microsoft Word Application Extension

Smoky Mountain Center is an EO, AA employer.


Special notes:

(located at the bottom of the Gold section)

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