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DeafDigest Blue – August 26, 2012

DeafDigest Blue – August 26, 2012

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This week’s ASL Videos with captions:

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Top stories about the deaf:

Hearing parents were satisfied with the program Illinois School for the Deaf was giving their
deaf son. They, however, were not satisfied
with the state law requiring kids to come home
on weekends, wasting too much time on the school
bus. As a result, they pulled out their son
from the school, enrolling him in a local program.

There is a push by the Deaf Community in the Philippines
to have the government give recognition to the
Filipino Sign Language.

DeafDigest has mentioned Deaf Coffee and is mentioning
it again. The DiB Coffees of Hawaii has continued to make
inroads in cafes in more cafes in Malaysia. DiB? It is
an abbreviation for Deaf in Business, and this coffee
operation is deaf-run.

Again, in Malaysia, three deaf people are working together
to launch a new web site, advising the deaf Malaysians
on their financial needs.

Bunnell, a city in Flagler County, Florida, has announced
its efforts to make themselves accessible to the deaf
residents via different ways.


Want to learn a new language in a deaf-friendly on-line context?

Gallaudet University is pleased to announce to the deaf community
the availability this fall of “Basic French I”.

For a descriptive flyer, navigate to:


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A director of a state commission for the deaf told
DeafDigest editor last week that there is a reason for
white or yellow captions.
He said that deaf people with low vision prefer white
or yellow captions.

– for ASL News version with captions, please visit:

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The Deaf & Hard of Hearing in Government

2013 National Training Conference April 8-10, 2013
Washington, DC

more information at:


Sometimes deaf people use video interpreters.
Sometimes deaf people use interpreters in person.
Why sometimes video and sometimes in person?
All depends.
With a video interpreter, a deaf person cannot
try to depend on him to help him with other things.
But with an in-person interpreter, some deaf people
are tempted to ask him to help him with other
Both video and in-person interpreters are not
supposed to “help” the deaf person – just interpret
and nothing else!

– for ASL News version with captions, please visit:

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of each DeafDigest edition)

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Which nations have their own “ADA” versions?


The Huffington Post is probably the nation’s number one
politically-oriented website, with columns, blogs and news
on current and controversial topics. They said all comments
are moderated.
Well, one such article had this comment:

And the plopping noise across the country from mouths dropping open
was loud enough to wake every student at Gallaudet University

Is this supposed to be funny or unfunny? This topic was not
even deaf-related at all!


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A website posted a list of world’s best deaf chess players,
those that were successful in matches against top notch
hearing chess players.
These are:

Yehuda Gruenfeld, Israel Milan Orsagn, Czech Republic
Vladimir Klasan, Serbia
Sergey Salov, Germany
Ferenc Frink, Hungary
Jaroslav Schmid, Czech Republic

Tatiana Baklanova, Ukraine
Olga Gerasimova, Russia
Annegret Ulrike Mucha, Germany
Yulia Botalova, Russia
Natalya Myronenko, Ukraine
Olga Nazarova, Italy

The Indian Sign Language (ISL) will be part of the nation’s
linguistic survey. Conducting the survey is the People’s Linguistic Survey of India, working with the Bhasha Research and Publication Centre.
The hope is that the ISL will eventually be recognized as an
official sign language.


being constantly questioned by the client on interpreter’s
competency and skills!

if you have these “hate” or “horror” stories, please


Another type of realtime captioning error that people may not understand is when something comes up as two words when it should be one word or vice versa.  They may think the captioner or CART provider does not know that certain words are compound words.

What many people do not understand is that there is no space bar on the steno keyboard.  A captioner or CART provider will write one stroke at a time.  That stroke may be a word or phrase on its own, or it may have to be combined with the stroke before it or after it to make a word. Examples of words that could create problems are “off,” “on,” “over,”
“back,” “through,” and “out”.

Even though a captioner writes phonetically, in order to avoid word boundary problems, the captioner must have different ways to write a word when it stands on its own as opposed to when it is used as a prefix or suffix.

If a captioner put the word “overtime” in his or her dictionary, it could present a problem when sentences like these come up:

“The fee started at $5 and increased overtime.”

This should read: “The fee started at $5 and increased over time.”

“He read a newspaper at the airport during his lay overtime.”

his should read: “He read a newspaper at the airport during his layover time.”


constantly being asked if you have a hearing ear dog?

(Every deaf person, no matter if it is ASL, oral,
Cued Speech, late-deafened, hearing aid user, CI user, etc, share these pet peeves. You may laugh or cry)


For postings, announcements and employment ad rates, please email

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The Deaf and the Law:

We have a long list of deaf individuals earning law
degrees, yet a good number of them are not making
a living as attorneys. Why? Some of them have not
passed the state bar exams. Some of them have been
frustrated at lack of upward mobility at their
law jobs and as a result, change careers. And
again some of them have not been able to find
jobs in the legal field.  We, however, do have
a number of attorneys gainfully employed in
the legal field. The same goes for the hearing
in the legal field.


News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:

The new Commissioner of the Massachusetts Commission for the
Deaf and the Hard of Hearing is Heidi Reed. She moves over from
her position as Executive Director of D.E.A.F. Inc after a
14-year run.

(editor’s note: she continues as the Commissioner)


News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:

Lee Farrell, an outstanding deaf soccer
player in England, was playing for his hearing
Ryman team in the minor league soccer circuit.
Ryman was playing against Maidstone, and
the team heaped verbal abuse on Farrell, mocking
his deafness..
Farrell, unaware of the abuse, continued
to play on. Ryman’s coach, however, was so
incensed by the abuse that he filed a formal
complaint with the league commissioner.
Farrell, however, got the last laugh.
He scored both of his team’s goals as they
defeated Maidstone 2-0!


Deaf Apocalypse of the Week:

Population of Omaha, Nebraska is approximately 410,000

Population of Wilson, North Carolina is approximately

What about it? When the state threatened to close Nebraska School for the Deaf, the city did not fight to keep it open. As a result, the school closed,
and deaf education in the state has never been the

When the state threatened to close Eastern North
Carolina School for the deaf, the city fought
tooth and nail to keep the school open. The state
backed off.


Jobs would have been lost in Wilson, NC.

Omaha, NE, a bigger city, was in a better position to absorb these lost jobs a decade ago when economy was stronger.


A Lipreading Problem: What did that person say?

A friend invites you for dinner, and explains something about the way he prepared his recipe for a dish that was very delicious.

You thought he said:
this is tomorrow

tomorrow dish?  Makes no sense to me

he actually said:
this is Tamari

(Tamari is a special soy sauce)



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* For more information, send E-mail to



–  Staff Interpreter –  Los Angeles, CA

–  Staff Interpreter – Bakersfield, CA

–  Staff Interpreter – Riverside, CA (Two positions)

To learn more about the above positions at GLAD, please go
to our website:

If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume
and application to:

Jeff Fetterman
Human Resources Manager
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
2222 Laverna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90041

V/TDD:  (323) 550-4207
Fax #:  (323) 550-4204



position opening
Mental Health Clinician – Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services
St. Cloud, Minnesota

$22.18 to $32.69 per hour ($46,312 to $68,257 per year)

We are seeking a mental health clinician to provide culturally
affirmative mental health services to deaf, deafblind, and hard of
hearing consumers living in St. Cloud, MN and Central Minnesota. The
ideal candidate will have a Master’s Degree in a behavioral health
field such as counseling, psychology, or social work; be licensed or
licensed-eligible as a mental health professional (LPC, LPCC, LP,
LICSW or LMFT) in State of Minnesota; be fluent in ASL; and have
extensive experience in mental health counseling including knowledge
of clinical/crisis interventions and psychiatric medications.
Minnesota is a great place to live and work offering the best of both
large metropolitan areas as well as small town charm. In addition to
a rewarding career we offer an excellent benefit and compensation
package. To learn more about how you can make a difference, please
send your resume to Dr. John Gournaris at


open positions
Interpreter Training Program
Troy University
Troy, Alabama

Two (2) position openings: 1.)Director of ITP 2.) American Sign Language Instructor

Interested in becoming an essential part of one of the leading Interpreter Training Programs? Troy University is now seeking a full-time Director of the Interpreter Training Program.

Apply here:

Description:  The College of Education at Troy University, Troy, Alabama invites applications for a full-time non-tenure track position at the Lecturer/Distinguished Lecturer level, or tenure track position at the Assistant/Associate/Full professor level as Program Director in the undergraduate Interpreter Training Program (ITP). The Director will be housed in the Department of Education on the Troy Campus and report directly to the Chair of the Department of Education. Responsibilities include teaching, academic advisement, coordinating field placements, assisting Department Chair in recruiting qualified adjunct instructors, promoting the program to potential markets, recruiting students, facilitating the curriculum group for ITP, supporting the ASL/ITP Club, maintaining required office hours and planning and evaluation of program in support of the department’s goals and activities. The Director will be the liaison between the department chair and the faculty and staff in ITP. Will provide expertise and guidance to the Language Lab Mentors in their support of the program as they create materials and communicate with students. The successful candidate must exhibit communication and leadership skills in all activities. These activities should include open lines of communication with faculty, staff, students, administration, Deaf community, regional support systems, state and federal agencies, and groups/individuals within the university and global community.

Minimum Qualifications:
–    Master’s degree
–    Experience teaching ASL and/or Interpreting in an education/community/agency setting
–    Experience in the use of educational technology and/or distance learning
–    Experience in curriculum program management and development
–    Demonstrated evidence of successful collaboration with one of the following: school systems, community agencies, and other organizations
–    Demonstrate evidence of professional involvement in the field
Preferred Qualifications:
–    An earned doctorate in deaf studies or related field
–    National certification in interpreting and/or ASLTA certification
–    Ability to address grant opportunities
–    Demonstrated leadership and membership in national professional organizations such as RID, ASLTA, & NAD and CIT (Conference of Interpreter Trainers)

To learn more about this position and the Troy University ITP, visit our website:
Apply here:

Interested in becoming a team member of one of the leading Interpreter Training Programs? Troy University is now seeking a full-time American Sign Language Instructor.

Apply here:

Essential Responsibilities:
–    Primary teaching assignment in American Sign Language.
–    Collaborate with other interpreter training/sign language faculty and the Education Department Chair, providing leadership for the interpreter training/sign language curriculum and program development, student recruitment and retention, and representing Troy University’s Interpreter Training Program at various venues throughout the year.
–    Participate in related University and curricular activities.
–    Incorporate learning-centered college principles and concepts. Classes may be offered during daytime or evening hours.

Minimum Qualifications:
–    Master’s degree
–    Experience teaching ASL and/or Interpreting in an education/community/agency setting
–    Experience in the use of educational technology and/or distance learning
–    Experience in curriculum program management and development
–    Demonstrated evidence of successful collaboration with one of the following: school systems, community agencies, and other organizations
–    Demonstrated evidence of professional involvement in the field

To learn more about this position and the Troy University ITP, visit our website:
Apply here:

Employment is contingent upon a satisfactory background check.

Troy University is an EEO/AA employer.


position opening
Job Developer for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Taylorsville, Utah (near Salt Lake City)

The purpose of this position is to increase employment opportunities for Deaf and hard of hearing individuals in Utah by educating potential employers of the abilities of individuals who are Deaf and hard of hearing.  The job developer’s duties include but are not limited to:

–    Encourage employers to hire people who are Deaf and hard of hearing
–    Build and maintain relationships with employers
–    Teach employers about incentives such as tax credits
–    Help employers find reasonable accommodations for employing individuals who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing
–    Explain employment support services such as vocational rehabilitation, employment networks, and job coaches
–    Coordinate with other agencies and services that help people find jobs
–    Occasionally work with individuals for job placement and job retention

Qualifications: Individuals with a BA/BS degree are encouraged to apply; preference will be given to individuals with a Master’ss degree or Bachelors with relevant work experience.  Fields to include but are not limited to: vocational rehabilitation, psychology, sociology, social work, behavioral sciences, communications, marketing, management.  Must be fluent in American Sign Language (ASL).

Pay Range:  $18.90-$31.65

Where: 5709 S. 1500 W, Taylorsville, UT 84123 (approximately 10 miles south of Salt Lake City)

Where to find more information: See the job announcement and apply on-line for the Deaf Employment Specialist position at


position announcements
Learning Center for the Deaf
Framingham, MA

Childcare Center Teacher

If you are interested in applying please apply online:

and submit a cover letter, resume, application (found on website) as well
as three references and/or letters of recommendation to

All documents are required to move the application process forward.

Each application will be carefully reviewed, and those candidates who are
most qualified will be invited for an interview. The Learning Center for
the Deaf is an EOE.


position announcement
Overnight Child Care Supervisor
Walden School (at Learning Center for the Deaf) Framingham, MA

Overnight Child Care Supervisor

If you are interested in applying please apply online:

and submit a cover letter, resume, application (found on website) as well
as three references and/or letters of recommendation to

All documents are required to move the application process forward.

Each application will be carefully reviewed, and those candidates who are
most qualified will be invited for an interview. The Learning Center for
the Deaf is an EOE.


position opening
Interim Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Physical Disabilities Advisor
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI

Position Number:     02039327
Working Title:     Interim Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Physical Disabilities Advisor
Position Type:     Non-Teaching Academic Staff
Department:     B056035 SAC-Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program
Description of School/College/Dept/Program:

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) invites nominations and applications for a fixed term academic staff position of Advisor (working title, Interim Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Physical Disabilities Advisor(DHH-PD Advisor)
UWM, a Doctoral/Research Extensive university, is Wisconsin’s premier public urban university offering a comprehensive liberal arts and professional education to its 30,000 students. The Student Accessibility Center (SAC) is located in the Division of Academic Affairs and the DHH-PD Advisor reports to the Assistant Director of SAC. SAC provides academic support services to approximately 720 students with disabilities. The DHH-PD Advisor will be responsible for maintaining a caseload of about 65-70 students.

Job Summary/Basic Function:

The primary purpose of the DHH-PD Advisor is to assess and provide reasonable and appropriate academic support services and accommodations to students and prospective students who are deaf or hard of hearing and those who have physical disabilities. The DHH-PD Advisor serves as a disability specialist, interprets disability documentation to determine eligibility and appropriate academic accommodations for students, manages student caseload, provide advocacy, and provides academic study-skills assistance to SAC students. The secondary purpose is providing consultation, education and training to the campus community about accommodating students with disabilities and ensuring compliance with the ADA, serving as a resource to the campus and community, and representing UWM, SAC and the DHH Program in outreach activities. The Advisor will also assist with the D/HH Program’s outreach and other program projects as assigned. This position is a twelve-month 100% academic staff.

Minimum Qualifications: – Fluency in American Sign Language and ability to communicate using multiple sign language modes.
– Bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation, special education or related field required
– Working knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.
– For consideration of Associate prefix title, 0-2 years of experience working with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population.
– For consideration No prefix title, 2-4 years of experience working with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population.
– For consideration of Senior prefix title, 4 or more years of experience working with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population.

Preferred Qualifications: – Master’s degree in rehabilitation, special education or related field.
– Experience in the higher education environment.
– Working knowledge of Deaf culture and issues relating to hearing loss.
– Working knowledge of accommodation services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.
– Working knowledge of Physical and Mobility disabilities.
– Excellent English communication skills; both oral and written.

Special Instructions to Applicants: Complete application materials must include a letter of application addressing educational and professional level work experience as it relates to all required and preferred qualifications, a professional resume, and the names and contact information of three professional references. All finalists for this position will be required to participate in a criminal records review consistent with the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act and will be required to submit an official copy of their college transcript.

If continuous, indicate initial application review date. Open Until Filled     No
Position Contact Name:     Shannon Aylesworth
Contact Person Phone Number:     414-229-3340
Contact Person Email:
EEO Statement:

UWM is an AA/EEO Employer
ADA Policy

For this position, applicants are required to apply online. UWM will not consider paper, emailed or faxed applications. Additionally, applicants must complete all required fields and attach any required documents. The process is complete when the message “Your application has been submitted” is displayed and you receive a confirmation number. It is the policy of UWM to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities who are applicants for employment. If you need assistance, or accommodation in applying because of a disability, please contact or 414-229-4463. Employment opportunities will not be denied because of the need to make reasonable accommodations for a qualified individual’s disability.

Supplemental Questions

Required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).

* How did you hear about this employment opportunity?
No Response
Public Job Posting
Internal Job Posting
Agency Referral
Personal Referral
Web site
UWM Employment Site

* Please indicate the specific source:

(Open Ended Question)

Required Documents
Cover Letter


The University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus is currently hiring several
interpreters for the 2012 Fall semester.

Here is the link to the University’s employment site:

Use Requisition # 179972

If you have questions that are not answered in the posting, you may call
the Associate Director of Access Programs, Mari Magler at 612 624-3730 or
the Manager of Interpreting Services, Scott Marshall at 612 626-4954.


Jules Lehto,
ASL Interpreter
University of Minnesota
Disability Services
McNamara Alumni Center
200 Oak Street SE, Suite 180
Minneapolis, MN 55455-2002
Phone: (612) 626-1346
Fax: (612) 626-9654
Cell: (612) 203-2064

Mind the Gap Films are looking for a production coordinator for Hands On,
the TV programme for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community on RTE 1.
Position runs from Mid September to early January.
A minimum of two years experience working in TV production (as
PA/coordinator) is essential – please do not apply for this position if
you do not meet this requirement.
Fluent English and excellent communication skills are a requirement.
Knowledge of Irish Sign Language and the Irish Deaf Community is a
distinct advantage.
Some experience with self-shooting, editing and data management is
Applicants must be creative, hardworking, enthusiastic and flexible,
the ability to adapt their skills to work across all areas of production.
They must have good organisational skills and be willing to work in a
mixed Deaf and hearing team.
Irish Sign Language classes will be provided.

Key responsibilities include:
Co-ordinating shoots
Sourcing & Booking Locations & Interviewees
Assisting with research
Thinking creatively about programme content
Managing post production
Data management

Send your CV and cover letter by Friday 24th August.

Due to the high volume of applications we may be unable to reply to
unsuccessful candidates.

Deadline: 24th August 2012

742 Harrison Blvd., Ogden, Utah  84404
Telephone (801) 629-4702 Voice, (801) 629-4701 TTY
Salt Lake Telephone (801) 464-2000 Voice, (801) 464-2001 TTY
Toll Free in Utah 1-800-990-9328


the Position of
Student Educational Services Aide/Assistive Technology

Location:   Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind   Announcement No.
742 Harrison Blvd.      Schedule TL
Ogden, UT  84404 DPR 50109/6170

JOB SUMMARY   Responsible for Braille note and embosser inventory,
including troubleshooting onsite and over the phone, testing, arranging
for repairs when needed, following up on student success with technology,
keeping detailed notes on equipment status, anticipating future needs to
ensure students have necessary technology to access their education;
answers support telephone calls on technology for the blind/visually
impaired; installs, updates, and supports software for the blind/visually
impaired, i.e., JAWS, MAGic, Kurzweil, etc.; keeps track of licenses,
renews codes as necessary, ensures that appropriate SMAs are ordered so
USDB users have the most current version; provides support to Ogden
students on technology, including braillenotes, embossers, iPads, JAWS,
etc.; trains staff directly regarding use of technology with students;
presents and teaches at conferences on technology at Ogden campus upon
request; performs other duties as assigned.  Some travel on visits with
other USDB employees may be required throughout the year on a limited

JOB REQUIREMENTS/SKILLS    Must be Braille proficient in contracted and
uncontracted Braille; know technology such as Braille note, embosser,
JAWS, scanners, screen readers, Braillers, and other V.I. equipment, and
educational needs specific to the blind/visually impaired students.
Ability work independently; deal with people in a manner which shows
sensitivity, tact and professionalism; communicate clearly and
effectively; maintain strict confidentiality.  Must be dependable and
good organizational and time-management skills.  Must pass a Braille
standards test for contracted/uncontracted Braille/Nemeth Braille with an
85% or better score.  Successful completion of criminal background check
is required for this position.

SALARY AND BENEFITS   $12.93 per hour.  This position is eligible for a
full benefits package including medical, dental, life, and long-term
disability insurance, a retirement plan, paid leave to include annual,
sick, and holiday pay, and other valuable benefits.  The State requires
employees to receive their pay through direct deposit or a payroll debit
card account.

ASSIGNMENT PERIOD  This is a full time position, 181 days each school
year.  Work schedule Monday through Friday, seven-and-one-half (7-1/2)
hours per day.  It is a time-limited, temporary position that may become
permanent without further recruitment.

OPENING DATE:   August 13, 2012                       CLOSING DATE:
August 19, 2012

HOW TO APPLY: To be considered for this position, you must register and
submit an electronic application and resume with the Utah Job Match
on-line system at  The requisition number for
this position is 27392.

Reasonable accommodation is provided in the interview process for known
disabilities of otherwise qualified applicants. To request a reasonable
accommodation in the interviewing process, please contact the Human
Resource Office, (801) 629-4705 or (801) 629-4726, at least 24 hours
to the interview.

The State of Utah, Executive Branch, participates in the Federal
Employment Eligibility Verification Program (E-Verify). If hired, your
continued employment will be contingent upon confirmation of your
employment eligibility through the E-Verify Program.
Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind is an Equal Opportunity Employer
and provides reasonable accommodation to the known disabilities of

Full Time Case Manager

North Shore Elder Service is accepting applications for a full time (35
hours per week) Case Manager to work as part of an interdisciplinary team
within our Home Care and GAFC Programs. Using intensive interdisciplinary
case management, the goal is to help frail and vulnerable clients remain
independent in the community. Duties include assessing the needs of frail
elders in the community, coordinating service plans and monitoring client
progress. Service area includes Danvers, Peabody, Marblehead, Salem and
Middleton. Applicants must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or
related field and experience working with elders. ASL fluency a plus.
Applicants must have their own transportation. NSES is a private nonprofit
organization with a Fit Friendly designation from the American Lung
Association. We are conveniently located near routes 128, 114 and 1.
Benefits include group medical and dental, life and disability insurance,
12 paid holidays, vacation, sick leave and personal time. Send resume and
cover letter to Lisa Sculley, North Shore Elder Services, 152 Sylvan St.
Danvers, MA. 01923, or email to [Email is
preferred.] No phone calls please. EOE/AA


Job Opportunity in Allen area school

DATE: until filled

2350 Estates Parkway
Lucas, Texas


Job opening for ASL Teacher Classroom Aide

Paraprofessional Level job

Apply at

Work school hours (8:30am – 4:30pm) approximately 30 hours per week

Assist in classroom instruction, interpret for short staff meetings and
parent/teacher meetings, tutor before/after school, work with students
one-on-one when needed.

Job offers benefits and regular hours, plus continued ASL practice for

ITP students or graduates of ITP are preferred, but other skilled ASL
users are encouraged to apply.

CONTACT TELEPHONE #: 469-742-8703 voice


Assistant Professor of American Sign Language and Interpreting Studies

The Department of Classical and Modern Languages at the University of
Louisville is seeking a dedicated professional to teach courses in
Interpreting Studies and all levels of American Sign Language. This
tenure-track position will begin fall 2013 at the assistant professor
rank. Qualifications: native or near-native proficiency in American Sign
Language, ASLTA certification, and a doctorate in American Sign Language,
ASL Studies, ASL Linguistics, Interpreting, Deaf Education, or a closely
related field. Applicants with a master’s degree and ongoing graduate work
toward a doctorate will also be considered. An ASL Interpreting
certificate (e.g. CDI, NIC, or RID) is highly desirable. Applicants must
have experience in working with the Deaf Community and be willing to work
collaboratively with administrators, colleagues, and stud ents as the
department continues to develop its BS program in American Sign Language
Interpreting Studies. Teaching excellence and scholarly promise are
essential. The successful candidate may also be asked to assume an
administrative role.

Dossiers received by November 15, 2012 will be given full consideration,
but review of applications will continue until position has been filled.
Initial interviews will be conducted by phone in early December.

Please apply online at and upload your CV at the University of Louisville
Human Resources website You will need to select
Job #28403. In addition, please send a cover letter, a hard copy of your
CV, evidence of teaching excellence, and an official graduate transcript
to: Prof. Regina Roebuck, Chair, ASLIS Search, Department of Classical and
Modern Languages, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292. Please
also have three letters of recommendation sent to Prof. Roebuck.

If you require assistance or accommodation with our online application
process, you may schedule an appointment at (502) 852-6542 with Employment
Services at the Human Resources office, located at 1980 Arthur Street,
Louisville, KY 40208.

The University of Louisville is a nationally recognized research
university located in the largest Metropolitan area of Kentucky. If you
are an individual with a disability and need reasonable accommodations to
participate in the hiring process, please contact the Employment Office at
(502) 852-6538.

The University of Louisville is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity,
Americans with Disabilities Employer, committed to diversity and, in that
spirit, seeks applications from a broad variety of candidates.


Name: American Sign Language (704)        Posting End Date:

Overview:   .67 contract beginning August 17, 2012; one year only.

Qualification:    Applicants who will be teaching with a Letter of
Authorization or working on an Alternative Route to Licensure will be
hired on a one year contract.

Required Certificate(s):
(One or more are required to qualify for this position.)
Utah Alternative Route Licensure

Required Endorsement(s):
(One or more are required to qualify for this position.)
American Sign Language

Salary:     Salary            Benefit:    Standard Benefits
Salary Range:
Name: Doug Finch        Street Address:   510 North 600 East
Title:      Principal         City: American Fork
E-mail:           State:      UT
Phone:      801-756-8547            ZIP:  84003


Evening Interpreters needed for Fall semester

DATE: 8/27/12-12/13/12

TIME: 6:00 – 9:00 & 5:30 – 9:45 p.m.

3737 Motley Drive
Mesquite, Texas

Eastfield college, located in Mesquite, Texas, is in need of Interpreters
for Fall semester evening classes beginning August 27, 2012.

We have openings for Monday/Wednesday evening classes and
Tuesday/Thursday evening classes.

CONTACT TELEPHONE #: (972) 860-8348


Arkansas State University-Beebe has requests for Interpreters for this
fall 2012 semester.   Please direct any inquiry to Tisha L. Marzewski,
Coordinator for Disability Services at and/or


pulaski tech (Arkansas) seeks interpreters

Rochelle Redus, MSW

Disabilities Services Counselor-Main Campus

Interpreter Scheduler

3000 West Scenic Drive North Little Rock, AR 72118 (rm 241)

Phone: (501) 812-2333        Fax: (501)812-2333  TEXT ONLY 501-257-7822


Adjunct Faculty,  American Sign Language at Austin Community College
CITY: Austin, Texas
Adjunct Faculty,  American Sign Language
Job #1109011
Close Date: 08/17/2012
Position Information
Location – Multiple Locations
Hours – Days and Evenings
Salary – Salary is assigned according to the Adjunct Faculty Salary Scale
FLSA Status – Exempt
Pre-Employment Criminal Background Checks are required for all Staff and
Faculty positions.
Job Purpose
To instruct students in American Sign Language courses in accordance with
College policies and procedures.
Education Qualifications
Master’s degree or above in ASL, Deaf Studies or Deaf Education; or Master’s degree with 18 graduate hours in coursework related to ASL, Deaf
Studies, ASL Linguistics or language teaching methodologies.
Master’s degree or PhD in American Sign Language.
Work Experience Preferred
Experience teaching at a community college or university.
ACC Benefits Overview
Full-time Faculty and Staffing Table employees who work in full-time
and/or part-time positions at the College are eligible for ACC medical
benefits effective the first of the month after their first 90 days of
employment. ACC benefits include medical, dental, life insurance, short
and long term disability, retirement plans and AD&D.

Job Opening: Production Worker – Pasadena, Texas
Production Worker
Reports to: Directly reports to Line Leader and Supervisor with dotted
line to Production Manager. Compensation: Pay rates range between $10 .
$13.50 per hour depending on one.s skill level and position. Schedule:
6am-6pm or 6pm-6am on a 12 hour shift pattern work schedule. (Example:
Week 1 you would work Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday, and Week 2 you would work Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. This schedule would rotate
every other week.) Working weekends and overtime is often necessary and
Location: Pasadena, Texas (Near Houston)
Benefits: Medical/Rx, dental, matching 401(k), disability, and life
Main Duties & Responsibilities Include, But Are Not Limited To:
* Setting up, operating, and monitoring machinery.
* Assembling product (manually as well as the use of tools).
* Cleaning equipment and station area.
* Loading and unloading materials/products.
* Feeding material into machines.
* Marking product.
* Various quality checking processes and procedures.
* Inspecting product during each stage of production to ensure product
meets specs and standards.
* Helping/assisting machine operators.
* Other duties as assigned
Essential Physical Functions:
* Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs. consistently throughout a 12+ hour
* Must be able to stand for long periods of time during a 12+ hour shift.
* Must be able to consistently bend, stoop, and reach overhead.
* Must be able to withstand working in all weather conditions- Work
environments are not climate controlled.
* Must have good manual dexterity to work with small parts and small
* Must be able to handle large size objects (for example, products that
can be 5 ft wide and 6 ft. tall)
* Regular use of tools requires some degree of co-ordination, speed and
* Ability to carry out repetitive tasks quickly and accurately.
Work Environment:
* Most tasks and responsibilities require working in a non-climate
controlled manufacturing plant. . (exposure to disagreeable conditions
typical to a manufacturing plant.)
* While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly
exposed to work near moving mechanical parts.
* The employee is regularly exposed to high noise environments.
* The employee may be exposed to dust.
* The employee may be exposed to chemicals.
* When in the plant Personal Protective Equipment includes but is not
limited to: safety footwear, eye, hearing and hand protection.
* Candidates must be:
* reliable
* fast-paced, efficient, and detail oriented.
* team-oriented
* able to follow directions easily
* willing and able to do physically intensive tasks
* Previous manufacturing/production experience, strongly desired.
** Qualified and interested candidates may apply to**:

HEARING INTERPRETER certified QAST Level 2 or higher. Clinton Schol
District has opening. Send resume to
Deb Swink, 683 Poplar St, Clinton, AR 72031 or email to

Staff Interpreter (Part Time)
Granite State Independent Living (GSIL) in NH seeks a part-time staff
interpreter to join it’s team. As the organization’s staff interpreter,
this person would provide ASL/English interpretation, transliteration, and
translation for staff, consumers, and board members of the Independent
living Center (i.e. board and staff meetings, independent living skills
trainings and goal setting, one-on-one and team meetings, housing,
equipment, employment, & benefits counseling, workshops & trainings,
document translation, editing, etc.), collaborate with free-lance
interpreters as needed and adhere to the NAD-RID Code of Professional
Conduct, HIPPA, and laws related to communication access and NH State
Interpreter Licensure. This person would also provide support for internal
Interpreter/CART referral as needed.
Qualifications include:
– NH State Interpreting License
– National Interpreter Certification preferred
– Experience in Human Services settings highly desirable
– Minimum Associates Degree, Bachelor Degree preferred
– Capability of travel throughout the state
– Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications
Persons with disabilities encouraged to apply.
Send resume and cover letter to:<> or fax
(603) 225-3304
GSIL is an Equal Opportunity Employer<>


other deaf-related jobs


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