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DeafDigest Blue – December 27, 2015

DeafDigest Blue – December 27, 2015

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Top stories about the deaf:

TV stations in Cebu City (the Philippines) are now required
to have their TV news interpreted (at the corner of the screen).

A team of students at a university in Dubai is working
together to develop a new app in sign language to
benefit the deaf of the United Arab Emirates.

George Stailey is coming back home. He formerly served
Indiana School for the Deaf as superintendent (1995-2005)
before moving on to other endeavors. He is back at
the school as the new CEO. His first day on the job
is January 11, 2016. It is unusual for a retired
superintendent to return to his old school in
a different capacity.

A blog mentioned Gallaudet as part of elite
company with other DC universities – Georgetown University and Howard University.
Georgetown is the nation’s oldest Jesuit
university; Howard as one of the best
Historically Black Colleges and
Gallaudet as the world’s first advanced academic institution for the deaf.

The Kyebi School for the Deaf in Ghana
has a continuing problem. When electricity
is available, the school is open. But when
electricity is cut off, the school closes.


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A deaf person goes to the same Starbucks place
for a long time. The staff knows him, knows his
favorite coffee and knows his habits.
Suddenly one morning, one of the staff people,
beautifully fingerspelled –

how do you want your coffee?

It was a surprise because the staff member never
fingerspelled. And she also beautifully signed
thank you.
Did that person know signs for a long time but
hid it from the deaf person? Or did that person
attend sign language classes recently?

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Top 2015 News of the Month


Why are some deaf people successful in moving up
the job ladder while other some deaf people are not
It may be just one word – attitude. One deaf son,
after graduating from college, was hired by his
father. He told the son to start at the bottom and
to learn his way up. He did – and many years later
he is the company vice president.
Another deaf son, after graduating from college,
told his father he must start at the top and said
he did not go to college to learn how to sweep the
factory floors. To this day, this deaf son is still
jobless, after many years.
Very important for deaf people to have good

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complained a director of interpreting services at a
service agency for the deaf:

clients think all interpreters are available on
5-minutes notice


As we begin 2016, we find changes and new laws being implemented in different areas of our lives. One change that affects broadcast and CART captioners is a change in the certifications of the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA).

As a result of an increase in the demand for captioning training, NCRA has developed the new Certified Realtime Captioner (CRC) certification and workshop. Members will be able to receive captioning training as well as resources they need to transition to captioning.

All current Certified Broadcast Captioners and Certified CART Providers will be transitioned to the new Certified Realtime Captioner status on January 1, 2016.

According to NCRA’s website, this program has been designed to complement other NCRA programs and to increase realtime proficiency. The ultimate goal is not only to certify more individuals but also provide the tools necessary to be successful in the field. To earn the new certification, candidates will be required to attend a captioning workshop provided by NCRA that includes a written exam. They will also be required to successfully pass a skills exam.


the room is too dark, preventing us from clearly
seeing friends’ faces

(Every deaf person, no matter if it is ASL, oral,
Cued Speech, late-deafened, hearing aid user, CI user,
etc, share these pet peeves. You may laugh or cry)


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New York City has been slapped with a lawsuit by
a deaf woman, who was arrested by police and
held for over 24 hours without an interpreter.

This is the second “no-interpreter” lawsuit
filed against the city by a deaf person.


News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:

Today is Christmas. And is Vonage discriminating
against Deaf Children?
Well, Vonage, a web telephone service, has come up
with an innovation that allows Hearing Children
to keep track of the whereabouts of the Santa Claus.
Vonage is not captioned, hence discrimination
against Deaf Children!
Deaf Children and Hearing Children equally love the
Santa Claus.


News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:

In Uganda, there is a cost war between several
telecommunication carriers, in hopes of attracting
more customers.

This cost war is not helping the deaf because text
messages are priced higher than voice messages.

This issue was raised by Joseph Mbulamwana, an
officer with the Uganda National Association of the Deaf


Deaf Apocalypse of the Week:

Do a hearing person become deaf because of a
fake hearing aid being sold by a hearing
aid provider? It has become the basis of a
lawsuit, not in USA, but in India!

Is it possible the hearing person has become
deafened and out of frustration, blamed
his hearing aid, saying it is fake?


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