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DeafDigest Blue – February 24, 2013

DeafDigest Blue – February 24, 2013

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This just in –

The Federal Office of Personnel Management has announced
a new set of regulations that would make hiring of the
deaf and the disabled much easier and much simpler.

Top stories about the deaf:

It was mentioned last week that the Sandy Town Council
refused to install a hearing loop system that would
benefit a deaf councilman. The council had a change
of heart and have decided to install the system.

For a period of 90 days, there will be a test trial where
AT&T subscribers can send emergency texts to some 911
call centers in the state of Tennessee. Great – or not
so great. It is AT&T test only and only for some 911
call centers. Those not having AT&T devices or living
outside of these certain 911 call centers are simply
out of luck.

Evangelist Benny Hinn, not deaf, hosted a religious
revival event in Brazil. In attendance was a deaf man,
with his father acting as his interpreter. An incident
took place and the deaf man ended up being beaten up
by a bodyguard who happened to be the son of the
evangelist! The son was immediately arrested by the
Brazilian police. It is not yet known what would
become of the charges because the evangelist group
is American.

A CBC News investigator revealed that the real cost of
a hearing aid is just $150.00 even though the purchase price may be into thousands of dollars.

Deaf groups in Warrington, a town in England,
are feuding with each other. The Warrington
and District Society for the Deaf group and the Deafness Support Network group are accusing each other of not working in the
best interests of the deaf.



Girls Volleyball Fundamental Camp
When: July 7-12, 2013
Where: Maryland School for the Deaf in Frederick, Md.
Cost: $230
Ages: Girls 10-18

For more information, please contact:
Lynn Ray Boren
Volleyball Camp Coordinator
Voice: 202.651.5603
VP: 202.250.2461


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A deaf driver was driving for a long time with a
weak battery. There was no warning signal on the dashboard
about a weak battery.
A hearing friend happened to hear the car engine and
said “your battery is weak; I will jump the battery for you”
How did the hearing friend know? He said he heard clink,
clink while the engine was turning and knew the battery was
Lucky to have a hearing friend!

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23rd Biennial American Society for Deaf Children Conference

JUNE 26-29, 2013
Tucson, Arizona

more information at:


Two Gallaudet friends were playing basketball
at the Gallaudet Field House.
One day one friend was wearing a sweatshirt with a
logo of a small town. The other friend looked at the
logo and was puzzled and asked few questions about it.
Then after they were chatting with each other, they
realized they were 5th cousins – they compared their
family trees and were shocked they were related!
Always a surprise with Deaf Family Trees.

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Rights of deaf patients in mental health counseling

list of rights is at:

………………………………………… …………………………………………

A typical supermarket has these sections – produce, bakery,
baking needs, canned goods, beef, dairy, frozen foods, etc.
Each section has a group of employees that restocks the
shelves. And there is a leader that takes care of his people
and the section products.
With the Asda supermarket chain, more specifically the store
in Sovereign Harbour, Eastport, England, Adrian Nelms is the
produce section leader. He is deaf.


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Homer is a small town in Alaska, with population of about
5,000 people.
Most towns and cities have a recreation department, and
Homer is no exception. In Homer, the coordinator of that
department is Mike Illg. He is deaf and is currently in his
10th year on the job.
Homer is so small a town and so, Illg is the one-man
department, and in the course of his duties, he has been in
contact with just about all parts of the town operations.
He is just one of the three Certified Park and Recreation Professionals in the state of Alaska.
He grew up in Lowell MA, and moved around quite a bit before settling in Alaska.


hearing person telling the interpreter directly:

I will explain this to you and you please explain the same
to your deaf client

if you have these “hate” or “horror” stories, please


As the 2013 National Court Reporting and Captioning Week comes to a
close, we can look back and celebrate memorable moments from across
the country. This awareness week, which took place February 17-23,
2013, consisted of a nationwide effort to highlight the contributions
of stenographic court reporters and captioners to society and to
showcase the career opportunities that exist in the court reporting
and captioning fields.

National Court Reporting and Captioning Week was marked with
promotional events and marketing nationwide, including a grassroots
social media campaign, presentations at high schools across the
country about court reporting and captioning career opportunities,
and community demonstrations such as producing transcripts of
veterans’ oral histories.

For more information, visit Career information about the
court reporting profession – one of the leading career options that do
not require a four-year degree – can be found at


you wear a hearing aid but cannot discriminate sounds, yet
you are being constantly asked:

why cannot you use the telephone since you wear a hearing aid?

(Every deaf person, no matter if it is ASL, oral,
Cued Speech, late-deafened, hearing aid user, CI user, etc, share these pet peeves. You may laugh or cry)


For postings, announcements and employment ad rates, please email

for Special Notes, please go to the bottom of the Gold section



A deaf man was hired as an apprentice by a fire sprinkler company but
lost his job, has filed a job discrimination lawsuit. He claims he
was fired because of his deafness, plus having to endure harassment
on the job. When he complained, he was ordered not to file job
discrimination claims. This case is now in the court system in Texas.


News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:

Will Christy Smith survive the next episode is the big
question the Deaf Community is debating? What is pretty much
agreed is that the Survivors pretty much do not care that
Christy is deaf. They are all so worried about surviving on
their own without trying to deal with her deafness with
compassion and consideration!
In other words – everyone for themselves.


News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:

Word got around earlier in the week that
Shelley Beattie passed away at the age of 40,
cause of death not known.
In her short life, she accomplished the

– nationally ranked female body builder

– professional participant in the early Gladiator
TV series (known as Siren)

– member of the all-female crew that competed in
the America’s Cup preliminaries

– winning several strongfemale athletic contests

After she stepped down from competition, she
became a spokesperson for a vitamin supplements
manufacturer. And then she stepped out of public


Deaf Apocalypse of the Week:

Do we have a choice – free, but lousy 24/7 captioning on everything, including the commercials, and these least-watched cable programs – these channel 200-300’s programs


expensive, but perfect captioning on less channels and less commercials

free captioning software means many errors

costly cpationing means less errors

your choice!


A Lipreading Problem: What did that person say?

An uncaptioned TV commercial was about a Jenny Craig
weight loss ad.

Several women seemed to be saying:
it’s Monday

or were they saying:
its’ My Day

point is – Jenny Craig is a rich corporation yet they do not
caption their ads!



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*  LIFESIGNS Data Entry Clerk – Los Angeles

*  Accounts Receivable Specialist (LIFESIGNS) – Los Angeles

*  LIFESIGNS Dispatcher – Riverside

*  Job Developer/Interpreter – Anaheim

*  Community Advocate – Los Angeles

*  Job Developer/Interpreter – Rancho Cucamonga

*  Staff Interpreter – Riverside

*  Staff Interpreter – Los Angeles

To learn more about the above positions at GLAD, please go
to our website:

If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume
and application to:

Jeff Fetterman
Human Resources Manager
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
2222 Laverna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90041

V/TDD:  (323) 550-4207
Fax #:  (323) 550-4204



position opening
female physical education teacher
Alabama School for the Deaf and Blind

go to:


position announcement
Interpreter Trainer/ Outreach Specialist
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Advocacy Resource Center
position based in Las Vegas, Nevada

ORGANIZATION: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Advocacy Resource Center (DHHARC) is a statewide advocacy, resource, telecommunications distribution, and direct service center offering services throughout Nevada.  DHHARC has two offices: one in Reno/Sparks and one in Las Vegas.

Type of appointment: Full time, non-exempt employee
Location: Position available in Las Vegas, Nevada
Posting date: February 19, 2013
Closing date:  March 14, 2013

–    work closely with the Northern Nevada Interpreter Trainer on goals and objectives for interpreter training
–    assist with mentoring activities
–    educate entities regarding the use of sign language interpreters; will provide presentations and focus on improving existing systems and efforts
–    will be a liaison between DHHARC and RID/NVRID in Southern Nevada
–    focus on strengthening interpreting community in terms of training and networking
–    provide interpreter workshops with CEU.s on educational and legal subject matter –    proctor NIC/EIPA tests
–    travel in Southern Nevada and rural areas to provide on-site mentoring and training

The outreach specialist will:
–    work directly with the Deputy Director to coordinate outreach efforts to promote DHHARC services for the community, businesses, agencies and private interest groups
–    focus on building relationships in Southern Nevada with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community to resolve concerns and respond to inquiries and information requests
–    coordinate outreach activities and represent DHHARC at community events in Southern Nevada
–    Perform other duties as assigned by Deputy Director

SALARY: $36,244 – $37,694 DOE, plus customary benefits.

–    Experience in community relations and outreach
–    Experience and knowledge of local community agencies and resources
–    Comfortable with public speaking
–    Must be registered as an interpreter with the State of Nevada at the skilled level or above
–    Observe the professional conduct code (RID) –    Able to work independently as well as a part of a team
–    In-depth knowledge of Deaf Community’s needs
–    Ability to grow with the job’s demands and the Organization

–    Bachelor’s Degree
–    Must hold a nationally acclaimed certification (RID)

All applicants must submit a resume and an application form to DHHARC at: 1150 Corporate Blvd., Suite 1, Reno, NV 89502.

The application form is found at:


DHHARC selects applicants for employment based on job related knowledge, skills and abilities without regard to race, color, gender, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender orientation, or political affiliation.

For further information contact Operations Manager Laura Daviton at or (775) 355-8994 (voice), (775) 355-8996 (fax), (775) 434-0290 (VP).


Full-Time job announcement
Client Support Specialist
Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency
San Leandro, California

DCARA has an opening for the position of Client Support Specialist with a primary focus on the hard of hearing and late deafened community.  This full-time position will report to the Director of Client Support Services and work with deaf, hard of hearing or deafened youth, adults, and senior citizens. The Client Support Specialist will provide services including, but not limited to, community education, information & referral and peer counseling in addition to meeting the specific needs of the hard of hearing and late deafened community.

–    Host a variety of workshops and classes focusing on the social, emotional, communication and other daily living needs of hard of hearing and deafened individuals and their families.
–    Work with the Director of Client Support Services to develop linkages and working relationships with governmental and community-based organizations/agencies in the City of San Jose and Santa Clara County as well as other agencies primarily serving the deaf,  hard of hearing and late deafened community to advocate for equal communication access.
–    Represent DCARA and/or the deaf community at meetings and community events. –    Provide the following services: peer counseling, advocacy, independent living skills, information & referral, employment and community education.
–    Coordinate special projects as delegated by the Director of Client Support Services.
–    All other duties and assigned,

–    BA degree in Deaf studies, social services or related fields, OR 3 years of documented experience in service provision in a human services setting.
–    Knowledge about the needs of the hard of hearing and deafened community.
–    Ability to use computer and word processing software; knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook) preferred.
–    A valid driver’s license and vehicle with current automobile insurance as required by law; able to travel to appointments within the workweek (California driver’s license required within four weeks of hire).

–    Knowledge of assistive listening devices and technology used by hard of hearing and late deafened individuals.
–    Fluency in American Sign Language and working knowledge in the field of deafness and Deaf culture.
–    Experience in giving presentations, excellent project management and public relations skills, and a good team player .
–    Ability to relate with diverse groups of deaf and hard of hearing persons including, but not limited to, deaf senior citizens, deaf-blind persons, foreign-born deaf persons, and others .

SALARY:  Salary is negotiable dependent on education and experience. DCARA offers 12 days of holiday leave plus a paid winter holiday, and full medical, dental, vision and life insurance benefits.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE:  Send an application (available at under .Jobs.), cover letter, three letters of reference and resume to:
Human Resources
DCARA Headquarters
14895 E. 14th St., Suite 200
San Leandro, CA 94578

DCARA is an At-Will and equal opportunity employer.


position opening
Licensed Clinical Social Worker or
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Rockville, MD

LCSW-C/LCPC, Special Needs & Deaf Services

General Overview:
JSSA’s Special Needs & Deaf Services (SNDS) team has an immediate opening for a part-time (<18.75 hours per week) Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor to join our growing team.  Our SNDS team is a dedicated team of clinicians and C.A.R.E.  managers committed to providing cutting edge services and programs and support for children, adults and families.  We have expertise in working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities and other special needs, as well as for children, teens and adults in our community who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Additionally, we provide full-service case management to include care coordination, assessments, referrals, advocacy and accessing information and benefits for individuals with developmental disabilities and other special needs.

Position Qualifications:
This is an excellent opportunity for an ASL certified clinician.  The ideal candidate will have proven experience with individual, family and group therapy with children, adolescents and adults, and a strong knowledge base, experience and passion for working with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Case management expertise strongly desired. LCSW-C or LCPC and a minimum of 2 years of post-licensure clinical experience required.   Occasional home visits in Montgomery County and some evening hours required.

The Ina Kay Building
200 Wood Hill Road
Rockville, MD  20850

Apply Now:
Please submit the following application materials to
–    Cover letter with salary requirements
–    Resume
–    Contact information for 3 supervisory references

About JSSA:
The Jewish Social Service Agency (JSSA) has been helping people across the Washington metropolitan area meet emotional, social, and physical challenges for more than 120 years. A nonsectarian provider, we serve people of all religious backgrounds, races and ethnicities, helping the youngest child to the most fragile senior, from individuals to entire families. JSSA provides services and support to nearly 37,000 individuals a year through our wide range of counseling, educational, employment, in-home support, hospice and nursing care, and social services.

We are a growing Agency and strive to be an Employer of Choice.  As such we offer a competitive salary and benefits package, a healthy work-life balance, collaborative team environment and many opportunities for personal growth and professional development.  We pride ourselves on our mission to be the first place for the Jewish community, as well as the community at large, to turn for clinical and social services of the highest quality that sustain and nurture all who seek assistance.  We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Learn more about us at


Job Announcement
Supervising Teacher III
California School for the Deaf
Riverside, CA

Salary: $7,407 – $9,922 Monthly

Final filing date:  March 29, 2013

California Department of Education
Position: Supervising Teacher III
Director of Instruction
Area: Instruction

Work Schedule:
This position is a 12 month position with vacation hours accrued monthly.

Under the direction of the Superintendent, the Director of Instruction oversees and supervises the Curriculum Supervisor, Technology and Training Services Supervisor, Special Instructional Projects Supervisor and all Instructional Principals.

Provide daily leadership, guidance, supervision and direction to nine program supervisors

Provide training, support, and visionary leadership in the areas of curriculum implementation, dual language philosophy, positive behavior intervention, professional learning communities, standards- based education and classroom observations

Conduct Instructional Management Team meetings as well as some general faculty meetings

Serve as a member of the Superintendent’s Cabinet team with the other Directors to discuss school wide issues

Provide leadership and training to ensure school wide consistency to school and state policies, state education code, and federal legislation.

Utilize communication systems which promote and maintain a positive, professional school climate

Oversee the recruitment and hiring processes for teachers, teaching assistants, and program supervisors.

Supervise Director of Instruction secretary in the overall operations of the Instruction Division

Promote positive relationships with staff, parents, students and the community by soliciting their input and participation in school programs and activities

Work closely with administrators and support staff in the Business office, Student Services and Residential program to facilitate coordination of all services which support the Instructional program

Coordinate and monitor all visiting interns and substitute teachers

Serve as a Disaster Team Leader for the Instructional staff in all practice drills and in the event of disaster.

Work with Instructional supervisors on staff evaluations and all disciplinary actions

Required Qualifications:
Five years experience as a classroom teacher in a program for the Deaf

Three years experience as a Supervisor or Principal of teachers

Fluency in ASL and standard written English

Master’s degree and possession of or eligibility for California credentials authorizing teaching and administrative services

Knowledge of state and federal laws related to education
– Ability to use technology effectively
Desired Qualifications:
– Knowledge of Deaf culture and ability to engage the Deaf community in fulfilling the mission of the school
– Knowledge of the professional standards for the teaching profession
– Knowledge of dual language philosophy
– Ability to make presentations to groups and using effective techniques for decision making
– Skill in managing multiple tasks at all times
– Ability to work collaboratively with others
– Ability to provide mentoring to program supervisors
– Ability to model effective leadership techniques

Salary: Monthly $7,407 – $9,922
*Plus $400 per month or $4800 annually Recruitment & Retention Pay
*Plus $100 per month or $1200 annually upon passing a bilingual fluency examination or upon providing a certified passing score on the ASLPI

Conditions of Employment:
Pre-employment background checks, fingerprints, tuberculosis test, and verification of transcripts and

How to Apply:
Submit a completed .Employee School Application., official transcripts, and copies of credential(s) to:

California School for the Deaf, Riverside
3044 Horace Street
Riverside, CA 92506
Attention: Mal Grossinger, Superintendent

Deadline to file:
Applications must be received no later than March 29, 2013 by 4:30p.m.

Applications are accessible on the Internet ( ) in the CSDR Jobs Section, Instructional
Application link, or by contacting Rachel Armstrong at (951) 248-7700 ext. 6562

California State Government an Affirmative Action Employer- Equal
Opportunity to all regardless of race, color, creed, national origin,
ancestry, gender, marital status, disability, religion or
political affiliation, age or gender orientation


position opening
Chief Enrollment Management Officer
Gallaudet University
Washington, DC

Reports directly to the President and serves as a member of the
President’s cabinet; the Chief Enrollment Management Officer is
responsible to provide leadership for undergraduate enrollment and
financial aid, shaping an enrollment program that meets strategic
recruitment, retention, and financial goals; lead the development,
implementation, and ongoing evaluation of a comprehensive enrollment
management plan that fosters an integrative recruitment and admission
effort consistent with the university’s strategic goals and
direction; engages the entire community to establish strong
collaborative efforts in enrollment and retention through to
graduation of all undergraduate students, including international
students; has direct managerial responsibility and oversight for the
Offices of Admissions, Financial Aid, Visitors Center, and Youth and
Outreach Programs including pre-college programs such as summer youth
programs, career exploration and preparation for college, and
transition to college, all to support enrollment growth.  This
position requires continuous interaction with the President, Provost,
academic deans, department chairs, and faculty committees and is
expected to develop and enhance valuable partnerships with internal
and external constituents to support enrollment growth; assesses the
impact of admissions policies as determined by faculty committees,
departments and councils; coordinates total enrollment projections,
and the reporting on recruitment, enrollment, retention, and
graduation rates of all students; ensures the strategic and
responsible awarding of financial aid; serves as liaison with the
Vocational Rehabilitation community including CSAVR and with many
other external stakeholders involved with enrollment.

Master’s degree in a relevant field required. At least ten years of
demonstrated success as an academic leader in higher education to
include at least five years of management experience in admissions or
a closely related area. Extensive knowledge of enrollment trends and
best practices, knowledge and skills in strategic planning, best
practices in higher education, including student persistence,
engagement, and curriculum. Leadership skills in implementing best
practices. Understanding of database management (PeopleSoft and
Hobson’s preferred) and social media, and leveraging those platforms
for all steps in the enrollment process. Solid understanding of
on-line enrollment processes. Ability to inspire, and as needed, to
mentor staff. Experience working with outside enrollment services
vendors. Fluency in American Sign Language required at the time of

For more information, go to:


position opening
High School Math Teacher
Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
Pittsburgh, PA

REPORTS TO:            High School Principal

JOB DESCRIPTION: This is an exempt, full-time, 187-day position.  Responsibilities include instructional programming in academics, language development and
communication, in addition to guiding students toward healthy social,
emotional and vocational adjustments. Plan, prepare, and present lessons of appropriate academic work to their students, use appropriate
communication techniques to assure clarity and accuracy of conveyed
information, work with Principal in guiding parents towards identifying
their child’s strengths and weaknesses and in programming for them
accordingly through the IEP process.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: PA Instructional I or Instructional II Certification in Mathematics required.

Dual certifications in Deaf Education preferred.

PA State Police Criminal Clearance, PA Child Abuse History Clearance,

FBI Clearance

The Sign Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI) for this position is “Advanced”.  The minimum level accepted at hire is “No Functional Skills”.




Send letter of application and resume to:
Helen K. Shirey
Director of Human Resources
Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
300 East Swissvale Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  15218

The Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf does not discriminate in its programs of education, employment, and all other activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, age, religion, disability, or gender preference.


Assistive Technology Specialist Position Dear Members,



The position is located in the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management (OASAM), Civil Rights Center (CRC), Office if Internal Enforcement (OlE), Reasonable Accommodation Center.

Incumbent serves as the Reasonable Accommodation and Assistive Technology Specialist for OlE’s Reasonable Accommodation Resources Center (RARC), which includes the delivery of RARC services, program, and customer support. The RARC is a one stop shop providing reasonable accommodation related information, assistive technology services, for people with disabilities, including needs assessments, alternate format production services, assistive technology devices and equipment and Section 508 assistance to assist DOL in compliance with accessibility laws. Although the incumbent reports to the Chief, OlE, he/she is expected to work independently in performing the major job duties and responsibilities.


. Works closely with the Department of Defense (DoD) Computer and Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP) to identify, evaluate, and meet assistive technology needs of customers.

. Incorporates knowledge of ergonomic principles and the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act, as amended (ADAAA) to meet the equipment modification needs of customers.

. Receives, routes, processes, and documents requests for all needs assessments, assistive technology requests and related RARC services requests to ensure timely responses to all requesters for acquisition of assistive technologies and provides current status on each request received and identifies agency services that are not available to meet customer needs and report them to the Chief, OlE, through the RARC Program Manager.

. Researches required information for requests that cannot be met through CAP and provides recommendations for consideration including providing vendor and product information to managers to the Chief, OlE, through the RARC Program Manager, for the purpose of procuring reasonable accommodations equipment and supplies on the open market.

. Facilitates utilization of CAP’s Technology Evaluation Center for appropriate needs assessments activities and coordinates with other Federal Agencies such as Department of Agriculture TARGET Center and the Department of the Interior Accessible Technology Center as needed. Attend assistive technology conferences and workshops such as the International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference, (CSUN), the Assistive Technology Industry Association Conference (ATIA) and the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Conference (RESNA) to keep abreast of the current technology, services and approaches to providing reasonable accommodations and assistive technology.

. Conducts Section 508 Testing as required to ensure electronic and information technologies conform to current Section 508 accessibility requirements and provides alternate format production for DOL employees, programs, and events.

. Conducts assistive technology and disability related trainings for employees, managers and supervisors as needed at the DOL National Office and regional offices.

. Promotes, markets, and informs DOL managers and employees on overall services provided by the RARC by developing briefings, trainings and other materials as needed to assist the RARC program.

. Provides program with timely and accurate maintenance of the RARC database.

. Analyzes, evaluates and develops data reports to ensure the maximum utilization of resources to accomplish the mission and develops and submits periodic reports on services to the Chief, OlE.

. Serves as Government Purchase Card Holder for the RARC and purchases reasonable accommodation equipment, software and services in accordance with Program Office and DOL guidelines.

. Monitors the RARC assistive equipment and related supplies inventory and conducting periodic inventories.

This job opening is available for non-competitive hiring.  If you qualify or are interested in this position, please email your resume and/or any Schedule A documents to Naomi Barry-Perez, Director – Civil Rights Center, U.S. Department of Labor at:, as soon as possible.

Job Opportunity: Supported Home Living Attendant – Kerrville

DATE: 2/18/13

TIME: immediate

1610 Goat Creek Rd
Kerrville, Texas (one hour northwest from San Antonio)

Supported Home Living Attendant

Immediate opening for an attendant with Hill Country Signs of Hope. Must know Sign Language and be able to assist individual in the understanding of life skills. Position south of San Antonio,  For more information, please call Angela @ 210-725-8193.

Compensation based on experience


Looking for a part time employee who signs – Austin, Texas

I work for the Mary Lee Foundation, which is a non-profit in South Austin that provides services for people with disabilities.  One of the people we provide for is deaf so I am looking for a female employee to work part time who signs to work with this young lady.  The hours would be Tuesday and Thursday after school (around 5p-7p) and 5-6 hours on a Saturday or Sunday.  They would be taking her on activities and teaching her good social and community skills.  The job requirements are being at least 21 years old, valid Texas drivers license, good driving record, good criminal history, non-smoker, ability to lift without restriction, good writing skills.

Leigh Dunson
Mary Lee Foundation

*Department of Rehabilitation Services **JOB OPPORTUNITY*

*INTERPRETER ASSISTANT (Deaf and Hearing Impaired)*

*Posting Date: January 31, 2013 Closing Date: February 19, 2013 **PLEASE

The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) division of the Department of
Rehabilitation Services presently is recruiting to fill multiple full-time
Interpreter Assistant (Deaf and Hearing Impaired) positions located at its
Bridgeport Regional office and at its Hartford offices.



*Current State Employees and the Public Social and Human Services (P-2)*

*$44,595.00 – $56,331.00 Annually (SH 17) Bridgeport and Hartford
84773 **February
19, 2013*

Serves as interpreter to deaf and hearing impaired professional staff in
telephone calls, at meetings and conferences and in conduct of routine
agency business; performs routine office work during times when not needed
as interpreter including filing, record keeping, typing, and answering
telephone requests for information; directs clients to proper agency staff
member and assists clients in placing telephone calls, interpreting if
necessary; performs related duties as required.


Knowledge of all forms of interpreting for the deaf and hearing impaired;
knowledge of routine office procedures; familiarity with the National
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (NRID) Code of Ethics; interpersonal
skills; oral and written communication skills; ability to compose routine
letters; ability to follow complex instructions given in sign language as
well as verbally.


Experience as an interpreter in a variety of situations involving the deaf
and hearing-impaired including two (2) years employment in general office

*SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Incumbents in this class may be required to travel
and must be registered with the Commission on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired
and possess an appropriate certification for the specific setting issued by
the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (NRID) and/or National
Association of the Deaf (NAD), in accordance with section 46a-33a of the
Connecticut General Statutes. *

*APPLICATION PROCEDURE: *Candidates who meet the above requirements should
submit a completed State of Connecticut Application for Examination or
Employment (CT-HR-12). The CT-HR-12 Application Form maybe downloaded from
the State of Connecticut.s Department of Administrative Services Human
Resources Website at:
When faxing materials, please keep a copy of your completed application and
the fax transmittal receipt for your records, and do not mail a copy of
your application form if you have faxed the materials. Due to the large
number of applications received, we cannot confirm receipt of applications.
*Additionally, incomplete applications will not be accepted*. Please submit
via mail or fax your completed application (CT-HR-12) to:

*Melvin A. Jackson, Principal Human Resources Specialist Department of
Rehabilitation Services 25 Sigourney Street, Hartford, CT 06106 FAX: (860)



Long Island

Saint John the Baptist Diocesan High School on Montauk Highway in West Islip is looking for a substitute ASL Teacher while their regular teacher is on leave.  The position starts in the beginning of March. A teacher is needed for two periods:

Period D (10:16-10:56) for ASL II
Period G (12:28-1:08) for ASL I.

The contact person is:

Colleen Cafiso
World Language Chairperson/Teacher
St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School
(631) 587-8000 ext. 147


742 Harrison Blvd., Ogden, Utah  84404

Telephone (801) 629-4702 Voice, (801) 629-4701 TTY

Salt Lake Telephone (801) 464-2000 Voice, (801) 464-2001 TTY

Toll Free in Utah 1-800-990-9328


the Position of

Educational Interpreter, USDB

Two Positions Available


Location:        Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind Announcement No. 62-12

Salt Lake City, UT Schedule AH

DPRs 50718, 50731/6290

JOB SUMMARY   Interprets instructor’s lectures, comments and questions for deaf/hard-of-hearing students in a mainstream classroom setting; interprets students’ questions and statements; interprets for school functions as assigned; adapts signing level and system to the communication needs of the students; tutors as appropriate under the supervision of the classroom instructor; follows the code of ethics for certified interpreters; participates cooperatively as a member of the educational team; assists in coordinating note taking for students as needed; communicates regularly with instructors, program Director or Specialist and Lead Interpreter about student progress and concerns; follows schedule as determined by program Director or Specialist; is willing to improve signing skills through inservices and additional classes; performs other duties as assigned.

Lighthouse Louisiana is seeking to fill several positions. If you or anyone you know is qualified and would like to apply, please do so by submitting a resume or completed application by the deadline date listed below. Thank you for sharing this information and for your interest.  For more information, contact me directly.

NOLA- (2 positions available)

·        Employment Specialist
Full-time w/benefits / Monday . Friday, some weekend work may be required/frequent daily travel
Deadline to apply . Monday, 2/18/13
·        LVC Office Facilitator
Full-time w/benefits / Monday . Friday
Deadline to apply . Monday, 2/18/13

BATON ROUGE- (4 positions available)

·        Job Coach Full-time w/benefits / Monday- Friday, some weekend work may be required/ frequent daily travel
Deadline to apply- Monday, 2/18/13
·        Employment Specialist
Full-time w/benefits / Monday . Friday, some weekend work may be required/frequent daily travel
Deadline to apply . Monday, 2/18/13
·        Pathway to Success Instructor
Full-time w/benefits / Monday . Friday, may require evening and weekend work
Deadline to apply . Monday, 2/18/13
·        Pathway to Success Teacher.s Assistant
Full-time w/benefits / Monday . Friday, may require weekend and/or holiday work on occasion
Deadline to apply- Monday, 2/18/13

Terri J. Brown
Human Resources Manager
123 State Street
New Orleans, LA 70118
Phone: 504-899-4501 ext. 229
Fax: 504-895-4162

Licensed Clinical Social Worker – Indianapolis, IN
This full-time/benefits eligible position will provide outpatient individual, family and group therapy services to children, families and adults at our Deaf Services Office located in Indianapolis, IN. Duties include: evaluations/assessments, treatment plans, crisis intervention/emergency services, individual and group therapy/counseling services and some in-home services, as needed.
This position requires a Masters degree in Social Work and an active Indiana Licensed Clinical Social Worker license. Must be able to effectively communicate in American Sign Language (ASL), with deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing individuals. Knowledge of deaf culture and resources related to deafness. Prior experience with the above population groups preferred.
To apply for this position, please click on the link: to begin the online application process.


742 Harrison Blvd., Ogden, Utah  84404

Telephone (801) 629-4702 Voice, (801) 629-4701 TTY

Salt Lake Telephone (801) 464-2000 Voice, (801) 464-2001 TTY

Toll Free in Utah 1-800-990-9328


the Position of

Executive Secretary


Location:        Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind Announcement No. 05-13

742 Harrison Blvd. Schedule B

Ogden, UT 84404 DPR 50893/5510

JOB SUMMARY   Reports to the Director of the Parent Infant Program for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing.  This job requires program knowledge and its related processes, procedures, policies, and goals which enables the incumbent to relieve the director of administrative detail.  Provides secretarial and administrative support and assistance; receives calls and greets visitors, takes and relays messages, responds to requests for information; directs callers/visitors to appropriate individual(s); maintains calendars; schedules and coordinates appointments, meetings, travel, etc.; uses computer programs to write or draft correspondence, reports, documents, and other written materials; edits written material for accuracy, format, arrangement of material and conformity with standard acceptable English; generates and analyzes data required for federal, state, and agency reports, gathering data and information which may be difficult to identify and require substantial research; helps design and use questionnaires, surveys, etc., to collect and analyze data; reviews incoming correspondence, initiates replies as appropriate; routes matters requiring action by staff or other organizations and follows up to ensure actions are completed; reviews outgoing correspondence, edits for procedural and grammatical accuracy, and conformity to general policy and factual correctness; records and/or transcribes minutes of meetings, dictation, dialogue, etc., and produces document in draft and/or final format; maintains and/or creates files or record keeping systems and monitors staff and children.s files, including the PIP student registry; uses a variety of software programs to create specialized graphics, data bases, spread sheets, and other related specialties; places orders for teachers/staff supplies; performs other duties as assigned.

Conservation Corps Minnesota is hiring 26 Crew Leaders to lead our inclusive crews this summer.  Each year 15-18% of the 140 youth we hire are Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.  We need great interpreter leaders who are looking to use their interpreting skills while leading and mentoring these youth.  Interpreter leaders will co-lead their crew with another interpreter leader or a Deaf/hard-of-hearing leader.

The Summer Youth Corps is based out of St. Croix State Park in Minnesota and crews then travel to other state parks and national parks to work on trails, campgrounds, and natural areas.  Afternoons and evenings are filled with recreational activities and exploring the local communities.

Please post this job opportunity and share with Juniors, Seniors, and recent grads in your interpreting program.  (See attached)

Apply online here:

FYI: Right now, we are the only D/HH inclusive Conservation Corps in the nation.  We hope to spread our model, which has worked for the past 30 years, to other conservation corps in the near future.  We will keep you updated.


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