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DeafDigest Blue – February 8, 2009

DeafDigest Blue - February 8, 2009

Blue Edition              Barry Strassler, Editor - updated every Monday

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ASL Videos of the Week:


"Deaf Yoga" now on DVD

"Deaf Yoga for Beginners" (DVD162) is the first yoga DVD taught in
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Yoga is known for its ability to strengthen, detoxify and 
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is specifically designed to bring the powerful benefits of yoga 
to the Deaf.

The DVD includes quick interactive access menus, practical 
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Gallaudet University Adult Degree Program Needs Assessment Survey

Want to advance your career by completing your college degree? Or
develop a degree that best fits your needs? Would you like to
convert your work and/ or learning experiences into college credits?

Gallaudet University is developing a Self-Directed and a Liberal
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interests and want to earn a college degree at an accelerated and
independent pace. We are planning to offer courses with flexible
options combined with the individualized attention you deserve.

Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey so that we will
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The survey is at:

Best wishes and warmest regards,

Margery Miller, Ph.D.,
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Gallaudet University


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News of the Week:
    DeafDigest wishes to dedicate this edition to two
individuals that departed us this week.
    Harvey Katz, while not that wholly well known nationally,
was a respected local leader in the Ohio Deaf Community
for many years. He wanted to create awareness among the
hearing on what we, the deaf, could and be capable of
    S. Barry Lipin, a deaf man, operated his own
U.S. Auto Leasing, a successful car leasing business
for a long time. Lipin chose to try to function as a
hearing person, avoiding sign language, afraid he
would be pointed at as a "different" person. Despite
his deafness, he maintained a A+ list of contacts in
the business and political worlds.


    It is not just the Gallaudet alumni that expresses
concern over the choice of the next Gallaudet
president; it is the Deaf Community's concern!
    This being said, the Presidential Search Advisory 
Committee, has launched a web site.
    It is at:

    This is apart and separate from other deaf-related
web sites that carry discussions on the next
Gallaudet president.
    It ain't no easy task, DeafDigest declares on the 
task of selecting the next Gallaudet president!
    It may be a no-win situation.


    For years DeafDigest has always felt that the deaf
that want to actually fight fires are being discriminated
against. These deaf fire fighters at volunteer departments
are relegated to small fires, equipment operation and
other back room responsibilities.
    Well, in Mark S. Kite, Sr, who is deaf, we have a
Deaf Chief of a hearing volunteer fire department.
    He supervises his crew of 75 volunteer fire fighters
at the Yukon Volunteer Fire Company, located in the
Pittsburgh area. He was elevated to chief first week
in January. He was with the company for 31 years.
    Is he a deaf person, functioning as a hearing
person? No! He is deaf and uses ASL and when communicating
with hearing he relies on careful speech and lip reading.
Of course, there are hand signs that fire fighters use to
communicate with each other during fire fighting.


    Because Pennsylvania is broke, the governor has slated
Scranton State School for the Deaf for closure at the
end of the school year.
    Yet, there is a twist. The Pennsylvania Department of
Education contacted Western Pennsylvania School for the
Deaf on the possibility of stepping into the picture to
save Deaf Education in the Scranton area.
    WPSD Superintendent Don Rhoten said:

WPSD has been approached about the possibility of partnering 
with the Northern Educational Intermediate Unit, IU 19
about continuing both academic and residential services for 
deaf children in Scranton. We are in the early stages of
planning this effort and more information will be made public 
when appropriate. I speak for everyone at WPSD in expressing 
sadness over the possible demise of another school for the 

    DeafDigest hopes the Scranton school will continue as is
with the assistance of the WPSD. So, as Rhoten advises, just
stay tuned. Already public uproar is at a boiling level.


Special Weekend Retreat in the Boston Area - 
March 19-22, 2009!

Jewish Deaf, Hard of Hearing Singles including widowed, 
divorced (Secular, Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, etc. )

- Fun activities, workshops, services, meals
- All day outing Friday
- Saturday night outing

- Early Bird Fee until February 18th:

Member $125     Non-Member $145

- Our bus NY round trip to Boston area (separate charge).

- Special hotel rate up to four people per room per night 
(separate charge)

- Limited free housing (first come, first served).

For more info and registration:
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WCI. Your Single Source for Assistive Technology


    Why do many young deaf people avoid going to 
deaf clubs? And why do many young deaf people
love to socialize with each other at Starbucks?
    Deaf clubs are hurting because of lack of
members. And deaf people buying coffee only
helps Starbucks make money, but does not help
the Deaf Culture.

- for ASL News version, please click on:

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of each DeafDigest edition)


Deaf Independent Living Association, Inc (DILA)
Sorenson at Dorchester Library, Cambridge, Maryland

Deaf Independent Living Association, Inc. (DILA) announces the 
opening of a Sorenson Videophone located at the Dorchester 
County Public Library in Cambridge, Maryland.

The videophone is available Monday-Saturday during normal 
library hours and is free to use.

Sponsored and funded by the Quota Club of Cambridge, the 
videophone enables deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to 
access DILA services without having to travel to the Salisbury 

"It is an innovative way of making services accessible to deaf 
and hard-of-hearing individuals who live in other counties on 
the Eastern Shore without having them travel to Salisbury. 
The Dorchester County Public Library is the first library on the 
Eastern Shore to launch this project," says Jennifer Whitcomb, 
DILA's Executive Director.

The Quota Club of Cambridge is a membership organization who 
has sponsored many programs and services for deaf and hard-of-hearing 

For more information, please visit DILA's website at  or call 410-742-5052 V/TTY; 1-866-947-6923 VP 
or stop by the Dorchester County Public Library located at 
303 Gay Street, Cambridge, MD.

The picture of the videophone can be clicked at:


    Some time ago there was a notice in a newspaper
of a sale of property in Little Rock, Arkansas.
    The name of the property is Deaf Mute, and
it was valued at $181,000.
    Deaf Mute property? DeafDigest cannot figure
it out.

- for ASL News version, please click on:

(for your convenience, video links are posted on top
of each DeafDigest edition)

    A sensational-looking hearing aid device had
came out on the market.
    Had, and not have? Well, it was announced
in Year 1930.
    Do click on:

    The late Larry Stewart, the eminent deaf psychologist who
passed away in the 1990's, would smile. He always believed
that there was no such a thing as Deaf Culture.
    People at Boston University are saying ASL does not
meet foreign language requirements, saying it lacks a
"distinct culture."
    Does DeafDigest agree there is a Deaf Culture? Yes.


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    More stores have video signs that change on the
spot immediately when a certain group of customers
are profiled.
    Men coming into the store may face a razor ad;
women coming into the store may face the same
sign that change from razor ad to cosmetics ad,
and so on.
    What about deaf customers that enter the
store signing ASL? Would the sign change,
steering them to deaf products ads?
    Who knows?

    Courts are a way of life in USA, rather
unfortunately (or fortunately).
    We, the deaf, are not immune from appearing
at the court house, whether we like it or not.
    What should we, the deaf, do if we need to
show up at the court house?
    Do click on:


- Margaret Mead, world famous anthropologist

She said:

Any woman can find a husband unless she is deaf, dumb or blind

Is she saying that deaf women cannot find husbands? 
Very insulting!


fellow interpreters that mock and show disrespect for
Deaf Culture

if you have these "hate" or "horror" stories, please


Some viewers of captions have asked about the delay when 
viewing realtime captions.

What you must understand is that when a show is prerecorded 
the captions can be displayed at the same time that the words 
are being said.

When watching a sitcom, you may get used to having the words 
on the screen while those words are still being spoken.

However, if a show is being captioned in realtime or "live," 
there will always be a short delay after a word is said before 
it appears on the screen.

First, the captioner must hear the word and then stroke it on 
the steno machine. The computer must then translate that steno 
into English and display it on the screen.

There is sometimes communication over hundreds or thousands of 
miles.  It actually amazes me at how quickly captions do appear 
when I realize how far the sounds and words must travel and how 
quickly the captioner and the equipment must react in order to
display the captions.


weekly DeafDigest Blue & Gold editions also posted at:

updated every Monday


(continuing series)


telephone answering machines

many deaf people used telephone answering machines
to take TTY messages


Berrigan's Tax and Bookkeeping Service

If you are looking for someone with tax and bookkeeping background 
who is deaf and fluent in American Sign Language to provide that 
type of service for your personal, business or organization, 
look no further!

My bookkeeping service can be customized to your preference which 
includes general bookkeeping work, taxes, payroll, financial reports, 
training and much more using QuickBooks accounting software.

To have accurate financial information will empower you to make 
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My tax service provides the preparation of individual federal 
and state tax returns and to answer your questions will help you 
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Terence Berrigan
Berrigan's Tax & Bookkeeping Service
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attention: new web site

::::::::::::::  ASL With RaVen  via VP   ::::::::::::::::::

Attention ASL Students nationwide:

certified American Sign Language Deaf Coach available to assist 
mastering ASL

Level 1 to 6 and amateur ASL Interpreters through Videophone 

I've coached for thirteen years instructing ASL, finger talking 
receptive and expressive skills, ASL grammar, ASL classifiers, 
ASL Storytelling, use of NMS, students' increasing confidence 
in using ASL and in knowledge of Deaf culture.

I've assisted many students with learning challenges such as 
ADHD and dyslexia, etc.

$20.00/hour per student. $35.00/hour for two students.

M-F 10am-6pm PST.

Students under 18 years old must have parent's permission.

For more information, appointment and payment arrangement, 
email to:

new web site:

**ASLTA Member**


For postings, announcements and employment ad rates, please email

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Crash Course on the Digital Television Transition

This is a continuation of our weekly educational column on
addressing concerns about the analog TV shutoff and the
transition to digital TV which is scheduled to occur on
June 12, 2009 (formerly February 17, 2009)

Question this week:

Our local news warned us recently about DTV and that we will 
not be able to receive Canadian channels after Feb 17. We 
need a converter box to receive Canadian channels!


That's partially true. Not all converter boxes are the same. 
If you want to watch a Canadian or Mexican TV station along 
American borders, you need a converter box that has "analog 
pass-through" which is a feature on more expensive converter 
boxes. It allows you to watch both American digital 
broadcasts and analog broadcasts from Canada &
Mexico (which are not required to switch to digital).

DTV UPDATE: The second House bill to delay the transition from 
February 17 to June 12 passed.

The White House has asked for public comments about the delay 
( )
which are due by February 9.

Although delayed to June 12, many stations plan to stick to 
the February 17 deadline as the new bill allows it. Stay

Bottom Line: Be Prepared.

More Questions? 
Email them to DeafDigest at

For more information on digital television, visit

Sponsored by Davideo Productions ( ) 
and DeafDigest ( )

Copyright Notice: All Rights Reserved. Since this is an important 
community service message, you may share this column with family 
and friends as long as you credit DeafDigest and Davideo 


Hot DeafNews boring, but important!
    The deaf of Wales are upset that ITV Wales,
a TV station, has dropped signed news on its
newscasts. Desire to save money is the reason.


The Deaf and the Law


Fedex discriminated against a deaf employee who was
denied interpreters for staff meetings and training

Fedex lost. Fedex appealed. The US Court of Appeals
sided with the deaf plaintiff. Fedex may still appeal
(possibly on the way to the Supreme Court)


Shirley Glassman's Captioning Blooper of the Week:

were you a fan of hers when you were glowing (growing) up?


What became of?

Clatsop Community College, in Oregon


- was declared non-ADA compliant in 2007
and was ordered to either retrofit the
campus or to build a new ADA-compliant


- state legislation, few days ago, will
earmark up to $1.8 million to make the
college more ADA-compliant with "past" and
"present" details


News of the Week - Looking Back 10 Years Ago:

    Dr. Robert Davila, the Vice President of RIT/Director
of the NTID, wishes to stress that it was the
work of NTID along with Gallaudet that convinced the
Congress to uncap the limitations on deaf foreign
students enrolling at either institution.

(of course, as we all know, Davila has moved on and
is currently the president of Gallaudet University)


News of the Week - Looking Back 5 Years Ago:

    One of the Super Bowl exhibits had a deaf theme! It was
the Goodyear Silents all-deaf semi-pro football team of the
late 1910's/early 1920's. And this is finally, the long
overdue recognition given this America's Deaf Football
    This semi-pro team won several league championships during
existence. Based in Akron, Ohio, the long disbanded team
has never been formally recognized anywhere in the city.
    The NFL archival section in the NFL Experience, part of the
Houston Super Bowl week programs, had displays on legendary
football players and on legendary football teams.
    One of these teams posted in a prominent location was the
Goodyear Silents team! It exhibited a championship cup and
picture of one of the teams was huge. The team shared space
with luminaries such as Johnny Unitas, Jim Thorpe and
Red Grange. Such a heady company.
    How good was the Goodyear Silents team? They lost several
grudge inter-city battles with the Akron Pros, one of these
pioneering NFL teams. Meaning, we the deaf, were one notch
below the highest professional football level at that time.


Deaf Apocalypse of the Week:

many successful ASL-signing deaf individuals jokingly
refer to themselves as oppressed oralists.

What does that phrase "oppressed oralist" supposed to

According to an educator of the deaf:

Deaf people who are "oppressed oralists" accept the 
brainwashing they had as kids that speech is better
than sign. Voice is preferable to silence. English 
preferable to ASL. Importantly this is mostly 


A Vocational Rehabilitation counselor's pet peeve:

Some individuals and vendors, knowing that you work two 
jobs, send you invoices and requests on Friday afternoon 
(the time you are very tired on the week), hoping you 
will overlook their mistakes and approve payment.



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   best in the nation.

* For more information, send E-mail to


Position Announcement 
One Part time (20 hours/week) Licensed Clinical Social
   Worker or Psychologist
Saint John's CFDC - Deaf Program
Santa Monica, CA

We currently have one half-time position for a clinical therapist 
to work in community mental health with adults, children, 
adolescents, and families.

Strong clinical skills, knowledge of Deaf Culture and American Sign 
Language, a minimum of two years experience, and motivation to serve 
a diverse client population are essential.

The position is 20 hours per week with benefits.

St. John's Child and Family Development Center offers a strong 
emphasis on continuing education and staff development as well as 
sensitivity to diversity and community outreach.

The program has been providing culturally appropriate outpatient 
services to LA county Deaf and Hard-of Hearing residents since 1976

Requirements: Master's degree in social work, psychology, or marriage 
and family therapy, licensed in California or license eligible, sign 
language fluency, ability to respond to crisis situations.

Resumes and letters of interest can be forwarded to:

Susan Hajiani, LCSW
Program Coordinator
Saint John's CFDC - Deaf Program
1339 20th St.
Santa Monica, CA 90404


position opening
Director, Institutional Research
Gallaudet University
Washington, DC

Provides leadership in ensuring informed access to high 
quality institutional data in support of evidence­based 
decision­making at all levels of administration; facilitates 
evaluation initiatives throughout the institution to 
support decision making and meet compliance requirements of 
the institution's own performance indicators and governing 
agencies; conducts institutional research studies in support 
of enrollment management, strategic planning and program 
evaluation; ensures a timely response to the University's 
mandatory reporting requirements to federal and other 
external agencies and responds to a variety of internal 
and external requests for institutional data.

Master's degree in social science, higher education, 
educational research, program evaluation, public policy, 
statistics, or a related field with five years of experience. 
(Ph.D. considered in lieu of experience.) Demonstrated 
leadership, consensus building, and direct experience in 
data-based decision-making, policy analysis, and planning in 
institutions with diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, 
disability and ethnic backgrounds. Experience in assessment 
design, program evaluation, performance measurement, and 
survey design. Operational experience with enterprise 
application software system and functional knowledge of 
SAS or SPSS data analysis software preferred.

Excellent written communication skills.

Demonstrated proficiency in American Sign Language.

To apply for the staff vacancies, send a resume and Gallaudet 
Job Application to:

Gallaudet University
Human Resources Services
800 Florida Avenue, NE
College Hall, Room 106
Washington, DC 20002

to get the Gallaudet Job Application, click on:
and click on "Job Application"


looking for
Residential Counselors
Comprehensive Living Residential Program
Easton area, PA

Customizing support for people with  challenging disabilities

SharpVisions is an innovative non-profit human services organization 
providing customized supports for people throughout the Eastern region
of PA.

We are currently looking for Residential Counselors to work in our 
live-in Comprehensive Living Residential Program that are fluent in 
American Sign Language (ASL) to work with deaf or HOH clients in the 
Easton area.

Job duties will include assistance with daily living requirements, 
management of significant social challenges, and participation in
community activities.

Some travel will be required.

The incumbent will be scheduled to work block shifts that are 2 1/2 
days (56 continuous hours with two sleep periods).

Blocks available are Sun-Wed, Wed-Fri and Fri-Sun.

Applicants must be 18 years of age, have a valid driver's license 
and access to a vehicle.

A BA in Psychology or related field is preferred, OR a high school 
diploma or GED with some relevant experience in human services.

We offer competitive wage rates, full medical & dental coverage, 
as well as excellent paid leave time.

Resumes may be faxed to 412-456 2145 or emailed to:


position opening
New Mexico School for the Deaf
Santa Fe, NM

Master's Degree in Education or a related field required with at 
least three (3) years of classroom experience.  State Licensure 
as a School Psychologist and/or Educational Diagnostician, or the 
ability to obtain such licensure prior to the beginning of the 
contract period, is required.

Administrative licensure preferred.  Professional writing and 
interpersonal communication skills required.

Fluency or willingness to learn and master American Sign Language 
is required.

Start date:  July 1, 2009. 
Deadline:  Open until filled.

Apply to: 
New Mexico School for the Deaf, 
1060 Cerrillos Road, 
Santa Fe, NM  87505,

(505) 476-6301.

NMSD is an EEO Employer


position opening
Preschool/Kindergarten Assistant Principal
NMSD Albuquerque Preschool/Kindergarten
position at Albuquerque, NM

Master's Degree in Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing or 
related field.  At least 3 years successful teaching experience. 
Teaching experience in Developmentally Appropriate Early Childhood 
and/or Family Centered Parent/Child Programs preferred.

Familiar with and willingness to increase knowledge of Reggio Emilia 

Fluent in American Sign Language and written English.

New Mexico Licensure in Educational Administration or course work 
to meet requirements for Administrative Licensure.

NMSD Offers Competitive Salaries and Excellent Benefits.

Apply to: 
New Mexico School for the Deaf, 
1060 Cerrillos Road, 
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505,

(505) 476-6301.

Deadline: Open until filled.

NMSD is an EEO Employer


position opening
New Mexico School for the Deaf
Santa Fe, NM

Bachelor's Degree (Master's Degree preferred) in Deaf Education, 
Linguistics or related field.  Minimum of three (3) years 
experience teaching or related experience with deaf and/or hard 
of hearing students.

New Mexico Teaching License or ability to gain this credential.

Fluent ASL and English skills (additional Spanish or Navajo skills 
are desirable).

Deadline:  Open until filled.

Apply to: 
New Mexico School for the Deaf, 
1060 Cerrillos Road, 
Santa Fe, NM  87505,

(505) 476-6301.



position opening
New Mexico School for the Deaf
Santa Fe, NM

Bachelor's Degree (Master's Degree preferred) in Deaf Education 
or related field.  Minimum of three (3) years experience teaching 
or related experience with deaf and/or hard of hearing students.

NM Teacher licensure or ability to attain.

Fluent ASL and English skills (additional Spanish or Navajo skills 
are desirable).

Deadline:  Open until filled.

Apply to: 
New Mexico School for the Deaf, 
1060 Cerrillos Road, 
Santa Fe, NM 87505

(505) 476-6301.



position opening
Community Programs Director 
Deaf Independent Living Association
Salisbury, Maryland


Manage various programs for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing; 
such as Employment and Supportive Employment, Parent Support 
Group, Summer Camp, Interpreter Referral, Advocacy, 
Transportation, and other community based programs.

Develop action plans to achieve and meet programmatic goals 
and deadlines for various state, local and private grants 

Compile various program reports. Manage and supervise staff.

Bachelor's degree and fluency in American Sign Language 
required, Masters preferred. Must have excellent people, 
organizational and time management skills; professionally 
build teams among staff, be an initiator, detail oriented, 
organized, a problem solver; demonstrate strong leadership 
and supervisory skills and effectively delegate and follow 
up on assignments. Valid driver’s license required.

Agency pays 100% of employee's medical, disability and life 
insurance benefits, 75% of dental benefits, and offers 
excellent retirement benefits. AFLAC, Sam's Club, SECU 
Paid vacation, sick and personal leave.

Submit a cover letter, resume and three references to:

Deaf Independent Living Association, Inc. 
Human Resources Department 
806 Snow Hill Road
Salisbury, Maryland 21804

or fax to 410-543-4874.


(updated 2/8/09)

list of employment openings
various locations in Northern California

all positions open until filled

- Developer & Interpreter

- Job Developer & Interpreter
San Francisco

- Job Developer & Interpreter

- Executive Assistant (full time)
San Leandro

- Client Support Specialist/Family Life Educator (full-time)
San Leandro


E-Mail All Applications to


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