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DeafDigest Gold – August 26, 2012

DeafDigest Gold – August 26, 2012

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Last week’s ASL Videos with captions

This week’s ASL Videos with captions:

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HTC EVO[tm] 4G LTE at the Deaf Pager Store

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*Sprint 4G LTE network is expected in midyear 2012 in limited
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you’ll enjoy 3G coverage nationwide.

Find the HTC EVO[tm] 4G LTE at the Deaf Pager Store, the store with
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Deaf Cartoon (Fogey) of the week:


DeafDigest welcomes unique deafnews tips;

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Top stories about the deaf:

In India, Sangeeta Gala, a deaf woman, is getting notice
for her skills in training hearing actors to play deaf
roles.  DeafDigest is bothered about it – why not
train hearing directors to give deaf roles to deaf

In Wales, there is no sign language people tending
to the needs of deaf people in residential care
homes. This may change if the Welsh Assembly
enacts a motion to fund such positions.

$465,000 a year for sign language classes? This is
what a conservative group is complaining about the
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau spending that
much money.

The federal court in Massachusetts said that websites
are considered public accommodation, as far as ADA
is concerned. This means captions. And in a related
announcement, the FCC says videos must be captioned,
effective next month.

Gerry Hughes, who is deaf and from Scotland, is planning
to circle the world in his 42 foot yacht. He expects the
tour to last 5 months. He is not the first deaf person;
there have been a few before him.


Want to learn a new language in a deaf-friendly on-line context?

Gallaudet University is pleased to announce to the deaf community
the availability this fall of “Basic French I”.

For a descriptive flyer, navigate to:


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WCI. Your Single Source for Assistive Technology


About twenty years ago there was a soccer game
between Rhode Island School for the Deaf and Clarke
School for the Deaf.
This game was interesting because Rhode Island players
used ASL while Clarke players communicated orally.
The Rhode Island school invited the Clarke team to a
dinner after the game. The Clarke coach had his team
sit away far away from the Rhode Island group. The
Clarke players were not allowed to communicate with the
Rhode Island players.
Weird? Yes.

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2013 Deaf Seniors of America Baltimore conference

updates at:

(latest update – very important)


TTY was popular in the Deaf Community from the seventies
through the nineties.
It was a lucky invention. Why? Robert Weitbrecht, a deaf
man, loved to hike in the mountains in California. He
was hiking with a hearing friend. During the hike, another
group came nearby. A woman in that group overheard Weitbrecht’s
oral deaf voice and knew he was deaf. She came to him and
introduced herself as a mother of a deaf son.
Both groups chatted for a while, and Weitbrecht told the
woman that he loved to work on old TTY machines for radio
ham communications. She asked him – why not change the
radio ham TTY machine to deaf TTY machine?
The rest is history!

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Training for interpreters at no charge

Administered by Gallaudet’s GURIEC

Learn via on-line from your home

more information at:


Dr. Frank Lin, assistant professor of otolaryngology and epidemiology, John Hopkins University, said in a recent New York Times story, that loss of hearing may be the reason why older people fall down too often.
DeafDigest wonders if it is because of loss of balance while walking?

A school for the deaf is located in a city whose population is
The city officials have said the economic impact would be 100 jobs
with $65,000 per year salary per job. And that the annual school
utility bill is nearly $320,000 per year.
What school is it and what city is it and why is this being
brought up?
It is Iowa School for the Deaf (ISD) in Council Bluffs. It is being
brought up because the state pols are generating some noise
about closing up ISD for good. It would be the same fate that befell
the late Nebraska School for the Deaf, located 6 miles away across
the river.

(video with captions)

Do enjoy viewing that video! Sorry, this video may
not work with iPad.


International Catholic Deaf Association

visit it at:


embarrassed by the thought of having to wear an ugly, bulky hearing aid

bulky hearing aid? Do not know why that person made
that comment – because today’s hearing aids are
tiny compared to the hearing aids of years ago


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a newspaper headline said:

Doing deaf differently

Doing deaf differently? Hmm. There are individuals
with strange deafness cases. DeafDigest editor knows
of an individual who is either deaf or hearing
each day. He does not know when he wakes up if he is
deaf or his hearing (for that day alone). He is
a long time member of the Deaf Community, by the way.

…………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………..

Deaf Question of the Week:

Q. Why is it so difficult for deaf people to find jobs?

A. Difficult, yes, but not impossible. One must go out of
the box – willing to relocate to get employment, making
personal contacts instead of relying on newspaper
employment ads, be willing to look beyond the jobs
your schools have trained you for, be willing to take
jobs that no hearing person would be interested in, etc.

Very difficult to compete against the hearing herd all chasing the few open jobs.

Hint – plenty of jobs in North Dakota, but no one wants
to live there!

send your questions to

the most interesting questions may be answered in future DeafDigest editions. Thank you.


Rene Pellerin’s corner:


Going shopping is getting to be difficult for me.

However, there might be some simple solution to enhancing my shopping

While in the bright outdoors and then when we enter a store, it is
too dark for a long time.

It requires our eyes to “re-adjust to the new environment”

Here is a simple suggestion.

Go shopping in the evening and experience less hassle with vision

Reason….less need to “re-adjust our eyes”!

SSPs! You gonna go moonlighting!

Rene’s show business is now entering its 3rd year and it
focuses on the Deaf-Blind.

You can email him at


Wish List of the Week:

that hearing aid companies will stop preying on vulnerable
and elderly people



Year 1891 – Alexander Graham Bell and Edward Miner Gallaudet
both hated each other; during a Congressional appropriations
hearing, Bell opposed Gallaudet’s request for funding,
thinking Gallaudet wanted to accept deaf students in Deaf
Education program. Actually Gallaudet wanted to accept
hearing students in the graduate program, a fact that Bell did
not realize!


DeafNumbers of the Week:


hair cells in a human being’s inner ear. If just enough of these
hair cells are destroyed, the person becomes deaf!


Deaf College Athletes:

– Columbus State – Kristen Carr, fr, softball; team’s #4
pitcher; started 5 games; 2.10 ERA; 36.2 innings logged

– Florida Atlantic – Natasha Basma, jr, women’s tennis;
7-7 singles record as #2 and #3 player; 4-6 record in
doubles, rotating between 5 different partners and
back and forth between #1, #2 and #3 slots

– Hope – Jordan Carrigan, jr, baseball; team’s #1 reliever;
pitched 18 games; .0.73 ERA; 24.2 innings with 6 saves
(out of his team’s 24 wins); limited opponents to .227 BA

– Johnson & Wales – Joe Coppola, sr, baseball; hit .313
but only played 24 of his team’s 42 games, and was at
bat only 48 times

– Kutztown – Lauren Schlitt, so, women’s lacrosse;
played all 17 games, starting 13; scored 7 goals and
assisted on 6 goals

Deaf Elite Athletes:

– Joey Bell, Jr, Canada, MMA fighter; was disqualified
in his last match, just 2:07 in the first round

– David Byrnes, deaf auto racer, Utah; not too much
information on web sites, but has been racing this

– Matthew “Deaf Power” Calamare, Boston, MA, pro wrestler;
recently wrestled at an event at North Providence, RI

– Terrance Cantrell, state champion lifter, Utah; defending
state champions; owns state record for snatch, clean and jerk

– Tamika Catchings, Indiana Fever, WNBA; won gold with the
USA women’s basketball team in the Olympics; Fever’s leading
scorer at 17.8 points per game; trying to get ready for playoffs

Deaf Miscellaneous Sports:

Q. Roger Clemens, the notorious major league pitching
great, made a pitching comeback, at the age of 50, with the
Sugar Land Skeeters, an independent minor-league baseball team.
Who pitched for that team earlier this season?

A. It was Ryan Ketchner, who was attempting a comeback.
Unfortunately, he did not pitch well and was released after
a few games.

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–  Staff Interpreter –  Los Angeles, CA

–  Staff Interpreter – Bakersfield, CA

–  Staff Interpreter – Riverside, CA (Two positions)

To learn more about the above positions at GLAD, please go
to our website:

If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume
and application to:

Jeff Fetterman
Human Resources Manager
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
2222 Laverna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90041

V/TDD:  (323) 550-4207
Fax #:  (323) 550-4204



position announcement
Board Liaison/Presidential Support Specialist
Gallaudet University
Washington, DC

Provides high-level executive support to the President and the Board of Trustees; coordinates the activities of the Board; responsible for all meeting logistics; coordinates the processing of correspondence regarding sponsorship requests and responds on behalf of the President; provides high-level executive support to the Office of the President and the Board of Trustees for a variety of other special projects, events, and requests, as assigned.  Serves as a member of institutional committees as requested.

Reports directly to the President.

For more information, go to:

or contact the Human Resources Office at 202-651-5352.

Application deadline is 9/7/12


job announcement
Interpreter for staff member
Andrews PK-8 School
Hampton, VA

Please Note:  You must upload all documents required in the “How to
Apply” section at the bottom of the posting.

Supervisor:  Dr. Donna Warthan, Principal

Employment term:  7.5 hours/day; 10 months  (teacher’s work schedule)

Salary H-16:  Hourly Hiring Range $21.61 — $27.51 (for level 3 or

Brief Description Serves as an interpreter for a staff member to facilitate
communication between staff member and hearing staff, parents and

Detailed Description
*  Interprets information from spoken English into sign language
and/or cued speech.
*  Interprets classroom and school building procedures into sign
*  Interprets for teacher with other students and with school
*  Performs related work as required, or assigned.

Job Requirements
*  Graduation from high school (college degree desirable)
supplemented by course work or training to achieve competency in
English and two languages–ASL and SEE, or cued English speech as
appropriate; or any equivalent combination of education and
experience that would provide the above noted knowledge, skill,
and ability.
*  National Certification by Registry of Interpreter for the Deaf
(RID) or Language Translator Skills Certificate (TSC).
*  Virginia Quality Assurance Screening (VQAS) level 3 or higher
*  Continued technical and specific training is necessary to
maintain the level of proficiency required.
*  Good organizational, human relations, and communication skills.
*  Some knowledge of content taught.
*  Some knowledge of RID code of conduct.
*  Competency in English and sign languages–ASL and SEE, and/or
cued speech.
*  Ability to establish rapport and to communicate effectively with
students, parents, and school personnel.
*  Adheres to Code of Ethics as appropriate in an educational

How To Apply Please upload the following documents (.pdf or .doc format):
*  Resume (required)
*  2 professional written letters of reference (recommended to be
uploaded with application; required at employment offer)
*  Certification (recommended to be uploaded with application;
required at employment offer)
Only complete applications will be considered.

Employment is contingent upon successful completion of a FBI
fingerprint check and a Child Protective Services background check.

Hampton City Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race,
color, national origin, gender, disability, or age in its programs and
activities.  The following person has been designated to handle
inquiries regarding employee related non-discrimination policies:

Executive Director, HR
Hampton City Schools
1 Franklin Street, Hampton, VA 23669

(757) 727-2300


position openings
The Learning Center for the Deaf
Framingham, MA

Desktop & Systems Support Specialist

Teacher (Walden School)

Residential Counselor

Overnight Residential Counselor

Submit resume online at or email

Please include a complete application packet which includes
a cover letter, resume, application (found on website) as
well as three references and/or three letters of recommendation.

HR Department
The Learning Center for the Deaf
848 Central Street
Framingham, MA 01701


Job Announcement
Supervising Teacher II
California School for the Deaf at Riverside

Final filing date: until filled

California Department of Education

Area:    Student Services
Tenure:  Limited Term

Mal Grossinger, Site Superintendent Time Base :    Full Time

Work Schedule
This position is employed 194 working days per school year from mid-August through late June.

Description: Under the direction of the Director of Student Services, the Supervisor of Counseling and Speech Services oversees and supervises the general operations of both the Speech and Counseling Services Departments at CSDR.

–    Supervise Counseling, Social Work and Speech and Audiological staff in conducting evaluations and providing services for assigned department/ student caseloads.
–    Consultation with staff, parents and community organizations related to student needs and intervention.
–    Review student referrals to determine appropriate services to be administered. –    Attend Super Cabinet and Student Services staff meetings to discuss issues related to school support services as well as general school wide issues.
–    Conduct Counseling and Speech Services staff meetings to share general school wide information with department and to discuss issues specific to the department.
–    Weekly individual clinical supervision with counseling staff on students who have or need designated instructional services.  Assist staff in providing family and parent intervention as needed.
–    Attend IDT, IEP, and other staff meetings on campus as needed.
–    Supervise Counseling and Speech Services secretary in the overall operations of the department.
–    Oversee school wide Character Counts and Preventative Education programs.
–    Review all written communications of staff that is provided for IEP meetings, letters and reports that are requested of other agencies.
–    Supervise and place college interns with appropriate mentors and complete all required documentation and evaluations required by the universities/colleges.
–    Serve as a Disaster Team Leader for the Counseling staff in all practice drills and in the event of disaster.

Required Qualifications: –    Possession of a Master’s Degree in School Counseling, Administration,  or the equivalent
–    Possession of a California Pupil Personnel Credential (PPS) with authorization as a School Counselor or Clinical License (LMFT, LCSW, LPC) or the equivalent
–    Fluency in American Sign Language (ASL) and in standard written English
–    Knowledge of Deaf Culture and Community
–    Possession of/or eligibility for an Administrative Credential

Desired Qualifications: –    Training in PAWS and CPI techniques and strategies
–    Knowledge of California state laws and procedures
–    Minimum of 5 years. experience in Counseling, Social Work, Mental Health, or Human Services with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students
–    Minimum of 2 years supervising college interns, clinical license interns or school staff
–    Some knowledge of speech and audiology needs of Deaf and  Hard of hearing students

Salary:    Monthly  $5,392 – $7,223*
*Plus $400 per month or $4800 annually Recruitment & Retention Pay
*Plus $100 per month or $1200 annually upon passing a bilingual fluency examination or upon providing a certified passing score on the ASLPI

Conditions of Employment:
Pre-employment background checks, fingerprints, tuberculosis test, and verification of transcripts and credentials.

How to Apply:
Submit a completed Employee School Application, official transcripts, and copies of credential(s) to:

California School for the Deaf, Riverside 3044 Horace Street
Riverside, CA  92506
Attention:  Jennie Machado
Director of Student Services

Applications are accessible on the Internet ( ) in the CSDR Jobs Section, Instructional Application link, or by contacting Mariann Kambouris at (951) 248-7700 ext. 1115 (Voice).

California state government an affirmative action employer-equal
opportunity to all regardless of race, color, creed, national origin,
ancestry, gender, marital status, disability, religion or political
affiliation, age or gender orientation.


Job Announcement
Athletic Director
California School for the Deaf at Riverside

Final filing date: until filled

California Department of Education

Position:       Teacher Specialist

Area:   Physical Education
Tenure:  Limited Term and/or Permanent

Mal Grossinger, Site Superintendent
Time Base :     Full Time

The Teacher Specialist is employed 194 working days per school year, from mid-August through late June.  The Teacher Specialist is responsible for the Physical Education Curriculum and after-school athletic activities for the school.

General Duties: –    Scheduling games and other events with other schools
–    Recommending/choosing coaches
–    Ensuring that all qualifying conditions are met for each sport
–    Arranging activities for home athletic events
–    Provide leadership in the development, implementation, coordination and evaluation of curricula related to Physical Education.

Required Qualifications: –    Fluency in expressive and receptive American Sign Language (ASL): and –    Possession of a Bachelor’s Degree, and possession of, or eligibility for, a valid California Credential.

Desired Qualifications: –    3 years prior full time, working experience in the area of athletics.
–    Strong planning, organizational and interpersonal skills.
.    Knowledge of Varsity and Junior Varsity programs, league, CIF and related organizations; rules and policies.
–    Ability to communicate effectively in standard written English.
–    Experience in curriculum development and Physical Education Standards.

Salary: Monthly* – $4,885 – $6,550
*Plus $400 per month or $4800 annually Recruitment & Retention Pay
*Plus $100 per month or $1200 annually upon passing a bilingual fluency examination or upon providing a certified passing score on the ASLPI

Conditions of Employment:
Pre-employment background checks, fingerprints, tuberculosis test and verification of transcripts and credentials.

How to Apply:
Submit a completed Employee School Application, official transcripts and copies of credential(s) to:

California School for the Deaf, Riverside
3044 Horace Street
Riverside, CA 92506
Attention: Alyce Berard
Director of Instruction

Applications are accessible on the Internet ( ) in the CSDR Jobs Section, Instructional Application link, or by contacting Personnel at (951) 248-7700 ext. 1115 (Voice)

California state government an affirmative action employer-equal
opportunity to all regardless of race, color, creed, national origin,
ancestry, gender, marital status, disability, religion or political
affiliation, age or gender orientation.


Job Posting
Executive Director
Deaf-Hearing Communication Centre
Swarthmore, PA

Deaf-Hearing Communication Centre (DHCC) is an innovative, non-profit
organization with a mission to promote equal communication accessibility
and cultural awareness for Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing individuals
through our highly respected and much utilized sign language interpreting
services. In addition, we provide CART services, sign language classes,
workshops, sensitivity training and advocacy. We are located near
Philadelphia and serve southeastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and
northern Delaware.

DHCC is searching for a charismatic and dynamic leader to manage our
sustainability and growth. The Executive Director is responsible for
ensuring day-to-day operations including human resources and financial
management, fundraising, public relations and community development. The
successful candidate will possess exemplary skills in organizational,
business and program development. Furthermore, this person must be a
skilled communicator with a passion for DHCC’s mission who can build
partnerships with key stakeholders including Board of Directors, staff,
consumers and interpreters.

-Master’s degree in business, community development, non-profit
management or public administration. Consideration given to other degrees
with appropriate experience

-Minimum of five years experience in a senior management position

-Financial management experience with multi-million dollar budgets

-Proven experience with public relations and fundraising

-Fluent user of American Sign Language (ASL)

-Experience with Deaf and hard of hearing communities and
knowledge of related organizations

-Experience with presentations, program development and community

-Excellent communication skills and strong written English

-Comprehensive analytical, strategic thinking and problem-solving skills
·Excellent organization and interpersonal skills

-Collaborative management style and effective team player

Application Deadline: September 15, 2012 or until filled.

Send resume and cover letter, including salary requirements to:

Mr. Larry Brick
Chair of Search Committee
Deaf-Hearing Communication Centre (DHCC)
630 Fairview Road, Suite 100
Swarthmore, PA 19081

Fax: 610 604-0456 Email:

For more information about DHCC and the detailed job description visit


many open positions The Learning Center for the Deaf
Framingham, MA

Secondary Secretary (Full-time)

Secondary English Teacher

Elementary Teacher

Secondary Classroom Assistant

Elementary Classroom Assistant

Coordinator of Professional Licensing, Staff Development and Program Quality

Desktop & Systems Support Specialist

School Counselor

Substitute Teacher

Substitute Classroom Assistant

Child Care Worker – Overnight

Child Care Worker – Residential

Child Care Worker – Day

ILS Specialist

Recreational Specialist

Relief Worker (Child Care Worker Substitute)

Walden School Teacher

Family Partner (Part-time)

Therapeutic Mentor (Part-time)

Submit resume online at or email

Please include a complete application packet which includes
a cover letter, resume, application (found on website) as
well as three references and/or three letters of recommendation.

HR Department
The Learning Center for the Deaf
848 Central Street
Framingham, MA 01701


position opening
Illinois School for the Deaf
Jacksonville, IL

position description, qualifications and application procedures at:


open positions
Austine School for the Deaf
Brattleboro, Vermont

Due to an expanding program we are looking for dedicated
professionals to provide support and services to Deaf & Hard of
Hearing students. We are now interviewing all qualified applicants
for the following positions.

– Speech – Language Pathologist
Location: Brattleboro, VT
Time Base: part time

– Residential Advisors:
Location: Brattleboro, VT
Time base: All shifts; including Overnight shifts & weekends

Qualifications: Bachelors Degree or High School Graduate & 21 years
of age

Effective communication skills to include ASL.

Willingness to receive CPR, First Aid and Restraint Training.

Willingness to learn behavior management techniques

Understands the uniqueness and development of Deaf & Hard of Hearing students

Responsibilities:  Enhance social and interpersonal relationships among the student

Assist in the development and implementation of proactive, preventative residential
programs which help students develop into healthy well- rounded individuals.

– Nursing Position (RN or LPN)
Location: Brattleboro, VT
Time Base: part-time and per-diem

Medication Administration
Direct Student care
Scheduling of Doctors appointments, medication reordering
Documentation of student care
TEAM nursing approach

– Educational Interpreters
Location:  Brattleboro, VT
Time Base: Full-time & part-time.

Please send letter of interest & resume to:

Kelly Therieau
Austine School for the Deaf
209 Austine Dr
Brattleboro, VT 05301
Fax# 802-258-9574


Administrative Assistant Position with DHHS

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (DHHS) Metro office has an immediate
opening for a permanent, part-time Office and Administrative Specialist,
Intermediate (OASI) position.

All interested candidates must post their resume on the Minnesota
Management and Budget website at:  Click on State
Careers in the upper left hand corner and create your online resume, then
apply for this position using the RB#: 12DHS001294.

If there are questions about this position, contact Marie Koehler at or at one of the numbers listed below.

Marie Koehler, Regional Manager

Office Location:
85 East 7th Place, Suite 105 St. Paul, MN
Mailing Address:
444 Lafayette Rd. St Paul, MN 55155-3814

651-431-5964 (Voice)
651-964-1514 (VP)
888-206-6513 (TTY)
651-431-7587 (FAX)

MEMA Program Coordinators

Agency Name: Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency Official Title:
Program Coordinators Functional Title: Access and Functional Needs
Planner Occupational Group: Not Used Position Type: Contracted
Full-Time or Part-Time: Full-Time Salary Range: $34.00 to $34.00 Hourly
Bargaining Unit: N/A Shift: Day Confidential: No Number Of Vacancies:
2 City/Town: Framingham Region: CENTRAL Facility Location: 400
Worcester Rd., Framingham, MA 01702 Application Deadline: 08-27-2012
Apply Online: No Posting ID: J31951
This position is funded from federal grant funds. Duties:
The Access and Functional Needs Planner will provide planning services
and support to review, identify, and develop emergency plans that
include considerations for access and functional needs populations.*
The Access and Functional Needs Planner is responsible for the
coordination, development, and integration of access and functional
needs considerations into the Commonwealth’s comprehensive,
all-hazard emergency planning efforts, including the statewide
comprehensive emergency management plan (CEMP) and its emergency
support function (ESF) annexes, functional annexes, hazard specific
annexes, nuclear response plans for nuclear power plants in or
bordering Massachusetts, and other plans or procedures to be developed.
Reporting to the Planning Unit Manager, the specific duties of the
Access and Functional Needs planner will include:

• Consistent with guiding principles and law, ensure MEMA access
and functional needs planning efforts comply with Presidential Executive
Order #13347, the Stafford Act, the Post-Katrina Emergency Management
Reform Act (PKEMRA), Title VI of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964,
the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), and the
Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (RA); FEMA guidance documents.

• Review, develop and integrate access and functional needs
planning into the Commonwealth’s comprehensive emergency management
plan (CEMP) and its emergency support function (ESF) annexes,
functional annexes, hazard specific annexes, nuclear response plans,
and other emergency management plans.

• Identify methods for achieving delivery of access and functional
needs support services.

• Provide planning guidance and technical assistance to MEMA staff,
state agencies, and local emergency management agencies for providing
for access and needs.

• Work collaboratively with state, federal, local, non-profit, and
other organizations representing access and functional needs
populations to develop appropriate emergency plans.

• Working collaboratively with the planning unit, improve
integration of access and functional needs support services in all
current and future statewide emergency planning initiatives. The access
and functional needs planner must:

• Be able to apply basic computer knowledge and experience, to
include Microsoft Office, Excel, and PowerPoint, and willingness to
learn advanced applications.

• Have his/her own personal transportation to and from work or
assigned locations.

• Be able to work harmoniously with others and work well as part of
a planning team.

• Perform related all-hazards emergency management planning work as
required or assigned.
The access and functional needs planner may be required to:

• Support the State Emergency Operations Center during drills,
exercises and emergency activations.

• Work nights and weekends in the event of a disaster or emergency.

• Travel for job-related purposes and work weekends and nights as

* Access and functional needs populations are those who may have
specific requirements for support before, during, and after an
emergency, including, but not limited to maintaining independence,
communication, access to information, transportation, and medical care.
Access and functional needs populations may include individuals with
disabilities, persons living in institutionalized settings, the elderly,
children, people from diverse cultures, individuals who do not speak
English fluently, and individuals without access to transportation.

Please see Preferred Qualifications

Preferred Qualifications:
Required Education and Experience:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Management, Urban and Regional
Planning, Urban Studies, or Public Administration/Policy and Four Years
Experience in Emergency Management Planning. Masters Degree in Urban
and Regional Planning, Urban Studies, Emergency Management, Public
Administration, or Public Policy may be substituted for two (2) years
of experience in Emergency Management Planning.

Preferred Knowledge and Experience:

• Knowledge of Emergency Management Planning Principles and
Techniques to include CPG-101.

• Professional experience in working with the access and functional
needs populations.

This is a contractor position. There are no state benefits with
contractor positions.

The positions are for the FY13 fiscal year ending on June 30, 2013.
Positions may be renewed contingent upon funding and/or operational
needs of the agency.

Applicants will be subject to, and must pass a Criminal Offender
Records Information (CORI) check.

How To Apply:
Please send two copies of cover letter and resume to:

Debra Durling
Human Resources Director
Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
400 Worcester Road
Framingham, MA 01702


Email Cover Letter and Resume to:


Agency Web Address: <>
Diversity Officer:
Ms. Ann McCarthy (508) 820-2000

An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Females, minorities,
veterans, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to

AccessibleSTL Manager

Basic Function

Responsible for the coordination and management of the AccessibleSTL
program. Will coordinate activities including: recruiting companies and
organizations to join the AccessibleSTL movement, promote Paraquad
training programs and ADA assessment services, solicit major gifts from
corporate program partners.


•Coordinate a comprehensive development program that generates memberships
from corporations, foundations and regional organizations.

•Identify, prioritize, cultivate, solicit, recognize and steward all major
donors and prospects.

•Build and sustain relationships with current, new and potential
institutional and individual AccessibleSTL member organizations.

•Collaborate with staff to ensure that all publications, website, and
communications include AccessibleSTL program focused content.

•Coordinate recognition activities and communications to ensure proper
recognition of all major gifts

•Manage direct mail and direct marketing efforts and the development of
materials to solicit and cultivate donors and partner prospects.

•Provide organizational information and support to all inquiries; provides
information on status of solicitation efforts; and follow up with
inquiries as needed.

•Track all program participants and maintain their records and information
on the AccessibleSTL web page.

•Provide monthly reports on status of solicitation efforts.

•Coordinate and schedule public/private speaking engagements for the
Director and/or Manager.

•Understanding of and commitment to the independent living philosophy.

•Obtain required advocacy points per year.

•Perform other related duties as assigned.

•Complete all mandatory trainings per fiscal year.

•Successfully complete ADA assessment training.

Skills Required

High Level of Organization Attention to Detail

Excellent Written Communication Excellent Oral Communication

Professionalism Team Oriented Leadership

Computer Literacy in Microsoft and Database Environment

Education and Training

•Bachelors degree in related field


•Knowledge of real estate, construction and universal design preferred.

•Five+ years experience related to sales and marketing or development in a
nonprofit or corporate setting.

Please mail cover letter and resume to:

c/o Kay Tucker
5240 Oakland Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63110

or email the cover letter and resume to:


Hard of Hearing Assistant for SLC area

The State of Utah Division of Services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is
seeking individuals with hearing loss experience to teach educational
classes for people who are hard of hearing and their partners.  A
comprehensive training and materials will be provided.  This is a
part-time position (15-20 hours a month).

The person hired for this position will be trained to:

ü teach Coping Skills, Lipreading, basic sign language class (CASE), and
Living with Hearing Loss classes

ü assist senior citizens and others with hearing loss

ü provide presentations (with approval) related to the needs of people
with hearing loss

ü educate others about assistive technology and resources

ü be a peer mentor to others with hearing loss

ü help individuals with employment issues related to hearing loss

Hands-on training for working one-on-one with people will also be
providers.  Our goal is to have a network of trained individuals
throughout the state to identify hard of hearing individuals, who are
isolated and may not be aware of available services, provide information
on equipment and resources, and teach classes.

Applications are available from Robin Traveller, or
call 801-263-4879.  The deadline to apply for this position is September
14, 2012.  No late applications will be accepted after that date.

Chilton Shelby Group Home- Mental Health Technician – Deaf Services\


Job Description

Mental Health Technician
Deaf Services Group Home
Clanton, AL

Relief Positions Available
On Day, Evening, and Night Shifts

Candidates must possess proficiency in American Sign Language.


1.Provide personal, direct care for consumers with mental illness
diagnosis who are also deaf or hard-of-hearing.
2.Pass medications under the direction of a Medical Assistance LPN.
3.Provide transportation to day habilitation and/or consumer
4.Provide basic living skills training and assistance.
5.Provide communication assistance to the consumers through the use of
Sign Language or language of the consumer’s preference. Ensure that
consumers have access to assistance by a qualified interpreter.
6.Maintain policy of confidentiality.

Job Requirements


*High School Diploma or equivalent required
*Current AL Driver License and safe driving record
*Fluent in Sign Language as demonstrated through the Sign Language
Proficiency Interview. A score of Intermediate Plus level or greater is
*Prior experience serving clients who are deaf or hard-of-hearing
*Prior experience working with clients with mental illness or
disabilities preferred.
*Excellent customer service skills and professionalism required.


Interpreter – Alabama School for the Deaf

we are recruiting for a full time position for a certified interpreter
with mentoring experience to run our internship program at Community
Outreach Program for the Deaf in Albuquerque, NM. If you know of anyone
who might be qualified and interested, direct them to me for more info,
they can access the job announcement at click on Interpreter
IV Coordinator Intern Mentee Program

New England Homes for the Deaf has an opening for a Contract or Per-diem
ASL Teacher. We are understanding and supportive of Deaf and Deafblind
culture. We invite you to come and be a valued part of our team and
assist us in further expanding and reaching our goals!

Description and Requirements:

The ideal candidate for this position will be ASLTA or equivalently
certified. The ASL teacher will teach ASL to employees at all levels.
The teacher may also provide one on one tutoring as needed.

We operate a state-of-the-art independent living facility and rest
home/skilled nursing center that meets the needs of Deaf and Deafblind
seniors. For more information please visit us at

New England Homes for the Deaf is an equal opportunity employer and
provides a drug free workplace. Please email your resume to <> .

You may also fax your resume to (978) 774-0271 or apply in person at 154
Water Street, Danvers, MA 01923.

Kathryn H. Melanson

New England Homes for the Deaf, Inc.

154 Water Street, Danvers, MA 01923 <>

978-774-0445 ext. 251


other deaf-related jobs


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