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DeafDigest Gold – August 28, 2011

DeafDigest Gold – August 28, 2011

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– What the stories are saying about the deaf?

Janelle Crowley is the Human Resources director for the
Special Education District, McHenry County in Illinois.
She was honored by her peers in a recent ceremony. She was praised for leading by example and that her actions
speak louder than her words. Janelle is deaf and has
been deaf all her life, but functions as a hearing person.

Ever so vigilant regarding scams targeted at the Deaf Community,
the SEC has issued another warning for us to be aware that
Imperia Invest is still a menace despite cease and desist
order. SEC is saying that other scams are changing their
names but which is still similar to the Imperia company

– Very Hot News

Will we be having 2013 Deaflympics? Original hosts Greece
decided against it. It was hoped that Turkey would host, but the nation also decided against it. This was announced
in a newspaper story.

– Thursday August 25th

Ken Murray, not deaf, is a columnist with the Boston
Examiner, a free handout newspaper. He wrote in his

And you just never see a film where deaf actors are principal characters who are equally part of the plot

Murray does not know what he is talking about. Marlee
Matlin won an Oscar Best Actress in a Leading Role
for her Sarah character in the Children of a Lesser God

– Friday August 26th

Scott Simser, a deaf attorney in Ontario, has announced his
candidacy in the Carleton-Mississippi Mills election.
He represents the Carleton-Mississippi Mills Green Party.
It is his first attempt at a public election.

– Saturday August 27th

After seeing a deaf co-worker deal with frustrations in
trying to communicate with hearing people in Port Macquarie
in Australia, Natalie Brondsema, not deaf, came up with an idea. She is helping host a community forum in hopes of making stores
and shops more deaf friendly. So far, the reception from the
hearing sector has been positive.


Deaf Miscellaneous stuff:

After being badly beaten up in his last match,
Deaf Ultimate Fighter Matt Hamill announced his
retirement. But has he changed his mind? His
trainer gave a hint during a recent interview.


Live in a NEW home designed just for YOU. 

APACHE ASL TRAILS is designed for the Deaf, Hard of
Hearing & Deaf/Blind. 

Located at 2428 E. Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ, it is under
construction and will be completed this summer 2011. 

Visit our website –
for more information and details. 

APPLY NOW for occupancy in summer 2011. 

Contact Katie Voss at 414.937.5903, Darlene Piszczek
at 414.615.0109 and Judy Mohan who will be the Apache ASL Trails
manager at 480.305.0221. 

Also, for more photos, visit us at Facebook!/pages/Apache-ASL-Trails/124427560910082


7th Annual World Deaf Poker Tournament

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Hosted by Southern Nevada Silver Knights, a 501-C3 non profit
organization. All net proceeds go to Deaf Charities

more information on tournament and rules:


For postings, announcements and employment ad rates,
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A deaf man went to the hospital emergency
room, needing medical attention. No interpreter
was available.
At the same time, a hearing woman brought
her deaf husband to the operating room.
The emergency room receptionist saw the
hearing woman signing to her husband, and
immediately used her as the interpreter for
the other deaf man.
The hearing woman protested but was forced
to interpret for a deaf man who was a stranger
to her!

– for ASL News version, please visit:

(for your convenience, video links are posted on top
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3rd Biennial National Council of Hispanio Deaf and Hard of Hearing Conference

September 13-16, 2012
Austin, Texas

more information at:


A deaf person worked at the HelpDesk of his
government agency. Deafness was not a problem; he
used the computer chat to deal with the clients
to help solve their problems.
That deaf person wanted to transfer to another
HelpDesk job at a different government agency.
They told him they could not hire him because of
his deafness!
Huh. One government agency telling him deafness
is fine at a HelpDesk while another government
agency telling him a deaf person cannot work at a

– for ASL News version, please visit:

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Workshops for Deaf Professionals Offered in ASL
Rochester, New York

*NEW* blended online/on-campus workshop added to the summer schedule “Preparing for the Comp TIA A+ Certification Exams!”

Technical training workshops related to Business, English, Engineering, Graphic Communication, and Information Technology offered in sign language at RIT/NTID in Rochester, New York.

Financial assistance is available for RIT/NTID alumni.  Please email project leader, Donna Lange at for more information.

*NEW* Preparing for the Comp TIA A+ Certification Exams – Blended Workshop

Online:    August 22-September 16, 2011

DiiT provides up-to-the-minute technical training in an all sign environment.  Workshop participants get the benefit of direct interaction with the instructors without the need for interpreters that most professional workshops require.  All workshops are held at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York.  To register for any of the workshops listed below, download a Workshop Registration Form by visiting or call 585-475-7545 (Voice or TTY).  For more information, visit the DiiT Web site at or contact the project director, Donna Lange at or 585-475-5620 (Voice or TTY).


Lara Spencer, not deaf, is an anchor with the Good Morning America TV show.
One morning she wore green dress, forgetting
the green screen background. Because of camera
trick effects, her head was seen floating around.
Can’t happen with the deaf – re wrong color
with wrong background? Think again – how many
interpreters have worn wrong colors that clashed
with the backgrounds, making impossible for us,
the deaf, to follow the interpreting?

Applicants for jobs at Illinois School for the Deaf had to go through red tape. The school is
located in Jacksonville, but the state capital
is located in Springfield.
This has changed as Gov. Pat Quinn agreed
to give more hiring powers to the school without
having to rely on the Springfield people.
The governor said:

Some of the people involved in hiring didn’t know anything about educating deaf children

(all videos are captioned)

Do enjoy viewing that video! All videos,
old and new, are always captioned.

We have many, many organizations, international,
national and local that serve deaf and hard of hearing people.
One such organization is:

Minnesota Association of Deaf Citizens


A service agency serving the deaf operated
an informational booth at a local senior citizens
fair in a small town.
The fair was to advise senior citizens of their
needs – medicare, social security, housing issues,
etc, etc.
The most common comment among these senior
citizens upon visiting a deaf service agency

I do not have a hearing loss

Said the agency director:
We get a lot of denials among senior citizens sadly


A hearing aid makes people think I’m incompetent to
do anything


For postings, announcements and employment ad rates, please

for Special Notes, please go to the bottom of this



A newspaper story said:

he was diagnosed with severe deafness

Huh? Deafness as in being severe, or is it one of
4 types of deafness – mild, moderate, severe and

…………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………..

*Year-round American Sign Language Master Tutor Lessons via Web-Cam or VP*

Certified American Sign Language Master Deaf Tutor available to any long
distance ASL student who has a high speed internet and a web-cam or a
video-phone (Ojo, VP-200).

Local students in Colorado are welcome also.

– Letter Writing Service also available through videophone for Deaf
customers needing assistance in writing informal or formal letters to
friends, families or business.

$10 per page.

Monday to Friday . 10am to 6pm. (MST)

For more information and rates go to:

– Pah! For fun I Also provide:
Private Tarot Readings done via IM or VP-200 in ASL!

3 Card Reading – $20.00
Full Card Reading – $47.00
One Question per reading only.

*Entertainment only – age 18 and up only.

(new web site)

Advanced appointments required – first come, first served.

If you refer a new ASL student – you’ll get $5.00 off in your next lesson!

Email: ASLtarot@


33rd World’s Largest Silent Weekend / Interpreter Conference
June 28-July 1, 2012 in Orlando, Florida — 180 hours of classes
for interpreters, ASL & ITP teachers and students.

The Florida Hotel offers free parking (some conferences
charge up to $36 per day) and free in-room internet (some hotels
charge $12.95 per day).

The huge Florida Mall has an enormous food court offering
you complete meals for as little as $5.99 (some conference hotels
charge $8 just for a hot dog).

Frequent presenters include Peter Cook, Crom Saunders,
Trix Bruce, Keith Wann, Shannon Simon, and 20 other highly
regarded presenters.

There will be language-focused and interpreting-focused classes with
most having RID CEUs applied for.

Many vendors will have a huge variety of items available.  With many
classes having breaks hourly, there will be an exciting and dynamic
all-day flow of participants in the exhibit area.

See for more information and for
registration plus a video clip of last year’s Silent Weekend.
You can register for 2012 at only $149!


ASL and Interpreting DVDs

Go to for DVDs for ASL students and
interpreters.  Over 30 titles include two brand new ones — Math
Signs and Science Signs by Shannon Simon!   Other DVDS include stories
in ASL, ASL grammar, songs, interpreter information, etc.

10th Annual Florida-Alaska Motorcycle Benefit Run

This is the World’s Longest Group Motorcycle Benefit
Run. Purpose of funds is to help families of deaf babies
served by SKIHI.  The 2011 trip will begin July 16, 2011.

See for daily videos!


Hot DeafNews boring, but important!

The Stoke-on-Trent City (UK) council wanted to cut
services for the deaf children. The National Deaf­Children’s Society filed a lawsuit, and the High Court ruled in their


Deaf Question of the Week:

Q. Why do hearing people hate captions?

A. Good question – maybe they don’t want to be reminded
of their slowly deteriorating hearing; maybe they look
on it as a distraction.

send your questions to

the most interesting questions may be answered in future DeafDigest editions. Thank you.


Rene Pellerin’s corner: 

Here is a good video on how we, the vision impaired, see. 
It is not perfect but a good simulation.

Click the link to view the video:

Rene has started a new show business, focusing on
the Deaf-Blind.

You can email him at


Wish List of the Week:

Wherever there is bedlam – earthquakes in Washington, DC,
a big fire, a bus accident, then we, the deaf, would know
what is going on. We do not have interpreters or visual
captions to tell us what the public emergency officials
are saying on their bull horns.



Year 1937 – A movie “Brides of Sulu” was made. It was
Philippines’ first-ever deaf movie.


DeafNumbers of the Week:


deaf military service members in Israel


DeafLibrary Resources

a list of deaf individuals that have won elections to
public offices


DeafDigest Sports

is at:

do visit that site to take a look for yourself

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position openings
– Overnight Supervisor
– Teacher
Walden School
Framingham, MA

– Overnight Supervisor

– Teacher

Please send resumes to:
The Learning Center for the Deaf
848 Central Street
Framingham, MA 01701

email resume:
apply online:


job announcement Agency Director
COPD Albuquerque
Albuquerque, NM

STATUS            Exempt

PRIMARY FUNCTION: Manages all aspects of Southwest Community Services. (SCS) Community Outreach Program for the Deaf (COPD) – New Mexico to include budget development, staff management, policy development, contract/license compliance, grant/contract proposal development and property/lease management.  Position assures a local presence for the interpreting program in New Mexico through working with the interpreting community, Deaf community and funding partners to ensure continual quality services to the local community.  Assists SCS. Executive Director with organizational structure development, strategic planning, fiscal operations and fundraising activities. Works with the Operations Director to assure local interpreting needs and structure are met.  May perform other duties as assigned.

–    Assists in formulating administrative and operational policies needed for agency and SCS
–    Oversees the daily operation of the agency, contracts and collections processes; quality of services and billing processes
–    Develops and refines organizational structure for service delivery
–    Assists in the selection of training and supervision of staff, interns and volunteers
–    Develops yearly budget, oversees revenue/expenditures, and tracks billing processes
–    Assists in the preparation of fiscal and programmatic reports, as needed
–    Oversees agency billing, collections and expenses processes
–    Works with professionals and members of the Deaf Community to maintain an Agency Advisory Board
–    Oversees and supervises the COPD-NM Interpreting, Vocational, Deaf-Blind Services and Client Service Departments, as well as all services offered at COPD-New Mexico
–    Partners with the Agency board in the establishment of priorities and goal setting for COPD-NM
–    Works with the interpreting community to assure quality programming and best practices
–    Works as a team with the SCS Super Center to assure quality interpreting in New Mexico
–    Works throughout the state to determine issues and concerns affecting Deaf persons and persons with a hearing loss in the areas of interpreting, independent living, vocational services, Deaf-Blind and other hearing loss populations and services
–    Works as part of the SCS Executive Director’s team to assure that local New Mexico issues and concerns are reviewed
–    Works with the Operations Director to assure continual quality interpreting and that operations are effective
–    Provides information for continual growth of interpreting services
–    Conducts monthly Board meetings
–    Facilitates community involvement and sets a responsive tone with staff, the community, and Board members
–    Works as a team in development of reports that determine continual adherence to productivity measurement and monthly fill rates and works with the team to develop procedures to accomplish stated recommendations
–    Consults with agencies regarding professional and ethical conduct of contract interpreters
–    Evaluates interpreter services and develops recommendations of changes based on community needs and service operation; shares information with the Executive Director and Director of Operations for future planning
–    Provides information to the Agency Advisory Board regarding all aspects of COPD-NM services
–    Assists in policy and program development
–    Assures that staff are aware, trained and knowledgeable of CCS and SCS policies
–    Assists in the preparation of grants and contract proposals
–    Develops and performs staff, program and agency evaluations
–    Plans project and grant activities to assure that goals and objectives are met in a systematic and timely fashion
–    Manages contracts and grants related to Vocational Rehabilitation, private foundations and other governmental entities
–    Develops and prepares required contract monitoring reports for all agency programs
–    Works with the community to provide education on deafness and to develop private funding sources
–    Acts as a liaison to other community agencies
–    Communicates all contractual, staff and funding issues with Executive Director
–    Works with New Mexico Community leaders at the Commission, Governor’s Council, Vocational Rehabilitation and other stakeholders to assure continued development of programs to address the needs of consumers with a hearing loss
–    Ensures that all programs, services and staff actions adhere to contract requirements, licensing and accreditation standards, and CCS Personnel Policies and Procedures
–    Develops methods of assessing staffing patterns needed, productivity and the quality of services provided
–    Responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, evaluating, providing constructive performance feedback and separating employees
–    Plans, organizes and leads staff meetings
–    May drive agency or personal vehicle on company business

–    Bachelor’s in Rehabilitation, Business, Public Administration, Social Science, Social Work or Education
–    5 years of professional/technical experience in personnel administration, rehabilitation, social work or employment services with a broad knowledge of occupational information
–    5 years of experience supervising and managing a community service program
–    3 years of experience analyzing budgetary information
–    3 years of experience in proposal and grant writing
–    Proven strong communication skills . oral and written are clear, concise, and in an organized fashion using appropriate style, grammar and tone
–    Fluency in American Sign Language
–    Ability to work with a diverse group of people, establishing positive relationships
–    Pass drug screening
–    Valid New Mexico Driver License, proof of insurance and New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division Motor Vehicle Report

–    Master’s in Rehabilitation, Business, Public Administration, Social Science, Social Work or Education with 3 years prior experience of a professional/technical nature
–    Additional years of directly related experience
–    Personal experience with Deafness and Deaf culture

SALARY: $19.50 – $30.23 depending on experience and educational background

SELECTION: Applicants will be rated and evaluated based upon of their qualifications, training and related job experience

HOW TO APPLY: Complete application at or mail to:

Community Outreach Program for the Deaf
Attn:  Anne Levy
10601 Lomas NE, STE 115
Albuquerque, New Mexico  87112



Mail application to:
Community Outreach Program for the Deaf
Attn:  Human Resources
268 West Adams Street
Tucson, AZ  85705

Fax resume and cover letter  505-255-8029

Email resume and cover letter

OPEN:        August 26, 2011

CLOSING DATE:        Until Filled



Employment Opening
Employment Director
Deaf Independent Living Association, Inc.
Salisbury, MD

Deaf Independent Living Association, Inc. is a growing organization that
promotes access to services and resources and provides direct residential
and employment services to individuals of various disabilities, primarily
deafness, living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware. Services
are provided in individual homes and within the community.
Responsibilities: Manages all aspects of the employment program, a
program designed to match our clients, people with disabilities, with
potential employers, including providing guidance, supervision and support
to various personnel. Identifies and markets the program to potential
employers and related agencies. Ensures compliance with all funding agents
and agency policies and procedures.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, Master’s preferred, with emphasis in
rehabilitation counseling, guidance and counseling, special education,
social work psychology or occupational therapy. Strong vocational skills
and knowledge of vocational grants and their reporting requirements is a
must. Experience with marketing, development and relationship building is
preferred. Five years of supervisory experience including experience in
vocational employment services is required. Must be fluent in sign
language or willing to learn. Valid Driver’s License is required.
Position Classification: Full Time Exempt.

To Apply:
Send resume with cover letter and salary requirements to Deaf
Independent Living Association, Inc., attn: Human Resources, 806 Snow Hill
Road, Salisbury, MD 21804 or email to

Applications can also be completed on line at


Employment Opening
Registered Nurse, Contractual
Deaf Independent Living Association, Inc.
Salisbury, MD

Deaf Independent Living Association, Inc. is a growing organization that promotes access to services and resources and provides direct residential and employment services to individuals of various disabilities, primarily deafness, living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware.  Services are provided in individual homes and within the community.

Responsibilities: Provide direct basic and in-depth nursing care services to individuals in their own homes throughout the Eastern Shore with a team of direct care staff.  Carry out medical directives from various physicians and ensure the medical need of individuals are met and that they remain as healthy and safe as possible.

Requirements: Current Registered Nurse license with the State of Maryland or an acceptable multi-state license to practice as well as current CPR training is required.  Two or more years nursing experience preferred. Preference will be given to those candidates with experience in the field of deafness and developmental disabilities.  ASL is highly recommended and candidate must be comfortable with individuals who use sign language to communicate. Valid Driver’s License, reliable transportation and good driving record required.

Position Classification:  Contractual.

Schedule:  Up to 15 hours per week.  On call 24/7 for emergencies.

To Apply: Send resume with cover letter and salary requirements to:

Deaf Independent Living Association, Inc., attn: Human Resources, 806 Snow Hill Road, Salisbury, MD 21804

or email to

Applications can also be completed on line at


job announcement
Director of Community Relations
Deaf Counseling, Advocacy & Referral Agency
San Leandro, CA

Full-time Exempt

This position plans, coordinates, and implements the community relations activities and fund development program for the organization. Responsibilities also include supervision of staff and volunteers in the Community Relations department. This is a full-time exempt position reporting to the Executive Director.

– Participate with the Executive Director and board to design, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive media relations, development and marketing plan, including benchmarks and goals.
– Supervise and coordinate all development projects of DCARA including annual appeals, campaigns, donor projects, donor cultivation, recognition, major gifts, planned giving and special events.
– Coordinate all aspects of media relations within DCARA including maximizing social media visibility and the development of promotional materials, press releases, newsletters, website, and video clips.
– Develop a balanced funding mix of donor sources and solicitation programs tailored to the needs of the organization that will enable it to attract, retain, and motivate donors and fundraising volunteers.
– Enforce and comply with all relevant fundraising regulations and laws, maintains accountability standards of non- profit organizations to donors, and ensures compliance with code of ethics principles for fundraising executives.
– Develop, revise and manage the department budget for media relations, donor development, volunteer program, special events, and publications.
– Provide staff support to the DCARA Board subcommittee on Fundraising.
– Represent the agency at public functions.
– Other tasks as delegated by the Executive Director.

– Bachelor’s degree in Communications/Journalism, Public Administration, Marketing or other related field plus three to five years previous work experience, emphasis in communications preferred
– Experience in supervision and management as well as fund development
– Demonstrated organizational, analytical, writing and computer skills, including MS Windows software
– Demonstrated ability to work well with others and to initiate projects independently.
– Proficiency in American Sign Language and English.
– Positive cultural perspective of Deaf people. – Able to travel during the week (and occasional weeknights/ weekends) and throughout the DCARA service area.

SALARY & BENEFITS: Salary is negotiable dependent on experience and education.  DCARA offers full medical, dental, vision and life insurance benefits in addition to 12 days of holiday leave plus one week paid winter holiday.

DEADLINE: Wednesday, August 31,  2011 at 12:00pm PST.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE:    Send an application (available ), cover letter, three references and resume to:

DCARA Human Resources
14895 East 14th Street, Suite 200
San Leandro, CA 94578



Job Advertisement
Executive Director
New Mexico Commission for Deaf & Hard of Hearing
Albuquerque, NM

The Commission for Deaf and Hard of Hearing is seeking an Executive Director (ED). The ED will be responsible for managing department directors and other agency staff; plan and direct new and current programs or services; oversight of the development of the Agency’s program budget projection; develop program goals and objectives; develop Request for Proposals; management and oversight of various Agency contracts; work and interact with the other State Government agencies; review proposed regulations; respond to multiple inquiries from legislators, other agencies and many interested parties; represent the Agency at meetings and public functions; participate in legislative activities that include presenting program and policy analysis; represent the Agency during legislative sessions.

Qualifications for the position: A Master’s Degree in Business, Public Administration, Social Services or a related field is required for this position. Eight (8) years managing programs or projects that include strategic planning, and/or developing and implementing programs or services that require interaction with other agencies and/or with multiple parties to include five (5) years experience in direct staff management. Substantial experience with managing complex programs and budgets, significant experience in the administration of programs and services for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf-Blind communities required. Ability to communicate fluently in American Sign Language required. Individuals with disabilities encouraged to apply.

To apply, please submit your resume to Shannon Smith, Director of Human Resources via email at

Phone calls will not be accepted.

The State of New Mexico Commission for Deaf & Hard of Hearing is an EOE.
For more information on the Commission for Deaf & Hard of Hearing, please visit


position opening
Client Advocate
Hearing Speech & Deafness Center
Seattle, WA

more information at:


2 immediate openings
Certified Rehabilitation Counselors
Georgia Department of Labor, Vocational Rehabilitation Program Deafness Unit
positions in Dalton, GA & Dublin, GA

more information at:


seeking qualified applicants
Deaf Services Community Relations Coordinator
Office of Deaf Services
Atlanta, GA

more information at:


seeking qualified applicants
Deaf Services Sign Language Interpreter Coordinator
Office of Deaf Services
Atlanta, GA

more information at:


Job postings
– Position:  Program Manager
– Position:  Registered Nurse
People Incorporated
Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro area

more information at:


Job opening
Outreach Coordinator
Relay New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM

more information at:


Faculty position posting form
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs (AVPAA)
Rochester Institute of Technology
College of Research and Teacher Education
Rochester, NY

more information at:


position opening
Counselor II – Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for the Deaf &
Hard of Hearing
Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services
Portsmouth, VA

more information at:


position openings
The Learning Center for the Deaf
Framingham, MA

– Overnight Residential Counselor (Boys Dorm)

– Residential Counselor (Boys Dorm)

If you are interested in any of the above positions, please send cover letter, resume, 3 written references and employment application form to:

Lynn Marshall
Personnel Coordinator
The Learning Center for the Deaf
848 Central Street,
Framingham, MA 01701

or email:

The Learning Center for the Deaf is an EOE


position opening
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communication Access Case Advocate
Hearing Loss Center
Yakima, WA

more information at:



*  Director of LIFESIGNS – Los Angeles
*  Regional Director – Cypress (OCDEAF)
*  Staff Interpreter  – Los Angeles

To learn more about the above positions at GLAD, please go
to our website:

If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume
and application to:

Jeff Fetterman
Human Resources Manager
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
2222 Laverna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90041

V/TDD:  (323) 550-4207
Fax #:  (323) 550-4204



other deaf-related jobs


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