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DeafDigest Gold – February 28, 2016

DeafDigest Gold – February 28, 2016

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RIT/NTID announces a career exploration workshop for deaf or hard-of-hearing African American, Latino American or Native American middle school students

African American, Latino American or Native American students who are deaf or hard of hearing and are entering 5th . 9th grade are invited to Steps to Success, a free career exploration workshop that will be held April 23 at the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf in Clarkson, Georgia.

This free event allows students to explore career options and goals to help prepare them for life after high school. Parents or guardians are encouraged to attend and can get tips to support their student through this time of transition, as well as share experiences and information with other parents of deaf or hard-of-hearing students.

Faculty and staff from Rochester Institute of Technology’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf will present information about the importance of leadership development and career goals, and RIT/NTID admissions representatives will discuss college preparedness and financial aid.

To register online, go to

For more information, call 585-475-7695 (voice), 585-286-4555 (videophone) or e-mail

Registration deadline is April 12, 2016.


Dr. Steven L. Rattner, P.A. & Associates
Deaf Dentist; College Park. MD & Gaithersburg, MD
(near Washington, DC & Frederick, MD & also Metro Washington)

Complete Dental Services; assistants either know ASL or
are deaf

more information:

to contact Dr. Steven L. Rattner, P.A. & Associates:


Sunday’s Deaf Picture for your surprise

a legend at NTID


Top stories about the deaf:

A law magazine said that Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act is so vague that it opens
the door to many, unwanted lawsuits against
businesses that were only too anxious to accommodate
the disabled!

The National Association of the Deaf and the
Deaf Seniors of America have agreed to work
together to study how they could jointly
advocate on given issues, plus to thrash out
misunderstandings on exactly what is VRI.

A group deaf Pinoys in the Philippines have told
the government “we are voters” – meaning they
do not appreciate being kept out of the loop.

The World Federation of the Deaf said that
equal rights of the deaf must be protected
because of these high tech advances

Marlee Matlin is not “allowed” to sell her
Oscar statue! This was an issue raised by the
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences,
saying any and all Oscar winners cannot sell
their statues. But if they do sell, the
price cannot be more than $10.00, otherwise
there would be lawsuits!


RIT National Writing Contest for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing High School Students

Deaf and hard-of-hearing high school students in 10th or 11th grade can use the power of words to express their feelings and win prizes in Rochester Institute of Technology’s SpiRIT Writing Contest for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students. Winners will have their choice of a scholarship and travel expenses to the Explore Your Future program at RIT’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf, or a $500 cash prize. EYF is a six-day summer career exploration program for deaf and hard-of-hearing students that provides the opportunity to sample different careers as well as college life.

Complete contest guidelines and entry information are available at . The deadline to enter is March 18, 2016. For more information, contact  or call 585-475-7695 (voice) or 585-286-4555 (videophone).



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2016 37th World’s Largest Silent Weekend / Interpreter Conference

With 20 presenters, 12 being deaf, we invite you to join 500 others for an
exciting immersive weekend June 23-26, 2016 in Orlando at one of the
top ten hotels in the city!  Hundreds of hours of seminars are
suitable for ALL levels … From fledglings to RID interpreters with
CEUs offered.   This deaf owned and operated venue can be checked out

When registering please mention DeafDigest

Registration starts at only $100 for the Fledgling

ASL and interpreting DVDs — check out for DVDs produced
by two time Teacher of the Year at University of Florida — DrASL!


Hearing people apply for jobs and are interviewed
by supervisors and human resources people. They never
ask the deaf employees to help with the interviews.
Why deaf? Because deaf people read body language
and facial expressions better than hearing!
Many times hearing person is hired and the supervisor
is sorry. He did not read the negative body language
and negative facial expressions!

– for ASL News version with captions, please visit:



Surdus Remodeling specializes in remodeling bath, kitchen, and
basement of your dream throughout metro Washington, DC area. This
service is run by deaf owner/project manager with a mix of deaf and
hearing crews. All projects are in Northern VA, DC, and Maryland only.

To learn more about this company at

Surdus Remodeling won Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2012 and 2013.

Contact Elijah Gold at or VP at 240-654-0247


Undercover Boss is a popular TV program. Yet,
we have never seen a deaf person on the program –
either as an employee or as a boss.
Is it possible some day?

– for ASL News version with captions, please visit:


Deaf organizations

Wisconsin Association of the Deaf


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Deaf Book of the Week

Deaf in Delhi


Deaf people can do anything

we have a deaf person who is/was a

— cosmetics manufacturer

this website is growing every weekend:


Deaf Question of the Week:

Q. Do Starbucks baristas really have to know ASL
to communicate with deaf patrons?

A. It is nice, but not that really necessary.
Almost all baristas, used to dealing with difficult
hearing patrons, know what the deaf want with
their coffee orders. And almost all deaf patrons
are careful with their orders to make sure of
no misunderstandings!


Rene Pellerin’s Corner:

I recently took a trip, I flew there.

One of the frustrating parts is that they seated me by the window.

I was two seats away from the aisle, and how in the world could I communicate with the airline crew!

Since I am DeafBlind and the lights were out up in the air, I was not able to see the crew!

On my way back, I was in a smaller plane with two seats on each side.

Again, I was seated by the window.  Lights were out so it was too dark to see.

I had my tray down and my seat was reclined.  I got a bottle of water and chips.

I was waiting for the crew to pick up the trash on my tray, it was difficult to find them!

I tried hard to find them.  The guy next to me had headphones on and was soundly asleep!

All of the sudden the plane landed!  My tray was still down, my seat was still in recline position!

Of course I wrote a complaint to the airline company, but still they could not detect the trash on the tray!

Rene’s show business started in year 2010 and it focuses on the

You can email him at


Deaf Wish List of the Week:

that a perfect TV captions have been featured –
that has perfect spelling, perfect background
colors, perfect location (not blocking anything
on the screen)



Year 1916 –

a group of deaf women attended a house party
in Santa Monica, CA. This party was written
up in a newspaper story, saying it was
“for wealthy and well-known deaf women.”
The highlight of the party was a story-telling
contest to see which deaf woman told the funniest story!


DeafNumbers of the Week:


number of years that have passed between first TV captions
(shown on Public Broadcast Service) and captions shown
on ABC and CBS network programs. CBS refused to caption
their programs at that time.


Deaf Collegiate Athletes:

North Greenville – Makenzie Shellnutt, so, softball


Deaf Elite Athletes:


Kevin Hall had an almost perfect second round play on Continental
Country Club’s treacherous and narrow courses netting four birdies
and one bogey which helped moved his 71-69=140 position from 34th to
17th place to collect $570.83 prize money.  Starting at the 10th tee
with a foursome who carded a 71 game on the day before, Kevin was
able to hit fairways and make greens in regulation much of the time.
He didn’t have to scramble much like he did on the first round.  As
for putting, he changed from cross arms to normal a holding pattern
and fared much better than the first day.  Today his gallery grew
larger, with many as 30 at one time, mostly deaf people.   Kevin
commented that his confidence level on his woods and irons has been
increasing over the past two weeks.  He is planning to work on his
putting for the next week, before the upcoming tournament to be held
in Tampa, FL on March 12-13.  He stated that he was most pleased to
have a large number of supporters from the Deaf community as they
helped cover his golfing and entry fee expenses while staying in The
Villages.   Please check the link for the tournament summary:


DeafSports Library:

a sports uniform by a deaf team in late 19th century


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