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DeafDigest Gold – February 14, 2010

DeafDigest Gold - February 14, 2010

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If you or your child has been implanted with a defective cochlear implant, we encourage you to contact Weitz & Luxenberg - we have a Deaf attorney and VP available. To find out more, please click on: and follow instructions on the screen. -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- The DeafDigest is divided into Blue and Gold sections, both ranked equal in contents, features and ads. This is the Gold section. .. weekly DeafDigest Blue & Gold editions also posted at: (updated every Monday) -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- Attention: Comcast & Yahoo subscribers both internet service providers may sometimes block DeafDigests; you can either re-subscribe to DeafDigest with a different provider such as AOL or Gmail or Hotmail (these are free) or go to on Monday mornings to read Blue and Gold editions -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- Hot Deaf News during the week: - Hot Newspaper stories during the week: deaf patient never told she was dying catching up with our deaf veterinarians - Very Hot News What Goes Around Comes Around? When Heather Whitestone was crowned Miss America in 1995, she used the honor as a platform to promote CI, much to the anger of the Deaf Community. And now this, Caroline Masia, a deaf 5th grader, won the NFL-sponsored Super Bowl essay contest by stressing her CI views. Deaf people are screaming audism. - Thursday February 11th The Dutch government has proposed setting up a Video Relay service for the benefit of the deaf. The government, however, has not yet addressed the issue - who will pay for it! - Friday February 12th Effective with the academic year beginning 2013, RIT will be switching to the semester system, abandoning its quarter system. This will be quite an adjustment for all RIT students, including deaf students at NTID and those at RIT. - Saturday February 13th February 23rd is an important day in the Massachusetts deaf community. Deaf people will be in force at the state capitol. They will meet up with the legislators to protest the proposed merger of several agencies to save money. The Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing would be snuffed out if the governor has his way. (please go back to the Blue edition for the Sunday-Wednesday Hot Deaf News) .. Deaf Miscellaneous stuff: SWCID Provost's 4th Vlog is at .............................................................. For postings, announcements and employment ad rates, please email .............................................................. .............................................................. weekly DeafDigest Blue & Gold editions also posted at: updated every Monday .............................................................. .............................................................. KNOW WHEN YOUR SWEETIE COMES CALLING ALL SIMPLICITY PRODUCTS 10% OFF! Save 10% on all Simplicity Signalers during the month of February! That means every sound, telephone and doorbell signaler or receiver is on sale. Call 1-800-233-9130 (V/TTY) or visit us at for details. For a copy of our NEW catalog, email your request to: We're now on Facebook! Join our fan page! WCI. Your Single Source for Assistive Technology .............................................................. .............................................................. Lifelinks Video Relay SPEAKS YOUR LANGUAGE! ANY LANGUAGE! OVER 150 LANGUAGES AVAILABLE, INCLUDING: Afrikaans Albanian Arabic Armenian Azerbaijani Belorussian Bengali Bosnian Bulgarian Chechen Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Farsi Finnish French Georgian German Greek Haitian Creole Hausa Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian Irish Italian Japanese Kazakh Korean Latin Lithuanian Luxembourgish Macedonian Malay Mongolian Norwegian Pashto Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Spanish Swahili Swedish Tagalog Thai Turkish Turkmen Tuvan Ukrainian Urdu Uzbek Vietnamese Also, Select your interpreter by gender, preference, previous experience, etc. Deaf Callers Dial: LLVRS.TV P3, VP-100(tm), VP-200(tm) or D-Link(tm), Z-Series devices, V-Pad(tm) Hearing Callers Dial: 888-SIGN-LANGUAGE (888-744-6526) Connect with a LifeLinks VRS American Sign Language interpreter for your chosen language. LifeLinks will complete the call and translation at no charge! The easiest way to connect to family, friends, and business: LifeLinks - No Wait VRS Just instruct your hearing caller to say the name of his/her language in English and to have your ten digit number available. Visit us online at Fast, Reliable, Personal .............................................................. .............................................................. DEAF VIRGINIA PRISONERS FILE LAWSUIT Many years ago very few deaf people were in prisons. Times have changed, unfortunately, and we have many deaf people in prisons. These deaf prisoners are complaining - no interpreters, no TTY devices, no flashing signalers, etc. A group of deaf prisoners in Virginia have filed a lawsuit against the state for these reasons. Very sad. - for ASL News version, please click on: (for your convenience, video links are posted on top of each DeafDigest edition) .............................................................. SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE: GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY MASTERS OF SOCIAL WORK PROGRAM SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK SPECIALIZATION The MSW Program in the Department of Social Work at Gallaudet University is happy to announce that is has received a grant from the U.S. Department of Education for "Training School Social Workers to Meet the Educational and Emotional Needs of Diverse Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children." Graduate students in the School Social Work specialization will learn to work with diverse groups of deaf and hard of hearing children in educational programs throughout the United States. Each school social work trainee will receive 1/2 tuition waiver and a generous stipend. During the first year of the program, students are involved in an internship two days a week. The final semester includes a "block" internship that can be done anywhere in the country. Students must first be accepted to the MSW program, and then may apply to the School Social Work specialization track and the grant. Applications are now being accepted for academic year 2010-2011. For more information please visit our website at: or contact or You may apply online at: .............................................................. HARD TO LEARN SIGNS AND TO HEAR VOICES One former Gallaudet HUG (hearing) student told DeafDigest editor that he had a hard time in Gallaudet classes. In classes with deaf teachers that do not use voice, he would struggle to pick up signs. In classes with hearing teachers that voice-sign he would not look at the teacher because he would hear the voice. The hearing teacher got upset and turned off his voice when the HUG was in class. The HUG then left Gallaudet very frustrated, and transferred to hearing college to get his degree. - for ASL News version, please click on: (for your convenience, video links are posted on top of each DeafDigest edition) .............................................................. AT&T AWARDED CONTRACT WITH STATE OF CALIFORNIA TO OFFER RELAY SERVICES DALLAS, Texas, Feb. 11, 2010 - AT&T* was awarded the majority share of the competitively bid, California traditional Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) contract this week. This California Relay Services 3 contract is the largest in the nation, based on the total number of relay services minutes. "We are proud of our long history of providing relay services and look forward to serving the deaf, hard-of-hearing, and speech challenged community in California," said Susan A. Johnson, senior vice president, AT&T Customer Information Services. "With more than 40,000 AT&T employees living and working in the state, our commitment to the citizens of California is deep," Johnson said. The contract, which is expected to begin in June, spans three years with options to extend. The contract award for AT&T covers TTY Relay Service only and does not involve areas such as IP-based or video relay services. "We are making a significant investment in employee resources and network infrastructure to enable new enhancements and features, in accordance with our vision to connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work," Johnson said. "AT&T has committed to a host of enhancements in relay service that citizens of California have been asking for," said Jonathan Lakritz, manager of the California Public Utilities Commission's Communications Division, which has oversight of the State of California's Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program. "We are excited to be working with AT&T in this critical service delivery area," Lakritz said. Relay users in California will be able to choose their service provider and will be encouraged to complete a customer profile to establish calling preferences, greetings, select a long distance provider, and more. AT&T TTY Relay Service, offered since 1987, uses a special device that connects to a standard phone line and includes a keyboard and screen to display messages. It relies on a communication assistant to connect calls to standard voice users. While not included in this contract, AT&T also offers the following relay services: ? AT&T IM Relay, offered since 2009, provides a specially-trained relay operator to read AOL AIM? instant messaging service IMs to hearing callers and types IMs which are displayed word-by-word as they are typed - making conversations feel more like calls experienced by hearing customers. ? AT&T Video Relay Service (VRS), offered since 2003, uses a high speed Internet connection and a web camera or video phone to connect users via a Video Interpreter. This allows users to experience facial expressions and gestures on both ends of the conversation and provides a natural fit for the use of sign language. For more information on AT&T Relay Services, please visit *AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc. About AT&T AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) is a premier communications holding company. Its subsidiaries and affiliates - AT&T operating companies - are the providers of AT&T services in the United States and around the world. With a powerful array of network resources that includes the nation's fastest 3G network, AT&T is a leading provider of wireless, Wi-Fi, high speed Internet and voice services. AT&T offers the best wireless coverage worldwide, offering the most wireless phones that work in the most countries. It also offers advanced TV services under the AT&T U-verseSM and AT&T | DIRECTVSM brands. The company's suite of IP-based business communications services is one of the most advanced in the world. In domestic markets, AT&T's Yellow Pages and YELLOWPAGES.COM organizations are known for their leadership in directory publishing and advertising sales. In 2009, AT&T again ranked No. 1 in the telecommunications industry on FORTUNE? magazine's list of the World's Most Admired Companies. Additional information about AT&T Inc. and the products and services provided by AT&T subsidiaries and affiliates is available at ? 2010 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T, the AT&T logo and all other marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or AT&T affiliated companies. Additional information about AT&T Inc. and the products and services provided by AT&T subsidiaries and affiliates is available at This AT&T news release and other announcements are available at and as part of an RSS feed at Or follow our news on Twitter at @ATTNews. Find us on Facebook at to discover more about our consumer and wireless services or at to discover more about our small business services. .............................................................. NEW ZEALAND'S SIGN LANGUAGE CRISIS A crisis is going on with the national New Zealand sign language. It is a recognized language in the nation, but it is also a problem. The nation lacks interpreters, lacks sign language teachers and lacks deaf teachers. As a result, the deaf children teach themselves the sign language. This is not good because the children will invent their own signs that is not officially part of the national sign language "dictionary." A PRESIDENTIAL POSER At historical events, we see look-alikes pose as a past American president, such as a thin, tall bearded man posing as Abe Lincoln. We have a deaf poser, Craig Schermer, Cleveland, Ohio who poses as President Franklin Pierce. For some reason he also poses as one of our past first ladies, including Grace Coolidge! Speaking of his deafness, he said: Mrs. Coolidge taught at a school for the deaf. I have been hard of hearing all my life and learned lip-reading early on. When not posing, he works as a retail associate. THESE FIVE SENSES Human beings have these five senses - sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. A newspaper article, writing about these five senses, described deafness as this: deafness is the most common disorder of the senses Come to think of it, this is an interesting perspective. A BUNCH OF GREAT NEWS FROM A RETIRED VR COUNSELOR DeafDigest runs a weekly series titled: A Vocational Rehabilitation counselor's great news It is found in the Blue edition. Anyway a retired vocational rehabilitation counselor reads that feature every week. He emailed DeafDigest editor few days ago. The email said: Good news that makes a Vocational Rehabilitation counselor happy is coming across old clients that you served and helped them find their first job and how they now thank you - one recently retired from his job and saw me and thanked me in front of a lot of people. Another one is a deaf woman telling you "you saved my life" you got me the help I needed and the position with the Federal Government - thank you so much - she had retired from the job recently. This vocational rehabilitation counselor, by the way, is a Gallaudet graduate, and served in that field for many years until he retired. OUR ORGANIZATIONS SERVING THE DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING We have many, many organizations, both national and local, that serve deaf and hard of hearing people. One such organization is: National Exchange Carrier Association For the organization goals and objectives and its web site, click on: AN EXCUSE FOR NOT WEARING A HEARING AID a hearing aid is too loud for me OUR DEAF BLOGGERS DeafDigest is not a blog, nor does it pretend to be a blog. We, however, have many deaf blogs out there. A student, pursuing masters degree, wrote a thesis on deaf blogs. It is at: A warning; do not print it out because it will use up the paper supply. And the reading is long. .............................................................. .............................................................. For postings, announcements and employment ad rates, please email for Special Notes, please go to the bottom of this section .............................................................. .............................................................. WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN? he is deaf and wears a CI it is the same thing as saying: he is hearing and wears eyeglasses or he is hearing and wears clothes or he is hearing and drives a car etc .............................................................. .............................................................. Eastern Canada (Canadian Maritimes) & Fall Foliage Tour Tour leaves from and returns to Boston, MA 12-days, September 18-September 29, 2010 For more info contact: Joy Carney 302-436-5384 (FAX) .............................................................. .............................................................. Berrigan's Tax and Bookkeeping Service If you are looking for someone with tax and bookkeeping background who is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) to provide bookkeeping & tax service for your personal, business or organization, I can provide the service. My bookkeeping service can be customized in any way to meet your financial needs and goals. It includes general bookkeeping, taxes, payroll, financial reporting, training and much more. To have accurate financial information will empower you to make wise and more accurate financial decisions. My tax service provides you with the preparation of individual federal and state tax returns and to answer questions that will help you get a better understanding of how the adjustments, deductions or credits may affect your tax situations in other possible ways. My firm is based on professionalism and confidentiality with a guarantee of complete satisfaction. Please feel free to contact me to make an appointment. Thank you. Terence Berrigan Berrigan's Tax & Bookkeeping Service Web Page: VP: (866) 669-9616 Pager: Email: .............................................................. .............................................................. Interpreters and ASL & ITP Students and Teachers Deserve More from a Conference Hi ... We are the 31st World's Largest Silent Weekend The venue for the June 24-27, 2010 event will handle 700-1000 participants and include a medical interpreting track. Novice, beginning, intermediate and advanced ASL and ITP students, as well as interpreters (CEUs offered) will have around 150 hours of seminars to choose from. The 31st Silent Weekend is at the Florida Hotel at the Florida Mall in Orlando with its huge food court allowing you to have a complete meal for $5.99 instead of paying $20-30 at other conferences' hotel prices. The room costs are even lower next year ... just $105 with free parking and unlimited free internet! Students, teachers and interpreters seeking to improve their skills can bring family members and they can take novice sign language classes! Many of our current interpreters started out as novice ASL students at the Silent Weekend! There are simply no other local, regional or national conferences offering you so many hours of classes as inexpensively as the Silent Weekends. Just check them out and register at Sign language DVDs are available online at - A DVD "When 'Duck' is not Enough" to show you how to represent inanimate objects is now available Join us for the 9th Florida/Alaska Motorcycle Benefit Run to help deaf babies! This is the world's longest group motorcycle benefit run. Some people are planning to fly to Calgary, Alberta and rent cars and follow us to and from Alaska and enjoy bed and breakfast inns! See for updates and photos. These trips will take place every year so why not make plans to join us now in July 17, 2010? Please browse our selection of signing greeting cards at: .............................................................. .............................................................. Hot DeafNews boring, but important! Could deaf spouses raise deaf children? Of course they could, and in Singapore, the media people felt the same way that we do. A recent Singaporean TV program touched on that issue. The producers, however, made an implication - that the deaf couple featured should not be raising a family of deaf children. Forced to clarify after dealing with adverse reaction, the producers said that the deaf can raise deaf children but that the particular deaf couple shouldn't because of their economic conditions (unemployment and struggling with finances). This is interesting - because no one makes an issue out of poor hearing spouses raising hearing children on their own! .. Deaf Picture of the Week: Garrett Scott, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Texas he's the one on the right with eyeglasses .. Question of the week: Q. Why are state commissions of the deaf & hard of hearing very important? A. Because many hearing people know nothing about the deaf; the job of the commission is to tell them what deafness is all about and on how treat the deaf as first class citizens. Actually there are many other important functions that the commissions carry. No two state commissions, however, operate the same. send your questions to the most interesting questions may be answered in future DeafDigest editions. Thank you. .. Wish List of the Week: that all state commissions cannot be cut out of state budgets .. DeafHistory - Looking Back: Year 1952 - the last deaf person living in Martha's Vineyard passes away, putting to an end a 200-year run where people used sign language to communicate with each other .. Deaf and the Money: ?30,000 given to the deaf in Malvern in United Kingdom for their recreational activities ?30,000 is a bit over $47,000 .. DeafNumbers of the Week: 200 number of deaf students on the waiting list to be enrolled at the Butare School of the Deaf in Rwanda, a nation on the African continent .. DeafResources Deaf Standard of Living for a listing of deaf reference & library resources, (examples are listing of elected deaf officials, listing of deaf Nobel Prize winners, etc; list will be added on a gradual basis - so do check this site from time to time) .. Selected top deaf sports stories from DeafDigest Sports - David Hamilton in the news - Melinda Vernon, long distance runner, Australia hopes to qualify for Commonwealth Games DeafDigest Sports is also distributed by DeafDigest To subscribe, e-mail - DeafDigest Sports archives: -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- * YOU COULD PLACE YOUR PAID EMPLOYMENT ADS IN THIS SECTION * on a per-subscriber basis, the DeafDigest ad rates are the best in the nation. * For more information, send E-mail to -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- looking for Behavioral Health Team Leader Center for Hearing & Deaf Services Pittsburgh, PA Looking for Enthusiastic Behavioral Health Team Leader/ for Outpatient/Adult Behavioral health Treatment team to work with and supervise a team of clinicians who work in a well established team that serves Deaf citizens of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Where: Center for Hearing & Deaf Services, Inc. (HDS) 5th Avenue Downtown Pittsburgh Monday - Friday 37.5 hours per week. Master's Degree in Human Services AND 1 year of paid experience Working with Deaf population. American Sign Language fluency REQUIRED. Requires Act 33/34 Clearances, valid PA driver's license and access to a vehicle. You will be responsible for Oversight of the Outpatient component at HDS including clinical supervision of all the Outpatient services. You will have the opportunity to work with program planners to build community services for the Deaf. In addition, the Team Leader/Mobile therapist will provide community-based mobile mental health individual and group therapy to an adult behavioral health population that includes mental health disorders with the deaf, hard of hearing, and/or deaf/blind population. The Team Leader/Therapist is responsible to work with other therapist, the consulting psychiatrist, office of vocational rehabilitation counselors and case managers in a collaborative model. The Team Leader/Therapist will also provide oversight of clinical documentation and charting according to Federal, State, County and Organizational polices and procedures. Send resume to: Karen Tarasenkov Human Resource Recruitment & Training Specialist Mercy Behavioral Health 1200 Reedsdale Street Pittsburgh, Pa. 15233 Phone: 412-697-6504 Fax: 412-323-6985 -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- $5,000 Sign On Bonus CLINICIAN St. Joseph's Healthcare System New Jersey Inspired Care At St. Joseph's Healthcare System, our inspiration comes from a tightly knit team of accomplished professionals that help give people in our care every opportunity to live life to the fullest. Through our commitment to support, technology and training, we think you will find one of the most rewarding and satisfying experiences of your career. As a key member of our ACCESS Program, a statewide program providing behavioral health services to Deaf and hard of hearing people throughout NJ, you will provide psychotherapy and clinical case management, along with ongoing psychosocial assessments and treatment planning to consumers within a variety of therapeutic settings and specialty areas. Responsibilities include: - performing comprehensive clinical assessments - interpreting data to formulate diagnosis - developing/implementing treatment strategies - providing clinical case management services, including the coordination of service delivery, referrals and linkage to medical and community services - maintaining documents and medical records - report writing - providing crisis intervention - developing discharge plans - advising consumers on major psychotropic medications and their side effects - handling other related duties as assigned To qualify, you must have a Master's Degree in Social Work, Counseling or related field, appropriate NJ State licensure or eligibility, along with the ability to prepare detailed assessments of patient referrals, and counsel individuals, groups or family members. Ability to provide direct, age specific patient care as appropriate to treatment setting will also be expected, as will superior oral/written communication, analytical, organizational and problem-solving skills. Proficiency in American Sign Language is required. We offer a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package. For immediate consideration, please fax 973.754.4511, or e-mail your resume to: When e-mailing, put "Clinician - ACCESS Program" in the e-mail subject line. EOE M/F/D/V Faith, Care and Medicine?Working Together ST. JOSEPH'S HEALTHCARE SYSTEM St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center - St. Joseph's Children's Hospital St. Joseph's Wayne Hospital - St. Vincent's Nursing Home Visiting Health Services of New Jersey, Inc. A Ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- Job Announcement Deaf and Hard of Hearing Accommodation Specialist University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI Work in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin at a Big Ten campus full of academic, athletic, and cultural activity. More information about campus and the Madison area can be found by visiting the Visitor and Information Programs link at: Job Duties: Recommend and facilitate appropriate and effective services for students who are DHH to ensure their access to the physical, educational, and social activities of the University of Wisconsin. The DHH Accommodation Specialist is the primary point person for students, faculty and staff in the delivery of services and accommodations in the classroom. Qualifications: Bachelor's degree and recent and significant professional experience with individuals who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing in an educational setting is required. A master's degree in education, counseling, social work or a related field and professional experience with individuals who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing preferred. Salary: MINIMUM $37,000 For a complete job description qualifications listing, and application procedures see: Applications must be received by March 8, 2010 -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- position opening Deaf Services Children's Case Manager Community Counseling Center Westbrook, ME (Portland metropolitan area) Community Counseling Center, a leading nonprofit provider of family services and behavioral health, is seeking a Case Manager for Deaf Services Children's Case Management. The Case Manager will work with children, adolescents and their families in accordance with agency, community, and program needs in the Deaf Services Children's Case Management program. The successful candidate will be responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring service plans that are tailored to individual client needs, as well as support increased client and family functioning, and ensure that each client receives services that are sensitive to his/her cultural needs. The successful candidate will support comprehensive and ongoing coordination of services received from various providers and ensure effective communication and appropriate service delivery. In addition, our case managers advocate for and support clients to ensure access to community services. The Case Manager will effectively utilize the Agency's electronic consumer software system. With roots dating back to 1874, CCC is one of Maine's oldest and most comprehensive private, nonprofit family service agencies, making a difference in the lives of more than 6,000 individuals and families each year. In addition to providing high quality family, individual and group therapies to help children, adults and senior citizens from all incomes and backgrounds, CCC offers a diverse array of programs. CCC is a member of the Alliance for Children and Families, the National Council for Community Behavioral Health, and is a United Way Partner Agency. The agency is accredited by the National Council on Accreditation. The qualified candidate will have a Bachelor's degree in Social Work or a closely related field and a minimum of 1 year experience in either psychology, behavioral health, social work, special education, counseling, rehabilitation, or related field. Candidate must be fluent in American Sign Language. If interested, please apply by February 28, 2010: Please submit letter of interest and resume to: Kimberly Lefebvre Employment Specialist Maine Mental Health Partners 123 Andover Road Westbrook, ME 04092 Fax: 207-761-2388 -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- position opening Mental Health - Community Resource Specialist Family Service Foundation, Inc position located in Frederick, MD Mental Health - Community Resource Specialist in Frederick, Maryland: Provide psychiatric rehabilitation services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing people with chronic behavioral health challenges in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP). Responsibilities are: to teach and assist with groups that address rehab needs of the people we serve. Assist and advocate for those on the caseload. Hours: 8:00am-4:00pm. BA degree or experience in the mental health field. Valid driver's license, professional writing skills, ability to empower others, person-centered planning skills. $12.50/hour with benefits. If interested, please contact -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- job announcement Teacher (High School English/Language Arts) Georgia School for the Deaf Cave Spring, GA for position description and application procedures, please click on: -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- job announcement Teacher (Middle School English/Language Arts) Georgia School for the Deaf Cave Spring, GA for position description and application procedures, please click on: -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- job announcement Teacher (High School Math) Georgia School for the Deaf Cave Spring, GA for position description and application procedures, please click on: -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- job announcement Substitute Teacher (Part-Time/Hourly) Georgia School for the Deaf Cave Spring, GA for position description and application procedures, please click on: -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- Accessibility Coordinator state of Washington -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- Executive Director Powder Springs, Ga -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- dishwasthers, busers, prep crew restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- sign language teaching position Richmond, Kentucky -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ superintendent West Trenton, NJ -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ (updated February 14th) - EXCITING EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES AT GLAD !! - - Job Developer/Interpreter - Crenshaw, CA - Community Interpreter - Los Angeles, CA To learn more about the above positions at GLAD, please go to our website: If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume and application to: Jeff Fetterman Human Resources Specialist Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc. 2222 Laverna Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90041 V/TDD: (323) 550-4207 Fax #: (323) 550-4204 E-mail: -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- Special Notes: Copyright 2010 by Barry Strassler, DeafDigest. 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